German death metal old timers Morgoth are set to release their fourth album called ‘Ungod’ via Century Media Records. The band was formed in 1987 and released their first album, ‘Cursed’ in 1991, an album that received a lot of praise back in the days and it’s still considered one of the best German death metal albums. A couple of records followed till 1998, when Morgoth disbanded. Twelve years passed before the group reformed and started playing shows again, from there Harald Busse and company began to write new music. The band took a huge blow last year when they parted ways with original vocalist Marc Grewe but quickly announced Disbelief vocalist Karsten Jäger as his replacement.

Adam Darski - ‘Confessions Of A Heretic: The Sacred And Profane, Behemoth And Beyond’

Behemoth’s frontman Adam Darski seems to be a prolific individual aiming always high for the spotlight in recent years, despite the controversy that lingers his musical career as one of the most recognizable musicians from Poland, he does not seems to be willing to restrain his efforts now divided toward different forms of creationism.

Broken Hope

Chicago brutal death metal pioneers Broken Hope have announced new line-up additions to the band, with Diego Soria (Disgorge) taking on bass duties and Matt Szlachta (former Chimaira member) taking on lead guitars. After parting ways with old time bassist Shaun Glass and guitarist Chuck Wepfer, who chose to focus on their new band The Bloodline, the new additions should bring more depth to the band and hopefully will help them to strengthen their skills for upcoming albums.


Mayhem, one of Norway’s most notorious black metal bands will perform at Bottom Lounge tonight. Controversy has followed the band since their inception in 1984. From former member suicides, alleged church burnings and murder, Mayhem has experienced it all. The band has just released its latest slab of classic black metal, ‘Esoteric Warfare’, their first new material in seven years. With the departure of influential guitarist Blasphemer (in 2008), his replacement Teloch has stepped into a more prominent role and “owns it” on this album, as he wrote the majority of it. It’s a role in which he feels pretty comfortable, as he explains in a recent e-mail chat.

Lamb Of God

2012 marks the year in which we last hear new music from Lamb Of God, and a lot of water had gone under the bridge of time. Many of the Lamb Of God’s fans have been long waiting for a new record, and ever since November the band has been teasing with hints during Randy Blythe’s interviews, and a tweet in November saying “Something is happening...”. In the eve of the new year, the rumors of new material were growing stronger and closer to reality as Randy Blythe reveals that some work has been done regarding a new record.

Samael - Ceremony Of The Opposites In Canada 2015

Switzerland's quartet Samael always had of late, a hypnotical yet deviously wicked electro-mystical vibe of their own that personified their presence as something rather unique other than commercial, and that in recent records has resurged with their imminent uprising. Through the years of their carrier, we saw Samael transmuting from a black metal outfit toward a more sophisticated, modern skin that at first sounded like a futuristic experiment, but soon claimed its position amid their overall approach to metal music.

Ester Segarra & Zbigniew M. Bielak - Art & photography exhibition

It is said that in inumerous occasions we assimilate our favorite musical genres merely by the compositions transpired through the records we listen, or the live performances we assist, however it is far common to purchase a record judging by its artwork, other than the acts conceptual photographs that soon and quietly conquer the front pages of our predilected metal publications.


As the loud sounds of distorted guitars and blasting drums along with growls were released, the young crowd set themselves free. This was the Nude Terror effect and the crowd was going wild at Barossa Lounge in Hattisar on January 10th. Youngsters started to jump up and down in a circle, deliberately pushing and colliding with each other violently. It looked like they were fighting but they were enjoying themselves with the music that was being performed. It was moshing (a style of dance) and they unleashed energy and aggression during the process. Whenever anybody fell while moshing, somebody gave a hand to pick him or her up.

Damnation Angels

Artwork of album, digital or physical, LP or EP, has a strong power of attraction. Back in the days, in a record shop you spent some time surfing the artworks of different albums where covers took us to another place and made us give it a try in the music store. Even if the digital age has taken the artwork “surfing” away, it does serve as a good teaser for those people that don’t really know a band, or to give a good idea of what to expect. In the case of young bands, such as Damnation Angels whose symphonic metal sound have kept a respectful amount of fans interested for over eight years.

