El Sagrado to play at Festival Del Diablo this Saturday

Festival Del Diablo offers a relatively varied repertoire of bands, but the ones that will bring the diversity are the Latin American bands. With six bands that offer hardcore, punk, progressive, extreme, and grind. The Latin American representatives are going for the kill -- so to speak -- ready to impress the many concert goers that will go to see foreign acts. One of the bands that stood out impressively for this contribution is representative of the hardcore scene originated in Bogotá.

Symphonic Tribute to Rock

We all have a great deal to respect when it comes to our favorite music, from classic rock to the latest release from alternative and new waves from the present day. But there is always someone that takes those favorite songs and re-imagine them in a different matter to make things even more special. Those reinterpretations can come in a shape of music known to man, and requires a change in style, some artistry and great execution, which more often than none happens in the realm of symphonic orchestras. This November 14th at the Theatre Cafam for Fine Arts, you will have the chance to hear the re-invention of classic songs from rock, at 6:00 p.m.

The letting go of the inner ego, SOFA 2015

Over the past years, geeky expressions have risen from the underground and hidden realm to the mainstreams. From merchandise to the simple pleasure of discussing your favorite leisure activity ranging from extreme outdoor sport, to fantasy literature; the geeky culture is thriving. In Colombia, is it’s happening rather fast and with events like SOFA many people, not only young adults but also entire families, are embracing and exteriorizing their inner ego. With a plethora of personal expressions in a tolerant jumping around, SOFA was a mouthful of freshness in an already rather depressing and dark reality in which most of us live. With spaces dedicated to fashion, fantasy merchandise, technology, art, and sports; every single attendant to SOFA could get exactly what they wanted to see which was to be able to express themselves.

Blasting sounds at Festival De Festivales this Sunday

This Saturday there will be another edition of one of the most brutal and significant festivals for the city. We are talking about Festival De Festivales, and it comes with a line-up counting with the best acts in the land. In its previous three editions, Festival De Festivales has had acts like Cuentos De Los Hermanos Grind, Ingrand, Deep Silence, Patazera, Perpetual Warfare, Chaquen among others. And it was to be expected to have such acts, for the main objective of the festival is to promote and to give exposure to Bogotanian bands, together with album releases, next gigs, among other things. This festival will take place in the mythic Teatro Al Aire Libre La Media Torta, which has been home this year of other festivals like 4Extraños Fest, Festival Marciano, and Festival Sonidos Extremos; this place is already the home for the Festival De Festivales. This year the festival will have seven bands ready to blast it on Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Soulfly takes Scout Bar by storm in Texas, Houston

When arriving to a show, there are always signs of how entertaining an act will turn out. And during a band’s sound check, fan reaction is always a good indicator of how energetic a show will be. Are fans standing around, arms crossed, waiting to be impressed? Or are they claiming their spots early in front of the stage?

Paulo Álvarez exhibits Canto Tercero at Galeria Neebex

Born on March 12nd, 1981, Paulo Álvarez is a Colombian imperialist artist specialized in both graphic design and professional illustration with intense personal gloomy silhouettes leaning toward the brilliance and iniquity present in his pragmatic photographs. Besides his artistic deviances, he is also a highly valued professor at Universidad Católica de Colombia. On October 28th, we had the occasion to attend Canto Tercero, which concludes the trilogy from the odd Circulos Invisibles notion, which was previously exhibited at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá.

The Palace of Rotting Flesh: the Art of Agustin S. Lobos

“It’s gonna be a fucking blood orgy,” said Agustin Segundo Lobos over drinks in downtown Guelph, Ontario. He smiled, “I have been telling that to everyone, ‘A blood orgy.’” Agustin (“Augy” to his friends and fans) is one of the most interesting and iconoclastic young artists to spring onto the art scene in recent years, having created a distinctive and immediately recognizable body of work that elicits intense emotional responses from its viewers. His paintings, depicting haunting, gruesome figures screaming off the canvas, are rendered with extreme precision in stark hues of black, white, blue, and red.

Asphyx at Odisseia Theater in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There was a common feeling amongst the audience at the last Asphyx concert, on October 22nd, at Odisseia Theater: it was a dream come true. Comments of the attendees were that no one had imagined seeing Martin Van Drunen and his band in such a moment of their lives. The night, considered memorable and extreme, started with the national bands Coldblood and Miasthenia. There were two special spectators at the pit: Martin and bass player Alwin Zuur. The drummer Tormentor and the guitarist Paul Baayens arrived later due to a delay of their flights.

Mustasch released the video for ‘Yara’s Song’

Awareness of negative matters that happen in life is something we are slowly losing as a society, especially when it comes to taking action. Mustasch latest video released ‘Yara’s Song’ sadly shows how not taking action can lead to tragedy. Based on the true story of a girl named Yara who was found beaten to death in her relatives’ place after many signs of child abuse, the second release of Swedish metal act Mustasch comes as the band’s protest against the evident lack of action by Swedish authorities in the face of child mistreatment, the video that you can see below.

Cannibal Corpse to scatter aficionados at Festival Del Diablo

Colombians are converging to be seized by a severe discharge of old-school death metal induced by the United States, New York, Buffalo-based slaughters Cannibal Corpse during their imminent and highly expected Colombian occupancy. A beforehand announced live appearance that has been strengthened in the second wave of one of the fastest, up-rising musical meets on Colombian soil, namely the impressive and spawning Festival Del Diablo. Besides the recognition of the death metal veterans, Festival Del Diablo further announced the appearance of British extreme legends’ Venom, United States death metallers Possessed and fellow country mates, infamous thrashers Testament.

