As many of you death metal fans out there should know, this gender generates a great deal of devotion. It gets you hooked, especially the early sound of the gender personified by the band Death, with insightful lyrics and the due blasting that comes from scrutiny one’s self (it never comes in quite manner). This obsession with that primary sound from the late 80’s/early 90’s death metal was what incentivized Matt Harvey (Exhumed) and Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation) to explore deep into it to create Gruesome, a band that will release its debut album ‘Savage Land’ via Relapse Records on April.


Folk metal has a sense of earthiness that no other metal gender can imitate. From theatricality on stage to the usage of more traditional instruments from the Northern hemisphere, it creates the melancholy of old and simpler times that current society simply does not get. Finland seems to be for folk metal, what Norway is to black metal and Sweden to death metal, with two of the most well known in the folk metal scene: Korpiklaani and Ensiferum. And those two are taking the road, or better put, sailing sails towards North America to give a sense of ancient, braveness into war and wisdom that comes from a culture firmly tight with Earth.

Cannibal Corpse

So far so good, enough bacon for me to send most people into cardiac arrest. Mead at my hip, beer at my feet, and monster in hand I cross the threshold from one cesspool to another, Louisiana-to-Texas. Still, at the time of writing this, I have roughly six more hours on the road ahead.

Ash from Nargaroth

Death may be an emotional, overwhelming situation that hardens our heart and burdens our soul, independently of how it has chosen to mark its presence in our fragile life. Either by sweeping our loved ones away, in the utmost dramatic and unpredictable manner or through the mechanical brutality of human nature. Death always reminds us that we are vulnerable and fragile to our surroundings, our lifestyle or genetic heritage.

Apocalyptica - ‘Shadowmaker’

Finland’s neo-classical yet musically oriented gothic rockers Apocalyptica have defined their personal orchestral approach to the metal scenery throughout their thrilling twenty-two years of existence. Until present times, the quartet remained unparalleled whence inciting others to delve into their unstirred waters, as indirect forefathers of Portuguese darkened violinists Os Corvos and most recently, Moonspell cello neo-conservatives and indoctrinated, Opus Diabolicum. The later I strongly recommend taking a closer listen in a nonvenomous manner.

Shadowspawn - ‘Ashes of Sorrow’

Death metal is one of those genres that generate the greater amount of branches when it comes to sound. It seems like the perfect musical base to be mixed with other kinds of sound, to the point sometimes, that you cannot put an exact label on the mix beyond the “it’s kinda death metal”. Nowadays, multiple bands tried to create something new out of that base, and that’s the case for Danish metal ensemble Shadowspawn, who will release their debut album.

Lost Above Ether

Honoring a recent announcement we did on our official Facebook Page, published during late December and in early January, we have just began to offer items from local Colombian metal acts to top and best commenters all around the world on our website as a rewarding retribution for the participation, we are however aiming to collect some opinion driven richness and interactive feedback toward our work.

Cutting edge technology to take the hand of heavy metal

Many may already be fully aware of the variety of tools made available to quickly schemat and deploy a heavy metal website, but fewer are the ones conscious that whence the urge to become independent and the aim to conceive your own heavy metal portal arise, the cost may be overwhelmingly high and the time consumed involving a stand-alone platform may demand certain sacrifices that one may not be willingly inclined to undertake, that at both a personal and professional level.

Faith No More

Faith No More is one of the bands that has shaped my taste in music for years, between the powerful voice of Mike Patton, to the bass lines of Billy Gould, the blasting drums by Mike Bordin, and musical arrangements by Roddy Buttom, and the riffs that make everything different by Jon Hudson. After their split in 1998 with the last verse of ‘The Album of the Year’ that said “I’m watching you…” it seemed at the time that the trip was pretty much over, for our misfortune. But I guess it takes time to miss the old ways, the old company and to feel the excitement of playing Faith No More tunes once more. It took 10 years for that to happen, at first it was just for the fun of touring, and after 5 years not only the touring is coming back, but also the recording.

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie at 50 years old is still kicking and screaming, and most importantly for us fans of his bizarre and gruesome way to see art, is still making good music. Recently he has finished the mixing of his recent , yet to-be-named, sixth album, a masterpiece that according to Rob Zombie himself is very certain is his “best album yet”.

Agnostic Front - ‘The American Dream Died’

There is a certain beauty that hardcore fans cannot deny about the old school. The harshness, not intended to be pretty, sophisticated, just the sheer fact that they sing about rude realities as they see it are the traits that attracted metal kids in the 80’s, to go and get some hardcore essence into their metal riffs. And hardcore is the base in which Agnostic Front emerged, and after 30 years of being around the globe “singing it as they see it”, they are ready to kick purists butts (metal and hardcore alike) with their eleventh album ‘The American Dream Died’.


