Concept of submission

We all subsist in a unisphere of multiple musical inclinations, and from the lighter sonorities to the heavier; we coincide. However, it is noticeable that the elitism and the zero tolerance in most situations to accept one another exist, traversing to a controlled concept of submission.


Overkill has been giving the world some high class metal suitable to tremor the very basis of your inner self since the 80’s. After working with Nuclear Blast for almost 6 year for the distribution of overkill’s material in Europe, both the band and the label decided to go to the next level, which means, from now onwards, Nuclear Blast will handle distribution of Overkill’s upcoming box-set with the full discography of the band.


Danish fusion rock’n’roll, heavy and rockabilly metallers Volbeat are truly one of the most original acts of the genres ever to feature on our pages. Ever since I got to listen to Volbeat, my experience as a listener was quite satisfactory, as from the album to album, Volbeat’s essence remains quite exquisite and open to different interpretations.

Killer Be Killed

Killer Be Killed is a supergroup and a genuine mixed of different styles that somehow work well together, proving that fusion among genders of metal is, in fact possible. The band have already made their international debut down under during the festival season in Australia, where they received and overwhelming welcome from the fans. As part of their debut, Killer Be Killed stated that they would record all their on stage experience during their tour in Australia to make a live DVD out of it. Well, this far the collected material resulted on a black and white video of their new single ‘Curb Crusher’.

Corpse Garden

Latin America is not well known for having extreme metal bands, that’s even more acute for countries located in the Caribbean region where, for most of people of the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the place where there is a great exuberance of vegetation, beaches, and coconut drinks. Costa Rica is mostly known for being a hotspot for ecotourism, and for most metal heads it seems nearly impossible to get brutal sounds, but there are always exceptions to stereotypes. Corpse Garden, a death metal quintet from the green Costa Rica is ready to release their second album ‘Entheogen’ on May 15th.


Apparently Finland brings more than folk and Viking metal, (if you happen to know other Finnish projects, please let us now), and this week is the turn of Seremonia who announced the release date for their upcoming album ‘Kristalliarkki’.

Successive rumors regarding our expansion have been lately authenticated by me, and it appears to be cultivating some controversy within social networks. Traditionally, I would engage in a unending myriad of disputes arguing why we are nearly reaching the end of a circle and rebranding as something undividedly fresh. Notwithstanding, I grew accustomed to leadership and matured while embracing constructive criticism, besides overlooking judgmental insights, and the defilement that wagers behind the elitism that advocates in a scenery I continuously got correlated with. My position as the leader challenges me to keep my stand, and ambiguous consciousness converged on the responsibilities at hand.


As many of you death metal fans out there should know, this gender generates a great deal of devotion. It gets you hooked, especially the early sound of the gender personified by the band Death, with insightful lyrics and the due blasting that comes from scrutiny one’s self (it never comes in quite manner). This obsession with that primary sound from the late 80’s/early 90’s death metal was what incentivized Matt Harvey (Exhumed) and Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation) to explore deep into it to create Gruesome, a band that will release its debut album ‘Savage Land’ via Relapse Records on April.


Folk metal has a sense of earthiness that no other metal gender can imitate. From theatricality on stage to the usage of more traditional instruments from the Northern hemisphere, it creates the melancholy of old and simpler times that current society simply does not get. Finland seems to be for folk metal, what Norway is to black metal and Sweden to death metal, with two of the most well known in the folk metal scene: Korpiklaani and Ensiferum. And those two are taking the road, or better put, sailing sails towards North America to give a sense of ancient, braveness into war and wisdom that comes from a culture firmly tight with Earth.

Cannibal Corpse

So far so good, enough bacon for me to send most people into cardiac arrest. Mead at my hip, beer at my feet, and monster in hand I cross the threshold from one cesspool to another, Louisiana-to-Texas. Still, at the time of writing this, I have roughly six more hours on the road ahead.

Apocalyptica - ‘Shadowmaker’

Finland’s neo-classical yet musically oriented gothic rockers Apocalyptica have defined their personal orchestral approach to the metal scenery throughout their thrilling twenty-two years of existence. Until present times, the quartet remained unparalleled whence inciting others to delve into their unstirred waters, as indirect forefathers of Portuguese darkened violinists Os Corvos and most recently, Moonspell cello neo-conservatives and indoctrinated, Opus Diabolicum. The later I strongly recommend taking a closer listen in a nonvenomous manner.

Shadowspawn - ‘Ashes of Sorrow’

Death metal is one of those genres that generate the greater amount of branches when it comes to sound. It seems like the perfect musical base to be mixed with other kinds of sound, to the point sometimes, that you cannot put an exact label on the mix beyond the “it’s kinda death metal”. Nowadays, multiple bands tried to create something new out of that base, and that’s the case for Danish metal ensemble Shadowspawn, who will release their debut album.

Cutting edge technology to take the hand of heavy metal

Many may already be fully aware of the variety of tools made available to quickly schemat and deploy a heavy metal website, but fewer are the ones conscious that whence the urge to become independent and the aim to conceive your own heavy metal portal arise, the cost may be overwhelmingly high and the time consumed involving a stand-alone platform may demand certain sacrifices that one may not be willingly inclined to undertake, that at both a personal and professional level.

