Manizales Grita Rock, Manizales shouts rock!!!

Manizales “the city of the open doors”, is the capital of the department of Caldas. It is a small, foggy city surrounded by hills, snow mountains and magnificent natural beauty; located in the so-called Cultural Coffee Andean region in Colombia. With 450.000 inhabitants, It’s a well-known city by its exuberant landscapes, birdwatching, beautiful sunsets, thermal waters, republican architecture and of course, the best coffee in the world.

Festival Sonidos Extremos outset this Saturday, in Bogotá

With an increase in the awareness that extreme sounds have a solid fan base among the youth, it comes as a not surprise that more events emerged from the underground scene. This upcoming Saturday, a brand new festival will take place at the most emblematic of stages in Bogotá. As an initiative from the Circulo De Medios De Metal and the IDARTES (District Institute Of Arts for its name in Spanish), the first Festival Sonidos Extremos (extreme sounds in Spanish) is a chance for metal fans to enjoy different subgenres of metal universe in a more familiar environment.

System Of A Down lands in Bogota this Saturday

System Of A Down, emblematic band from the dusk of this millennia, will land in Colombian territory to give a concert that most of us have been waiting for for ages, this upcoming Saturday, October 3rd, in Bogotá as part of their Wake Up the Souls World Tour. The long awaited concert will take place at the Parque Deportivo 222.

Southern Roots, the vagabonds at Ozzy Rock Bar

Bogotá, September 18th, 2015. Everything was set for a promising night. Musicians, stage, lights and of course, the audience. At 9 p.m. there were already some people enjoying the usual music at Ozzy Rock Bar in Bogotá, Colombia, the venue where the event would take place. A very pleasant rock, metal, country, and blues night was about to burst out into all the ears. By 10 p.m the place would start to get crowded, the incoming attendees were all eager to get boosted by the energetic performance of Southern Roots.

Announcements for 70000 Tons Of Metal enlists Aura Noir

Over land and sea, the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise has built a reputation for bringing world class acts to sail through warmer waters of the Caribbean Sea in the coldest days of the Northern Hemisphere winter. With an expected line-up of sixty acts, it comes as a no-brainer that announcements are now and then to build up expectations among metalheads around the world. This time, the promoters of the cruise have released the fresh batch of seventeen acts for the 2016 installment.

Nibiru recruits new drummer, and Siatris shift to rhythm guitar

The sludge flavour has entered different stages and countries around the world, making it an underground option outside of the United States. It has gone through Europe creating version more psychedelic and experimental, one of those emerging bands is Nibiru, a group of Italians that believe that musical expression should come with spontaneity; it should flow from beginning to end and take those who listen into a ride of the senses. After releasing their third studio album ‘Padmalotus’ in May this year, the band announced the recruiting of drummer L. C. Chertan, turning Nibiru from a power trio to a mighty quartet.

Festival Del Diablo to possess Bogotá from the mountain yields

From the deepest circle in hell, and crossing the nine gates of the kingdom of shadows comes the Devil himself to set an open air festival in the highlands of Colombia. For a second year in a row, the Devil’s minions in the Colombian section are setting an event worthy of his evil lowness with an open air festival dedicated to the most brutal sounds in the metal spectrum. Putting Devil references aside, Bogota's own Festival Del Diablo will take place once again in the highlands, by bringing thrash legend Testament, death iconic bands Cannibal Corpse and Possessed making sure that evil followers in the highlands of Colombia can take a break from the politically correct daily lives they have.

Colombian journalism hold sway by the devil's allies

In the bygone month, we manifested our conviction to attain more of a concrete existence in Colombia and thoughtfully underwent some slight changes while endorsing European strategies and roadmaps, to a country rather vulnerable to cradle our entity in a prolific manner. I dare say that the outcome so far has been overwhelmingly adequate, as we not only primed to yield a sturdy structure to this metal scene, also to maintain our posture toward exterior deviances that quickly pointed their finger at us alleging that international media press have no relevance to the local scene. Further criticism arose, even thus in a non-constructive manner, we are occasionally subject to demeanor behaviours advent from the devil’s allies, as we endure as the utmost enemy in a scene we successfully strive to exhibit to a wider audience beyond the language barricades.

Aire Como Plomo disintegrated the Rock History Bar stage

This past Saturday, Agosto 22nd, and after a very long week indulged in work, I finally had the time to pack my things and travel to Bogotá to assist to the double debut release event featuring headliners Aire Como Plomo and Nonsense Premonition, two acts that I have been following for quite some time now, and fortunately I already had the chance to see Aire Como Plomo live at 4 Cuartos. Nonsense Premonition, however, until the event my knowledge regarding their sound was constituted by YouTube videos, nevertheless, I was eager to see them live for the very first time as they sounded quite of a solid death metal act.

A double dose of Aire Como Plomo with Nonsense Premonition

This is the very first time we have the opportunity to write and introduce two of the most professional acts presently preparing to release their newest efforts to a wider audience in an event that promises to blow up everyones head. We are talking about Aire Como Plomo and Nonsense Premonition, two bands that follow their own path musically but play along just fine. This Saturday both bands will introduce their full studio album each: Aire Como Plomo with ‘A.C.P.’, and Nonsense Premonition with ‘Metratilithon’.

