Anathema announced track list


When smooth sounds meet certain darkness and melancholy that is when Anathema arises. In this case the English progressive rock band who is already in the pre order stage of its tenth full length album 'Distant Satellites', creates a dark atmosphere suitable for those that wish to give in to the smooth sound.

Septicflesh streams new song, 'Order Of Dracul'


Greek theatrical death metal act Septicflesh, have premiered a single song of their forthcoming ninth studio record, entitled 'Titan'. The new song, 'Order Of Dracul', resounds to a dark journey thorough the linearity of an insane, yet mentally twisted and especially layered interplay augmented with stronghold guitar ingenuity, storming percussion and melodic multi-vocalization's, enmeshed in-between the motion of regressesive operatic growling toward mid-paced, orchestral yet aesthetic overlays that quite remarkable, uncommonly characterizes their entire sonority as mystical metal.

Trivium to perform this Friday at the La Crosse Center


There are not that many bands that know from the very beginning what kind of sound it would be its trademark. There are even less that are willing to admit the organic nature of music making and how dynamic that process may be. After 14 years in the business Trivium's bassist Paolo Gregoletto believes that the band has settled to what they believe is the true sound Trivium has at the moment.

Carcass detonates at Metropolis in Montreal Quebec


Musical comebacks and reunions are taking place at an ever-increasing rate, and many fail, never managing to recapture the precise sonic alchemy of their origins. In 2013, however, two metal bands made returns after long periods of dormancy that were nothing short of triumphant: grindcore and melodic death metal pioneers Carcass from England, and Sherbrooke, Quebec's technical death metal monsters Gorguts. Their new records were each band's first release in 17 and 12 years respectively, and now, both of those bands are also a part of the 2014 Decibel Magazine tour, currently cutting a swath of destruction through North America.

Illdisposed to release 'With The Lost Souls On Our Side'


There is no bigger joy than to publish just about news regarding extreme metal, especially when the primary focus of my attention quickly shift to Danish extremist destroyers, Illdisposed. Fans of the band such as me, should be more than delighted to know that Illdisposed are about to publish a new devastating album upon us all, 'With The Lost Souls On Our Side', on June 27th via Massacre Records. The cover art was produced by Lasse Hoile, better know for his works with Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, and Steven Wilson.

Martyr Defiled reveals new video, '616'

Martyr Defiled

Martyr Defiled will be putting out their new studio record entitled 'No Hope No Morality' on April 28th. As a form of a solemnization of this handout, the band is offering free entry shows at The Garage, in London, on April 23rd.

Resistance announces album details and tour

Resistance - 'The Seeds Within'

Belgian bone crushing death metals Resistance has revealed the artwork of their upcoming fifth studio record, 'The Seeds Within'. The album is set for release later this year, however the record label to convey it out is still to be declared. Either the band is under the concluding phase of negotiations, or thus far remains unsigned.

Incantation finished recordings and announce guitar player


Death metal veterans Incantation will soon return with another blasting, shredding and profound studio record which will be inventively titled 'Dirges Of Elysium'. The new record will be once more released by French record label, Listenable Records. Incantation recently announced the departure of guitar player Alex Bouks which was immediately superseded by the band's former guitar player Sonny Lombardozzi, which was shouted out to fill in for the position while the band is on the road touring to promote the new album.