Faith No More

Faith No More is one of the bands that has shaped my taste in music for years, between the powerful voice of Mike Patton, to the bass lines of Billy Gould, the blasting drums by Mike Bordin, and musical arrangements by Roddy Buttom, and the riffs that make everything different by Jon Hudson. After their split in 1998 with the last verse of ‘The Album of the Year’ that said “I’m watching you…” it seemed at the time that the trip was pretty much over, for our misfortune. But I guess it takes time to miss the old ways, the old company and to feel the excitement of playing Faith No More tunes once more. It took 10 years for that to happen, at first it was just for the fun of touring, and after 5 years not only the touring is coming back, but also the recording.

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie at 50 years old is still kicking and screaming, and most importantly for us fans of his bizarre and gruesome way to see art, is still making good music. Recently he has finished the mixing of his recent , yet to-be-named, sixth album, a masterpiece that according to Rob Zombie himself is very certain is his “best album yet”.

Agnostic Front - ‘The American Dream Died’

There is a certain beauty that hardcore fans cannot deny about the old school. The harshness, not intended to be pretty, sophisticated, just the sheer fact that they sing about rude realities as they see it are the traits that attracted metal kids in the 80’s, to go and get some hardcore essence into their metal riffs. And hardcore is the base in which Agnostic Front emerged, and after 30 years of being around the globe “singing it as they see it”, they are ready to kick purists butts (metal and hardcore alike) with their eleventh album ‘The American Dream Died’.

Damnation Angels

Artwork of album, digital or physical, LP or EP, has a strong power of attraction. Back in the days, in a record shop you spent some time surfing the artworks of different albums where covers took us to another place and made us give it a try in the music store. Even if the digital age has taken the artwork “surfing” away, it does serve as a good teaser for those people that don’t really know a band, or to give a good idea of what to expect. In the case of young bands, such as Damnation Angels whose symphonic metal sound have kept a respectful amount of fans interested for over eight years.

Cannibal Corpse

Death metal veterans Cannibal Corpse are currently on tour promoting their critically acclaimed album ‘A Skeletal Domain’, released on September 16th. Following the success of their latest record, George Fisher and company have been touring unceasingly (as they always do) to reach every fan they can. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out the way you want; On late October several reports  revealed the terrible state of touring for extreme metal bands in Russia.

YOB - ‘Clearing The Path To Ascend’

Let me just start this by stating a couple facts that would help people wrap their mind around what YOB represent to me: I saw them last night at Saint Vitus Bar, then Mike Scheidt (singer/guitarist/brain behind YOB) insisted my name will be on the guest list for tonight’s show as well (12-13-2014). That’s two back to back shows at Saint Vitus Bar, put together by Pitchfork and this amazing venue that always book the best underground bands, most of which aren’t even touring or playing anywhere else, the shows always sell out so I can’t see how bands would turn down the gigs. Anyway, my head and my very soul are full of YOB this weekend, now to talk about the music.


We finally got to witness Bongripper’s crushing live performance last night, December 6th 2014 at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York, and aside from the ringing in my ears the following day; I can feel as though I have a herniated disc in my back as well as my spine slowly repartitioning itself. Thankfully it is Sunday and I am not going anywhere. Even though I had seen them at Maryland Deathfest XII, 2014 edition in Baltimore, Maryland, nothing compares to being this close to their action at a small venue indoors.


If you’re into stoner doom metal, you recognize when a band is able to achieve a certain sound. From the amplification, to the pedals and sound effects used, to the low droning down tuned guitars and bass, even the tightness of the drum skins and how hard the drummer bangs on them. When a band’s sound stands out in their scene as far as even being referred to as the heaviest in stoner doom, you know they’re doing something right.

Festival De Festivales 2014

Weather conditions on the second day were more favorable, however traffic jams made difficult my arrival on time to Teatro La Media Torta. It was 12:54 pm when I finally arrived on site and Round Up Ultra were already on stage devastating the crowd with top-notch brutal grinding death metal that sounded as a crossbreed between Napalm Death and Brutal Truth. Besides the quartet true inclination for the grinding parts, it was obvious that the band had some rock’n’roll vibe going on in certain parts of their rhythm section.

Festival De Festivales 2014

After a two hour bus ride to Teatro La Media Torta, I arrived at 11:00 am as predicted, since the event was scheduled to begin at 10:30 am, however it didn’t begin until it was already 11:37 am. After showing my ticket at the checkpoint and be searched by the police in a routinary admittance procedure which didn’t made me feel any comfortable at all, but nonetheless, I understand that security matters are required and they were merely doing their job in order to secure everyone attending at the event. It turned to be a whole new experience for me as they decided to begin chatting in a very friendly and relaxed mood since they were curious about my citizenship.

Festival De Festivales 2014

Festival De Festivales undoubtedly has one of best posters I have seen during this year coming from a Colombian event. Greater visual impact without overcrowding the design with band logotypes and names, sharpened and vectorized with a schematic collection of color palettes that gives it a clean look, uncommonly seen on posters of this type. It is simplistic and minimalist in its essence, impactant and provocative, nevertheless, the bands included in such event enrich the most enthusiastic metal fan to drop any commitments settled for November 8th and 9th, 2014, and head to Teatro La Media Torta like it was the last day on earth.

Wacken Open Air Festival

Wacken, oh Wacken! Holy land for three days where every metaller would pilmigrate if they have the chance at least once in a lifetime. You, biggest metal festival in the world, you seem not to forget those of your followers, despite the fact they are not in person.