Behemoth, between the mist and rain at Rock Al Parque Festival

After a very long afternoon of listening to different bands and looking at strange faces, of witnessing the peculiar and yet interesting behavior among attendants at Rock Al Parque Festival, right when your body is about to give in to tiredness, not only of the day, but of the entire week, I was waiting for the last band of the day in the hopes that my inner battle with fatigue was not a complete waste of my energy. And that was the moment Behemoth took the stage, and blew the mind of everyone that was there at scenario Plaza.

Colombian concerts are discriminatory towards the disabled

Discrimination is a daily obstacle that has to be dealt with accordingly while living in Colombia, and to be quite honest, I never gave much thought to discrimination while living in Europe, mostly because we are more open-minded toward differences and proper structures are provided for those truly in need. It was not until I decided to move to Colombia that I abruptly understood how a disability can become a tremendous burden, both personally and professionally. I meant not only being misunderstood but being rudely mistreated by concert promoters.

Mortuorum’s live debut At Rock Al Parque Festival

On Saturday afternoon, there were endless lines to get in, Rock Al Parque Festival was starting its day dedicated to extreme sounds under the always uncertain weather of the Colombian high plateau. After I passed the security belts around the entrance of the Plaza – the biggest of the three stages at Simon Bolivar’s Park – it was just a matter of time to reach the frontline of this stage. As a custom amongst metalheads in Colombia, and I must say a very bad custom, Plaza Scenario had a bit less than the third of its full capacity with young metalheads waiting for the performance of one of the local bands that fought and won their place in the festival, Mortuorum.

Discovering the multinacional progressive extremists, Alkaloid

Germany is rather known for their old-fashionable thrash metal, crossover gothic metal or modern electronic dark wave that plunges the scene through successful heartbeats. Formed in 2014, Erlangen, Bavaria-based Alkaloid on the other hand, surfaces as a powerful and extreme musical manifesto that dwells the ascertainment of musicians such as frontman, vocalist and guitar player Morean (currently in Dark Fortress, Noneuclid), guitar player Christian Muenzner (currently on Spawn Of Possession, and former Obscura, Necrophagist), guitar player Danny Tunker (current Aborted, and former God Dethroned), bass player Linus Klausenitzer (current Obscura, and Noneuclid), and ultimately, founder Hannes Grossmann (current Blotted Science, and former Obscura, Necrophagist) compose this single collective.

Mortuorum’s wrath to be unleashed at Rock Al Parque Festival

Colombian melodic death metallers Mortuorum are fitting to pillage the stage of Rock Al Parque Festival this coming Saturday, August 15th. They will be sharing the stage with Poland’s blackened sacrilegious Behemoth and middle-eastern Mesopotamians Meleschech. Truth be told I was dazzled by their hasty professionalism approached via Facebook to forward their information so that I could labor an article and consequently propose the act colossal sonority to a far-reaching audience. If you are not particularly familiar with the technical sourness, yet progressive grandeur sanctioned on their lavish sonority, Mortuorum is definitely one of those Colombian acts that can raise high the Colombian flag and proudly, stand out of the emblematic norm.

My Dying Bride vow to make you ‘Feel The Misery’

British doomsters, earlier laced with a muscular insinuation of death metal to their top-notch concoction, yet lately venturing with caution into gothic ambiances that sorrowfully ensued throughout their recent compositions, entombed My Dying Bride are at the epitome of pioneering doom metal with an eloquent quintessence of their own.

Negură Bunget uphold forthcoming North American Tour

Atmospheric black metal pioneers Negură Bunget, an act from deep Timișoara, Romania initially settled at the end of 1994 under the name Wiccan Rede, as a duo consisting of Gabriel Mafa on drums and Edmond Karban on guitars, vocals, and keyboards, whose sonority embraces musical elements of progressive metal and traditional folk with peculiar nostalgic, by some means lethargic and perhaps strictly sinister melancholy, yet stylistically varied. In the news is that Negură Bunget, Romania’s darkest export have just confirmed their forthcoming North American Tour, which will earn place on this autumn equinox alongside with Icelandic atmospheric black metal sensation Dynfari (Reykjavik-based duo), and Romanian emotional metal troupe Grimegod as supporting acts.

Unearthing the discrepancy of the extreme media press

Every year, hundreds of simultaneous media sources unearth in virtual designs and dejectedly skirmish the will to withstand through enmity. There is an unmistakable propensity penchant to sovereign above others. Nonetheless, the feasible discrepancy and unpractical methods prematurely neared while doing so, may not be reinforced throughout the demeanors chosen to harvest a noteworthy acceptance among the elder extreme media press hastily.

Philip Hansen Anselmo presents Housecore Horror Festival III

The third and highly anticipated edition of Housecore Horror Festival seems to be attaining some inescapable expectancy amidst metal aficionados and upholders of controvertible Philip Hansen Anselmo. It is argumentative if the former leader of Pantera, and ongoing Down vocalist, remains undisturbed with the said “love and hate” propeller that both eldest and youthful audiences heave at him in such a relentless manner through social channels. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that suggests the deceleration of this forty seven year old man respecting co-extending activeness.