Activism of noteworthy heaviness not for the faint-hearted

The bygone month was of resolution, as we intended to strengthen and consolidate our workflow by tightening and synchronizing our daily schedule, activism was in order and it took us quite a few experiments to achieve a perfect symmetry and obtain the results we were anticipating. As many may or may not have perceived, from July 1st to 13th, we embarked in a series of attempts to determine which were the best times to share our content to a wider audience as well as to educate the readers with a more cultural, yet straightforward brutality in regards to our publishings. Definitely, many of the articles we published during July were not aimed to the faint-hearted, as we indulged in a constructive criticism that in much, and again, gained controversy.

The cultural divulges injected in the world's heavy music

It has been a few months since I last examined another heavy metal news site, just the sheer curiosity as I am admittedly not quite an avid follower of other sources of the genre mostly due to boredom. Although, in my cybernetic journey I despair seeking for any useful information that I have not read beforehand, and in one of my searches I encountered what I considered to be a contradictory approbation. It was said that in today’s modern journalism, there is no practical need to express sentences or contextual interpretations in the particular way that I and a minority, subjectively have nurtured while representing ourselves throughout our writings.

Trivium release new video from upcoming album

Trivium is unveiling their new video ‘Silence In The Snow’, the title track from their upcoming 7th album. As a band that has been around for 15 years, in a modern age where if an artist doesn’t find new ways to express themselves, especially in the music universe, they would be doomed to fail. In this album, Trivium is exploring the noble art of clean singing as the main vocals, or at least that is the case for this first single.

Kylesa reveal new single and release date

From Savannah Georgia, Kylesa come with their perfect blend of sludge and stoner metal with a more progressive and coherent psychedelic sound. This time, to show how they are changing their parameters and becoming more tight in the process, Kylesa have released a new single as a teaser for their upcoming 8th album ‘Exhausting Fire’ due to be released on October 2nd through Season Of Mist.

Ektomorf is recording with a guest, George Fisher

Hungarian groovers Ektomorf are finishing the recording of their yet-to-be-named 11th album which includes a guest appearance of Cannibal Corpse’s very own George Fisher in the track ‘Evil By Nature’. Recording started at the beginning of June and it has been a fast and furious pace for Ektomorf as the first session at the studio went for ten days, just enough time for the band to get ready to go on tour through Europe starting in the Czech Republic in the Basinfirefest, then the RockHarz Open Air in Germany.

Voivod to join the Deathcrusher tour in October

For some acts, taking the road is essential and part of getting themselves to be known and to be heard overseas. For acts that are not native English speakers, touring takes a whole new meaning. Voivod, born in the Quebec area 33 years ago, really appreciate going on tour overseas because of the significance it has as being embraced by people that don’t speak their native tongue (except for the French and half Belgium, but that’s relative). On October, Voivod will tour again as part of Deathcrusher tour with Carcass, Obituary, Herod and Napalm Death.

Acts selection in Rock al Parque, is it misguided?

As some of you have already read on previous posts, we have done some coverage regarding open air festivals; and for a week or so now, we have focused on Rock Al Parque Festival, one of the biggest open air free festivals on South America. Of course, a festival that has been around for more than twenty years creates expectations regarding the edition’s acts selection. For most of us here in Colombia, it has been the chance to see bands that otherwise would never have made it here. However, with an increase in audience, and an increase of visibility of Colombia as a suitable stage for metal and rock acts, the subject of selections for the festival has become more of a sensitive issue.

“Bite me!” Says Lobo to Rock Al Parque Festival fan boys

Disapproval is not a judgmental fusillade to be conveyed as a conclusive endeavor in order to change pragmatic artefacts carefully layered when plagiarism surfaces as an utmost stratagem for creativity. When it comes to Colombian spectators, in fact, any warm-hearted critique is somehow scarcely admissible by their culture and it can quickly backlash and escalate dramatically, invading your personal life instead of enduring at a professional degree. Truth be told, Rock Al Parque Festival has been of late, overwhelmingly targeted with dreadful criticism, mainly throughout social networks in which groups have surfaced against the selection of acts chosen for this year’s edition. Whence their official poster was publically published on July 22nd, both music enthusiasts and comic book aficionados snatched their Kusaris (name of the weapon Lobo carries) and publically exhibited their depicted discontent regarding the illustration appointed. Why all the calamity? The said poster sinfully portrays Greek Cthulhu with an iconic Lobo look alike comic book cover, most respectfully Lobo’s Back: Volume 1 - The Final Fragdown, published by DC Comics on May 1st, 1992.

