Relapse Records is a renowned independent music label based in the United States, currently making final arrangements to celebrate its 25th anniversary throughout 2015 in a millstone manner. The record company has been originally spawned by Matthew Jacobson in August, 1990 and has been growing since as one of the most celebrated and extremely influential metal record companies presently reigning in the heavy metal industry.

Wednesday 13

The modern punk rock subgenres that nowadays overpopulated the metal scene while obtaining some intriguing notoriety, cannot leave the most elitist metaller assisting to its uprising precondition as an ordinary bystander.

Hellfest Open Air Festival 2015

European festivals are a maelstrom set to upheaval although there is a slight minority that opted to be hackneyed, which consequently oxygenated an oddity that needs a changeover in the scenery. French, Clisson based Hellfest Open Air Festival remains uncompromised throughout a decade of gyroscopic craves, ingeniously avoiding to be retrogressive.

Decibel Magazine - The Top 100 Doom Metal Albums Of All Time

During my diurnal yet diversified activities, I came across with some interesting news regarding the brand new and special issue of United States extreme metal publication, Decibel Magazine. A special collector’s edition featuring in-depth insights, a praising homage to the doom metal odyssey, forethought oversights carefully represented in printed words and confident illustrations that may aback while they taunt the top 100 doom metal albums of all time.

Festival De Festivales 2014

Weather conditions on the second day were more favorable, however traffic jams made difficult my arrival on time to Teatro La Media Torta. It was 12:54 pm when I finally arrived on site and Round Up Ultra were already on stage devastating the crowd with top-notch brutal grinding death metal that sounded as a crossbreed between Napalm Death and Brutal Truth. Besides the quartet true inclination for the grinding parts, it was obvious that the band had some rock’n’roll vibe going on in certain parts of their rhythm section.

Festival De Festivales 2014

After a two hour bus ride to Teatro La Media Torta, I arrived at 11:00 am as predicted, since the event was scheduled to begin at 10:30 am, however it didn’t begin until it was already 11:37 am. After showing my ticket at the checkpoint and be searched by the police in a routinary admittance procedure which didn’t made me feel any comfortable at all, but nonetheless, I understand that security matters are required and they were merely doing their job in order to secure everyone attending at the event. It turned to be a whole new experience for me as they decided to begin chatting in a very friendly and relaxed mood since they were curious about my citizenship.

Adam Darski

During my morning routine, between black coffee and news feeds, I came across with an event that seemingly started to be promoted in September, 2014. Believing we are already in November, 2014, it made me question what kind of “promotion” has actually been executed for this live show...

Festival De Festivales 2014

Festival De Festivales undoubtedly has one of best posters I have seen during this year coming from a Colombian event. Greater visual impact without overcrowding the design with band logotypes and names, sharpened and vectorized with a schematic collection of color palettes that gives it a clean look, uncommonly seen on posters of this type. It is simplistic and minimalist in its essence, impactant and provocative, nevertheless, the bands included in such event enrich the most enthusiastic metal fan to drop any commitments settled for November 8th and 9th, 2014, and head to Teatro La Media Torta like it was the last day on earth.

Brutal Assault Festival 2015

Relationships are made upon mutual respect and longevity, and throughout the years of our existence in the musical field as humble but devoted journalists, we have frequently elevated and in magnificent occasions, reported live events directly from infamous International festivals. Amid the wide range of wicked festivals, Czech Republic Brutal Assault Festival always had a particular place amongst us, not simply due to its notorious success but also its vivid persistence to continuously develop.

Festival Del Diablo

Colombia certainly has a major tendency to gift metal fans with randomly selected musical numbers throughout the year, and such satirical attempt to delight them all has failed more often than it should. Still, the collective effort to generate revenue fails due to the duplication of such events, or namely, the bands chosen to perform. On certain occasions, International bands play twice in the same year, if not for a third time in a row. Apparently, promoters are limited in which regards to the bands they are willing present to the general public, and this evidence transpires quickly when we talk about the oversaturated Inquisition, a black metal act that in all its mediocrity, takes over Bogotanian stages at least three times a year. Alas, the more I come to know about the Colombian upcoming Festival Del Diablo, the more I feel invited to concentrate my attention solely in the headliners, Carcass.


Portugal might be one of the few European nations that does not out spawns others by cradling far too many recognizable musical acts. It does gives priority over quality other than quantity, its true, in the other hand, what is known by the general public is that the Lusitanian metal scene offsprings uniquely top-notch, high quality metal outcasts that in one way or another are a remarkable, influential reference to other musicians to follow or even tail. Such is the case with doom-ish, symphonic alike until a certain extend, gothic innovators from Vila Nova de Gaia, district of the beautiful city of Porto, Heavenwood.


Finland is quite of an outstand regarding uncommonly musical divergence, spawning in the past decade mesmerizing acts such as eclectic melodic folk oriented metal Amorphis, the now deceased dark verged Sentenced, and gothic rockers HIM. It may meet many of the musical likings, although when a foremost classical approach holds the breath while successfully merging with a heavy metal spontaneity, Apocalyptica raises the flag above them all.

The Decibel Magazine Tour 2015

It seems that the future for Gothenburg based, Swedish melodic death metal veterans At The Gates turns out to be naught more but promising and extremely intensive. Lately, the Swedish quintet announced that they are gearing up to embark in the infamous Decibel Magazine fourth touring edition, which gathers besides them as headliners, the supportive blasts from United States hardcore unit Converge and United Kingdom’s old-school death metal supergroup, Vallenfyre, still with an opening special appearance yet to be announced during this December, 2014.

Blut Aus Nord - ‘Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry’

France has the capacity to offspring a variety of oddly oriented metal musicians, being atmospheric blackened occultans Blut Aus Nord one of foremost prominent and disharmonious dominations that within haste, strives to capture our attention in a very delicate manner from afar.


I proudly abstain from listening to black metal in more than one social occasion, in most instances I rather not even listen to it other than extremely well executed Swedish, Finnish or Norwegian darkened sounds in the likes of Dissection, Emperor, Dødheimsgard, Immortal, Old Man’s Child, Carach Angren, Naglfar (perhaps more Viking oriented), Satyricon, In The Woods (even thus this now deceased Norwegian Pagan act is not entirely honorable beneath such flag), etcetera.

Ulver - ‘Trolsk Sortmetall 1993 - 1997’

Pragmatic avantgarde Ulver have finally unveiled details on their upcoming long-awaited box sets, the ‘Trolsk Sortmetall 1993 - 1997’, which tentatively collects their earlier releases altogether, namely the studio records ‘Bergtatt’ (1994), ‘Kveldssanger’ (1995), and ‘Madrigal Of The Night (Nattens Madrigal)’ (1996), collectively know as ‘The Trilogy - Three Journeys Through The Norwegian Netherworld’, a trilogy which was released under this title as a limited edition of 1,000 copies triple picture vinyl box set in mid 1997.