I understand that getting your work to be played and to be heard is getting harder and harder, and to catch new listeners has become a herculean job; but releasing an entire album for streaming seems a long way to go. Nightrage is taking a huge bet by releasing today their latest work on its entirely through Soundcloud, a link you can check below.


Slayer, one of the veterans in metal that gave the proper hint to many youngsters around the world that there was something more encrypted in the strings of a guitar, has finished the recording of their latest album. You may like they old stuff, you may believe that without Hanneman there is a vital part of the band gone with the wind, but something is clear for us all, they are not going to stop just yet.

After the commercial success of ‘World Painted Blood’ in 2011, and the death of Jeff Hanneman for most of Slayer's fans are impatient and uncertain about the final product after a long year of work for Slayer and two songs released in: ’Implode’ in 2014 and ‘When Stillness Comes’ last week during Record Store Day. From both songs, Slayer sound comes as heavy as it has ever been, but with a twist into it. Regarding the possibility of hearing something from Jeff Hanneman in this new record Tom Araya stated that there will be a song written by Hanneman.

Jeff had always been writing and demoing songs, even up until shortly before he passed.  You can tell by the quality of his songwriting that this was his passion.  There will be a song written by Jeff on the new album.  Everything but the vocals had been completed, so we did the vocals and it’s done.  And there are a few more of Jeff’s songs that we might record and release in the future.

Commented Slayer's bassist, Tom Araya

Perhaps they would like the feeling of Jeff Hanneman to last a little bit longer. As for the recording, the main penmanship was between Kerry King, Tom Araya, and Paul Bostaph. As a producer, Slayer is working with Terry Date, who has worked with Slipknot, Deftones, White Zombie, and Pantera, among others. The execution of all the tracks was done by the current lineup of Slayer with Gary Holt playing lead guitar in most of the tracks of this new album.

I wanted that to be Gary's introduction as playing in Slayer, you can't have a two-guitar attack without two guitars. When I hit him up [to play in Slayer], if he said no, I don't know who I would've called next, 'cause he's the obvious slam dunk, I hope I never have to replace him.

Commented Slayer's guitarist, Kerry King

 Now that the recording is done, it’s time for Slayer to hit the road again. Since the album would be still in progress, and touring will begin as early as April 24th in Birmingham, Alabama; fans that can attend to see them live would be receiving a full blast of Slayer repertoire but not any new material from the latest album.

I don't like to play stuff that people don't know, it's just not fun. The audience is trying to decide if it likes it or not.

Commented _Slayer's guitarist,Kerry King

The yet-to-be-named Slayer album is expected to be released at some time at the end of this year through Slayer’s unnamed label in association with Nuclear Blast.


MP Moreno

MP Moreno
Colombian, she occupies in full the position of COO and PR since January, 2014, however, she has also been Public Relations as a volunteer since mid 2012. She has the privilege of doing risk assessments as well as collaborative organization between the staff.

Players win and winners play. Have a lucky day.

Lyrical quote by Morphine


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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost, with its new approach to music makes many metallers around the world to take a look to whatever they post online. Those of you who are more loyal to the old school death metal look upon the latest work with certain caution and even disdain. For those who are more attracted to the more melodic vibe almost reaching Goth shades, works like 'Gothic' and 'In Requiem' represents the very essence of their taste in both music and style. With ‘The Plague Within’, Paradise Lost is reaching new depths in the way they approach their own music and topics which are illustrated in the lyric video ‘No Hope In Sight’ that you can see below.

Entombed A.D.

One of the greatest and strongest Portuguese metal festivals bears the name of SWR Barroselas Metalfest, and its eighteenth edition is scheduled to take place from April 30th to May 2nd, in the small village of Barroselas, in the north of Portugal. The festival is preparing to commemorate the eighteenth anniversary of a three days special edition highlighting numerous recognizable acts meeting most or all metal genres.

Black Label Society

Even though I am Portuguese, in most cases I favor to prioritize other European countries other than my own, this not on purpose but due to the shortage of time to correlate further with my scene. However, I must acknowledge that Portugal is well known for top-notch events and artists, and certainly justifies my closer attention. Vagos Open Air Festival have been emailing me their updates and just today I succeeded to catch up with their information and take the opportunity to address one of Portugal’s most dominant festivals of all times.


