Blut Aus Nord - ‘Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry’

France has the capacity to offspring a variety of oddly oriented metal musicians, being atmospheric blackened occultans Blut Aus Nord one of foremost prominent and disharmonious dominations that within haste, strives to capture our attention in a very delicate manner from afar.


I proudly abstain from listening to black metal in more than one social occasion, in most instances I rather not even listen to it other than extremely well executed Swedish, Finnish or Norwegian darkened sounds in the likes of Dissection, Emperor, Dødheimsgard, Immortal, Old Man’s Child, Carach Angren, Naglfar (perhaps more Viking oriented), Satyricon, In The Woods (even thus this now deceased Norwegian Pagan act is not entirely honorable beneath such flag), etcetera.

Ulver - ‘Trolsk Sortmetall 1993 - 1997’

Pragmatic avantgarde Ulver have finally unveiled details on their upcoming long-awaited box sets, the ‘Trolsk Sortmetall 1993 - 1997’, which tentatively collects their earlier releases altogether, namely the studio records ‘Bergtatt’ (1994), ‘Kveldssanger’ (1995), and ‘Madrigal Of The Night (Nattens Madrigal)’ (1996), collectively know as ‘The Trilogy - Three Journeys Through The Norwegian Netherworld’, a trilogy which was released under this title as a limited edition of 1,000 copies triple picture vinyl box set in mid 1997.


Bands like Slipknot takes pride in the fact that they protected their identity fiercely, to keep the mystery going. Even so, the band members' faces have been exposed several years ago, those masks remain as a sign of each of their alter egos. So, with new members, comes the trail of speculations about who are those new members, but in times like this with most musicians tattooed in visible parts, it makes the speculations grow closer to the truth.


It is never easy from the point of view of an editor to handle obituaries, as it is by far the toughest category to print, especially when the main subject is dying itself, in one direction or another. This morning we got the tidings of the passing of Tobias Graf, the former drum player of the German melodic death metal act, Deadlock.


Chimaira call it quits after all members but the sole founder decided to leave the band. The events of this week have surprised fans all around the world, especially after the moderate success of Chimaira’s latest album 'Crown Of Phantoms'. Apparently things just do not work that way.

Ne Oblisviscaris - 'Citadel'

Australian envisioned metallers Ne Obliviscaris have recently unveiled the secrecy lay behind their forthcoming new studio record, the highly anticipated full-length entitled 'Citadel'. Their newest offering is set to be unleashed by mythical record label, Season Of Mist on November 7th at a worldwide scale, to then follow in North America on November 11th.

At The Gates

Back in the days when death metal decided to go a bit melodic, it took the natives of Gothenburg At The Gates opened the door for other Swedes to experiment with their sound and aesthetics. This time, a little bit older and a bit wiser, after 19 years without releasing a new studio album, At The Gates will released ‘At War With Reality’ in October 28th via Century Media Records and as preparation they are giving us the artwork that you can see below.


I came across with an email this morning promoting the new EP from a band called Arcturon, which to date was pretty unknown to me. Arcturon welcomes us from Switzerland. They are presently celebrating their 10th year anniversary in the scene, besides offering us with a brand new EP release entitled 'Expect Us'.


Colombian grooving thrash metallers Patazera are one of the most remarkable acts in their country that are gearing up to burn off the stage as hard as they can at this year's edition of Rock Al Parque, which coincidences with the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the event in question.

Wacken Open Air Festival

Wacken, oh Wacken! Holy land for three days where every metaller would pilmigrate if they have the chance at least once in a lifetime. You, biggest metal festival in the world, you seem not to forget those of your followers, despite the fact they are not in person.