German death metal old timers Morgoth are set to release their fourth album called ‘Ungod’ via Century Media Records. The band was formed in 1987 and released their first album, ‘Cursed’ in 1991, an album that received a lot of praise back in the days and it’s still considered one of the best German death metal albums. A couple of records followed till 1998, when Morgoth disbanded. Twelve years passed before the group reformed and started playing shows again, from there Harald Busse and company began to write new music. The band took a huge blow last year when they parted ways with original vocalist Marc Grewe but quickly announced Disbelief vocalist Karsten Jäger as his replacement.

Adam Darski - ‘Confessions Of A Heretic: The Sacred And Profane, Behemoth And Beyond’

Behemoth’s frontman Adam Darski seems to be a prolific individual aiming always high for the spotlight in recent years, despite the controversy that lingers his musical career as one of the most recognizable musicians from Poland, he does not seems to be willing to restrain his efforts now divided toward different forms of creationism.

Broken Hope

Chicago brutal death metal pioneers Broken Hope have announced new line-up additions to the band, with Diego Soria (Disgorge) taking on bass duties and Matt Szlachta (former Chimaira member) taking on lead guitars. After parting ways with old time bassist Shaun Glass and guitarist Chuck Wepfer, who chose to focus on their new band The Bloodline, the new additions should bring more depth to the band and hopefully will help them to strengthen their skills for upcoming albums.


Mayhem, one of Norway’s most notorious black metal bands will perform at Bottom Lounge tonight. Controversy has followed the band since their inception in 1984. From former member suicides, alleged church burnings and murder, Mayhem has experienced it all. The band has just released its latest slab of classic black metal, ‘Esoteric Warfare’, their first new material in seven years. With the departure of influential guitarist Blasphemer (in 2008), his replacement Teloch has stepped into a more prominent role and “owns it” on this album, as he wrote the majority of it. It’s a role in which he feels pretty comfortable, as he explains in a recent e-mail chat.

Lamb Of God

2012 marks the year in which we last hear new music from Lamb Of God, and a lot of water had gone under the bridge of time. Many of the Lamb Of God’s fans have been long waiting for a new record, and ever since November the band has been teasing with hints during Randy Blythe’s interviews, and a tweet in November saying “Something is happening...”. In the eve of the new year, the rumors of new material were growing stronger and closer to reality as Randy Blythe reveals that some work has been done regarding a new record.

Samael - Ceremony Of The Opposites In Canada 2015

Switzerland's quartet Samael always had of late, a hypnotical yet deviously wicked electro-mystical vibe of their own that personified their presence as something rather unique other than commercial, and that in recent records has resurged with their imminent uprising. Through the years of their carrier, we saw Samael transmuting from a black metal outfit toward a more sophisticated, modern skin that at first sounded like a futuristic experiment, but soon claimed its position amid their overall approach to metal music.

Ester Segarra & Zbigniew M. Bielak - Art & photography exhibition

It is said that in inumerous occasions we assimilate our favorite musical genres merely by the compositions transpired through the records we listen, or the live performances we assist, however it is far common to purchase a record judging by its artwork, other than the acts conceptual photographs that soon and quietly conquer the front pages of our predilected metal publications.


As the loud sounds of distorted guitars and blasting drums along with growls were released, the young crowd set themselves free. This was the Nude Terror effect and the crowd was going wild at Barossa Lounge in Hattisar on January 10th. Youngsters started to jump up and down in a circle, deliberately pushing and colliding with each other violently. It looked like they were fighting but they were enjoying themselves with the music that was being performed. It was moshing (a style of dance) and they unleashed energy and aggression during the process. Whenever anybody fell while moshing, somebody gave a hand to pick him or her up.

Damnation Angels

Artwork of album, digital or physical, LP or EP, has a strong power of attraction. Back in the days, in a record shop you spent some time surfing the artworks of different albums where covers took us to another place and made us give it a try in the music store. Even if the digital age has taken the artwork “surfing” away, it does serve as a good teaser for those people that don’t really know a band, or to give a good idea of what to expect. In the case of young bands, such as Damnation Angels whose symphonic metal sound have kept a respectful amount of fans interested for over eight years.

Without the past, one cannot build the future

Almost at the end of the year of the snake, Atmostfear Entertainment has gone through some changes at different levels this past year. During 2014 we have changed appearance, approach to the kind of material we share with you, regained our essence by having an international staff once more, in some levels, we have changed our skin to match the quintessence that defines Atmostfear Entertainment as one of the top metal websites worldwide, and guess what folks... it will keep going in that direction.

Cannibal Corpse

Death metal veterans Cannibal Corpse are currently on tour promoting their critically acclaimed album ‘A Skeletal Domain’, released on September 16th. Following the success of their latest record, George Fisher and company have been touring unceasingly (as they always do) to reach every fan they can. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out the way you want; On late October several reports  revealed the terrible state of touring for extreme metal bands in Russia.