Surprisingly fewer are the acts of the sort that rotate on my deck for a second and third overhear, and Norwegian black metal Satyricon are one of those. Noticeable is my uneasiness approaching the black metal scene that progressed throughout the past years while witnessing the abounding propaganda of new black metal records and newcomers that worsen to meet the expectations, specially if those newcomers emphasize in portraying themselves as the darkness itself while bearing the standard, now often ridden, corpse paint.

Fleshgod Apocalypse

It is somewhat unclear if the Italian consonant yet theatrical death metal act Fleshgod Apocalypse is either recording or settling on demo their freshest record. There is a confidence that encompasses the act regarding the growth on a new studio record, if any at all, as they lately published on their official Facebook Page a photograph that exhibits them in what it appears to be a small recording studio which has the caption "the time has come…"


Even if bands are from different countries, there is a level of unity that surpasses the distance and allows bands to tour together. And for us fans, it’s always better to have two acts we like to tour together. Today, Krisiun and Origin announced the joining of forces to tour together in North America in the fall.

At The Gates to broadcast concert

Swedish melodic death metal act At The Gates are currently planning to broadcast via live streaming their forthcoming concert on Monday, April 6th concert via Yahoo! directly from infamous House Of Blues in Chicago, this while engaging on a triumphant revival road trip alongside with American hardcore punkers Converge, doomy Pallbearer, and British label-mates Vallenfyre. The concert will haul place in Chicago as aforementioned, and has been declared as a very special live stream audit to be exclusively held by Yahoo!

Concept of submission

We all subsist in a unisphere of multiple musical inclinations, and from the lighter sonorities to the heavier; we coincide. However, it is noticeable that the elitism and the zero tolerance in most situations to accept one another exist, traversing to a controlled concept of submission.


Overkill has been giving the world some high class metal suitable to tremor the very basis of your inner self since the 80’s. After working with Nuclear Blast for almost 6 year for the distribution of overkill’s material in Europe, both the band and the label decided to go to the next level, which means, from now onwards, Nuclear Blast will handle distribution of Overkill’s upcoming box-set with the full discography of the band.


Danish fusion rock’n’roll, heavy and rockabilly metallers Volbeat are truly one of the most original acts of the genres ever to feature on our pages. Ever since I got to listen to Volbeat, my experience as a listener was quite satisfactory, as from the album to album, Volbeat’s essence remains quite exquisite and open to different interpretations.

Killer Be Killed

Killer Be Killed is a supergroup and a genuine mixed of different styles that somehow work well together, proving that fusion among genders of metal is, in fact possible. The band have already made their international debut down under during the festival season in Australia, where they received and overwhelming welcome from the fans. As part of their debut, Killer Be Killed stated that they would record all their on stage experience during their tour in Australia to make a live DVD out of it. Well, this far the collected material resulted on a black and white video of their new single ‘Curb Crusher’.

Corpse Garden

Latin America is not well known for having extreme metal bands, that’s even more acute for countries located in the Caribbean region where, for most of people of the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the place where there is a great exuberance of vegetation, beaches, and coconut drinks. Costa Rica is mostly known for being a hotspot for ecotourism, and for most metal heads it seems nearly impossible to get brutal sounds, but there are always exceptions to stereotypes. Corpse Garden, a death metal quintet from the green Costa Rica is ready to release their second album ‘Entheogen’ on May 15th.


Apparently Finland brings more than folk and Viking metal, (if you happen to know other Finnish projects, please let us now), and this week is the turn of Seremonia who announced the release date for their upcoming album ‘Kristalliarkki’.

Successive rumors regarding our expansion have been lately authenticated by me, and it appears to be cultivating some controversy within social networks. Traditionally, I would engage in a unending myriad of disputes arguing why we are nearly reaching the end of a circle and rebranding as something undividedly fresh. Notwithstanding, I grew accustomed to leadership and matured while embracing constructive criticism, besides overlooking judgmental insights, and the defilement that wagers behind the elitism that advocates in a scenery I continuously got correlated with. My position as the leader challenges me to keep my stand, and ambiguous consciousness converged on the responsibilities at hand.