Maryland Deathfest is ready for a bang in 2016

Two months after another successful edition of Maryland Deathfest, the organizers seem to be of those early birds when it comes to setting up a lineup. This grandiose extreme music festival that has a very intricate logistic system (three stages in four days), already has arranged to have 95 bands, with a few more to round up a proper lineup for 2016.

In preparation for the release of ‘Of Ghosts And Gods’, Kataklysm announced they would do something special for the occasion, and so they did it. Yesterday, Kataklysm started to share a campaign “10 videos, 10 days” which is self-explanatory at this point. What a better way to tease the fans than releasing a video for each day that passes until the release of their latest album, which is due July 31st via Nuclear Blast Records.

70000 Tons Of Metal strengthens with three distinct acts

In 2011, the inaugural voyage of 70000 Tons Of Metal set sail on January 24th from the Port of Miami toward Cozumel, Mexico and returned on January 28th. 70000 Tons Of Metal since then, has shifted into an annual extreme musical festival at sea. Remarkably, invading the seas and not the lands, it is indeed, the world’s largest open air stage to sail the seas onboard The Independence Of The Seas. A vessel, a freedom-class cruise ship operated by the Royal Caribbean cruise line that entered service in April 2005. This massive fifteen-deck vessel can accommodate 4,370 passengers served by 1,360 crew members. At 154,407 gross tons, this Finnish 1,112 feet (339 meters) long imposing iron maiden is set to sail next year. The vessel is capable of navigating at 21.6 knots (40.0 km/hour; 24.9 mph) while shipping the heaviest dose of metal gathered on earth.

Rock Al Parque schedule announced

Bogota has one of the biggest open air free rock-oriented festivals of the entire continent and its name is Rock Al Parque (Rock at the Park in a very literal translation). This festival started 21 years ago as an initiative to show local and national bands to a broad audience in Colombian capital city. At first focus on bands of Colombia and specifically from Bogota in 1995, the organization of Rock Al Parque wanted to give young people in Bogota the chance to have other means to reach the growing rock culture at the time.

Trent Reznor to get involved in a 'Fight Club'

You know things are changing when one of the most iconic movies of the 90’s is ready to take another form. For some of the gents reading this, it will come as very shocking news. ‘Fight Club’, one of the most masculine and raw movies of the 90’s is getting a remake and not the one you might expect… It will become an opera.

Kataklysm and Belphegor are taking to North America this fall

So many concerts so little time and sometimes so little money to go. Summer comes with its festivals, but then it is over and the indoor concerts take the place of open air festivals. Indoor concerts are mostly a couple of bands that feel that their energy flow the same direction, even if their respective genres are not as compatible. That’s not the case for Kataklysm and Belphegor, who in three weeks will treat their North American fans with some concerts for three weeks.

Manizales Grita Rock Festival screams for auditions

The Coffee Region in Colombia is known for a couple of things, its farmer landscape and the tenacity of its people. For the last nine years, it is also known for a festival that takes place in Manizales and the city screams for rock. As part of a governmental initiative, Manizales Grita Rock Festival is a festival that aims to promote music, mostly rock, as a way to keep the youth busy and rechannel the extra energy to something positive such as music and culture instead of less honorable endeavors. The message is simple, enjoy music and keep yourself together in a healthy environment.

Fernando Ribeiro’s ‘Purgatorial’ due for September 15th

Born on August 26th, 1974, in Lisbon, Fernando Ribeiro should not be an unknown name to devotees of his craft as singer and lyricist of Portuguese dramaturgs, Moonspell. Though, beyond his predominant responsibilities on Moonspell, it is to remark that he is also a thriving book writer and novelist plus official translator. I dare say that professionally, Fernando Ribeiro's aspirations are utterly encouraged considering that he took Philosophical Studies at Faculdade De Letras in Lisbon and previously published few poetry books, and it's preparing to reissue his latest book in a special Brazilian edition. 'Purgatorial' most respectfully, will be published this coming September 15th, through Brazilian publisher, Aquário Editorial.