Intronaut seeking equally with ‘The Direction of Last Things’

Some bands promote the album after it came out with a cascade of small releases. Some others release track by track comments or just a huge teaser with the first ten seconds of each song. But there are others that believe it is best to have some songs to be released before releasing the album so people are tempted enough to buy the album, almost emulating the releasing of single in the radio, in which fans of the band and those who did not know what it will come in the album before buying it. Intronaut is one of those bands that prefer to give a good mouthful before the release of their fifth studio album ‘The Direction Of Last Things’ that will be released on November 13th through Century Media Records.

SOFA to deliver cultural diversity right around the corner

Colombia is no stranger to the global tendencies. Timidly but steadily Colombian enthusiasts have gathered enough trust to make events in which they can meet and exchange their likings in leisure activities, and that is the rise of The Fantasy and Leisure Salon (Salon Del Ocio Y La Fantasia in Spanish). This is a seven-year event in which, as its name proclaim, there are almost every conceivable area from leisure related with fantasy has its space. From October 29th to November 2nd, anyone that has an open mind and that wants to explore different aspects can do so in Corferias.

Beginning and ending of the first Festival Sonidos Extremos

Sometimes when you go to festivals, there are unwritten rules and behaviors to be followed by the crowd. Sometimes this is beneficial for bands, and sometimes it isn’t. For the two bands that were elected to start and to end the newcomer of festivals in the name of Festival Sonidos Extremos, Synnertersy and Socavon tasted the opposite sides of a single event at the Teatro Al Aire Libre De La Media Torta open air theatre. Why do I make the distinction? Because the order of the bands affects how those bands are perceived and how they are going to make it to the end of their sets.

Manizales Grita Rock, Manizales shouts rock!!!

Manizales “the city of the open doors”, is the capital of the department of Caldas. It is a small, foggy city surrounded by hills, snow mountains and magnificent natural beauty; located in the so-called Cultural Coffee Andean region in Colombia. With 450.000 inhabitants, It’s a well-known city by its exuberant landscapes, birdwatching, beautiful sunsets, thermal waters, republican architecture and of course, the best coffee in the world.

Festival Sonidos Extremos outset this Saturday, in Bogotá

With an increase in the awareness that extreme sounds have a solid fan base among the youth, it comes as a not surprise that more events emerged from the underground scene. This upcoming Saturday, a brand new festival will take place at the most emblematic of stages in Bogotá. As an initiative from the Circulo De Medios De Metal and the IDARTES (District Institute Of Arts for its name in Spanish), the first Festival Sonidos Extremos (extreme sounds in Spanish) is a chance for metal fans to enjoy different subgenres of metal universe in a more familiar environment.

System Of A Down lands in Bogota this Saturday

System Of A Down, emblematic band from the dusk of this millennia, will land in Colombian territory to give a concert that most of us have been waiting for for ages, this upcoming Saturday, October 3rd, in Bogotá as part of their Wake Up the Souls World Tour. The long awaited concert will take place at the Parque Deportivo 222.

Southern Roots, the vagabonds at Ozzy Rock Bar

Bogotá, September 18th, 2015. Everything was set for a promising night. Musicians, stage, lights and of course, the audience. At 9 p.m. there were already some people enjoying the usual music at Ozzy Rock Bar in Bogotá, Colombia, the venue where the event would take place. A very pleasant rock, metal, country, and blues night was about to burst out into all the ears. By 10 p.m the place would start to get crowded, the incoming attendees were all eager to get boosted by the energetic performance of Southern Roots.

Announcements for 70000 Tons Of Metal enlists Aura Noir

Over land and sea, the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise has built a reputation for bringing world class acts to sail through warmer waters of the Caribbean Sea in the coldest days of the Northern Hemisphere winter. With an expected line-up of sixty acts, it comes as a no-brainer that announcements are now and then to build up expectations among metalheads around the world. This time, the promoters of the cruise have released the fresh batch of seventeen acts for the 2016 installment.

Nibiru recruits new drummer, and Siatris shift to rhythm guitar

The sludge flavour has entered different stages and countries around the world, making it an underground option outside of the United States. It has gone through Europe creating version more psychedelic and experimental, one of those emerging bands is Nibiru, a group of Italians that believe that musical expression should come with spontaneity; it should flow from beginning to end and take those who listen into a ride of the senses. After releasing their third studio album ‘Padmalotus’ in May this year, the band announced the recruiting of drummer L. C. Chertan, turning Nibiru from a power trio to a mighty quartet.

Festival Del Diablo to possess Bogotá from the mountain yields

From the deepest circle in hell, and crossing the nine gates of the kingdom of shadows comes the Devil himself to set an open air festival in the highlands of Colombia. For a second year in a row, the Devil’s minions in the Colombian section are setting an event worthy of his evil lowness with an open air festival dedicated to the most brutal sounds in the metal spectrum. Putting Devil references aside, Bogota's own Festival Del Diablo will take place once again in the highlands, by bringing thrash legend Testament, death iconic bands Cannibal Corpse and Possessed making sure that evil followers in the highlands of Colombia can take a break from the politically correct daily lives they have.