Without the past, one cannot build the future

Almost at the end of the year of the snake, Atmostfear Entertainment has gone through some changes at different levels this past year. During 2014 we have changed appearance, approach to the kind of material we share with you, regained our essence by having an international staff once more, in some levels, we have changed our skin to match the quintessence that defines Atmostfear Entertainment as one of the top metal websites worldwide, and guess what folks... it will keep going in that direction.

Cannibal Corpse

Death metal veterans Cannibal Corpse are currently on tour promoting their critically acclaimed album ‘A Skeletal Domain’, released on September 16th. Following the success of their latest record, George Fisher and company have been touring unceasingly (as they always do) to reach every fan they can. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out the way you want; On late October several reports  revealed the terrible state of touring for extreme metal bands in Russia.


Colombian metal scene is not used to paid festivals, and there are a lot of people that seriously believe that this kind of thing will never work. Thankfully, there are other people willing to take the bet to try things in a different way. The Festival Del Diablo took a considerable high risk and metallers responded in a satisfactory way, not only by supporting the Colombian bands that played, but also by witnessing the birth of a new breed of metal concerts in Colombia.

Melechesh - ‘Enki’

Mesopotamian Assyrian Armenian obscured metal octahedrons Melechesh are to yield this Winter Solstice their sixth full-length studio album, entitled in its complexity as ‘Enki’, alluring to the quintessential enlightenment of the Sumerian god latterly known as Ea. This in both Akkadian and Babylonian Mythologies, whilst was originally the patron god of the city of Eridu, referred to as a cult martyr throughout the Mesopotamian, Canaanites, Hittites and Hurrians civilizations.

YOB - ‘Clearing The Path To Ascend’

Let me just start this by stating a couple facts that would help people wrap their mind around what YOB represent to me: I saw them last night at Saint Vitus Bar, then Mike Scheidt (singer/guitarist/brain behind YOB) insisted my name will be on the guest list for tonight’s show as well (12-13-2014). That’s two back to back shows at Saint Vitus Bar, put together by Pitchfork and this amazing venue that always book the best underground bands, most of which aren’t even touring or playing anywhere else, the shows always sell out so I can’t see how bands would turn down the gigs. Anyway, my head and my very soul are full of YOB this weekend, now to talk about the music.


We finally got to witness Bongripper’s crushing live performance last night, December 6th 2014 at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York, and aside from the ringing in my ears the following day; I can feel as though I have a herniated disc in my back as well as my spine slowly repartitioning itself. Thankfully it is Sunday and I am not going anywhere. Even though I had seen them at Maryland Deathfest XII, 2014 edition in Baltimore, Maryland, nothing compares to being this close to their action at a small venue indoors.

Napalm Death - ‘Apex Predator - Easy Meat’

United Kingdom grind masters Napalm Death are set to release their fourteenth studio album called ‘Apex Predator – Easy Meat’ on January 27th. The British band has come a long way since ‘Scum’, the pioneering grindcore album and despite a lot of line-up changes in the beginning; the band has been an unstoppable force since its inception.

Nación por cárcel

Colombian metal scene is a spitfire of divergent genres that quickly become too much of an overwhelming election for the general public response. There is a numerous amount of sporadic metal acts insurging nowadays and we cannot solemnly focus our undevoted attention on them all; then again, the resources to organize this independent and vulnerable scene are somehow restrained to a handful of individuals that truly know what they are doing even if struggling against the strain.


If you’re into stoner doom metal, you recognize when a band is able to achieve a certain sound. From the amplification, to the pedals and sound effects used, to the low droning down tuned guitars and bass, even the tightness of the drum skins and how hard the drummer bangs on them. When a band’s sound stands out in their scene as far as even being referred to as the heaviest in stoner doom, you know they’re doing something right.


Relapse Records is a renowned independent music label based in the United States, currently making final arrangements to celebrate its 25th anniversary throughout 2015 in a millstone manner. The record company has been originally spawned by Matthew Jacobson in August, 1990 and has been growing since as one of the most celebrated and extremely influential metal record companies presently reigning in the heavy metal industry.