Around the block one must go, around the block to get back again to make music and to belong to a band. Musicians, regardless of their level of professionalism, tend to get back on track when it comes to be part of a band. There is something that draws people together to create music. In the case of Koichi Fukuda former Static-X guitarist, the time to be part of a band has come in the shape of Bellusira, a band from down-under that has recruited him to be part of their voyage.

Great white shark

When science and music mash-up, that is where things get interesting in my humble opinion. It is not weird to have at least one scientist in different fields that enjoy more than the occasional riff here in there. Some of them are very devoted to both, or they want to integrate them the best way possible.

Rockmaraton Festival 2015

Once on stage, the thrill is never really gone. It’s well known to most musicians, professional or amateur, that once you’ve tasted the joy of seeing people singing and moving to the beat that you are leading them with there is no feeling like it. For fans the story is a bit different, for once you’ve been into a metal concert, one will surrender to the might of the willing mass, eagerly to let go of any issue that troubles one’s mind. Festivals are the overdose of such emotions. And with a festival turning 25 years old, at least a couple of generations have shared such experience. Hungarian Rockmaraton Festival will come to celebrate a quarter of a century of rocking loud and hard by Danube’s riverside.

Galeras Rock Festival 2015

Aloof from Altars Of Rebellion and a scant minority of bands, my appraisal toward Colombian acts is rather lonesome and spiritually self-defensive. A mechanism that quite literally points me to a dimension of interceptive toughness, as I, admittedly, am a chameleon weathering numerous skins when it comes to listening and appreciating individual musical deviances, notwithstanding, there’s a perpetual and ceaseless flame that ignites my heart and angrily desires for more than minor transfigurations of elder sonorities falsely depicted as an emphasis on the exquisite and freshly newborn acts. Galeras Rock Festival certainly gesticulates a grand selection of acts still unknown to me, forsooth and judging by YouTube videos, a misfortune to say the least, to be absent from such magnificent event.

Opeth - North American Tour 2015

Opeth's Swedish hardship repetitively sustained them under the flag of the progressive rockish fondnesses with all its musical consistency often redefined, picturesque forsooth extemporaneous evolution while emphatically unshadowed by a glamorous taunted intersphere of melancholic auras. Somehow, Opeth’s melodramatic vibe kept waving amidst sorrowful contours. Antagonistic phantoms of a past that still haunts them in a meek manner, I dare say. Favorably, for the Mexican devotees of the act, and in the meager trajectory of their North American tour, Opeth will be performing in their lands this forthcoming weekend.

Obscene Extreme Festival

"Underground metal is dead,” they said. "There are not great underground festivals anymore," they said. If anything this summer that will prove is that those non-believers are wasting saliva, it will be the new edition of Obscene Extreme Festival. Besides the very successful Maryland Deathfest edition which took place in late May, now it is the turn of friendly moshing designed from Eastern Europe. Czech's very own Obscene Extreme Festival will start once again after rocking the down under in two days in its birthplace, Trutnov.

Oceans Of Slumber

Diversification is the key for certain companies to success. By having a variety of sounds, a record label may be able to reach a great amount of people in the process. Oceans Of Slumber are a progressive metal band from Houston, Texas that have been rising into the metal scene,  first with a very strong guttural male voice, then with an even more smooth female voice that may take the band to newer grounds. With their first album 'Aetherial', they catch the attention of Century Media Records and so they signed them yesterday.

Machine Head

First time for everything, even for Machine Head to play in Colombia.
Expectation growing over time, that’s always the case for us at Latin America where big or small bands always go to very specific places, most likely Buenos Aires in Argentina and Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil. But when the opportunity comes our way, we take it like there is no tomorrow and we let the band know how grateful we are. The 31st of May marked the day in which Machine Head came to Bogota, Colombia as part of their World tour ‘Bloodstone and Diamonds’.