Actors Who Went Through A Gothic Phase of Their Lives

Catarina Elvira

Catarina Elvira

Like most of us, celebrities, too, have gone through certain phases in their lives. Whether that be a rebellious stage, a quiet and timid stage, or a goth stage, we have all been through it. Here are some celebrities who may have outgrown the goth phase, but the memory of this time remains.


When Lorde first came onto the scene, it seemed like she would rock the goth look forever. With her pale skin, dark lipstick, and long curly locks, she reached her peak goth phase in 2014, but the look perfectly suited her.

In recent years, Lorde has dropped this edgy gothic look for a more natural, fresh-faced look, which suits her equally.

It will be interesting to see if she ever returns to her gothic days or if she keeps changing it up.

Kelly Osbourne

When your dad is Ozzy Osbourne, it only seems fitting that you, too, would go through a gothic phase at some point in your life.

Kelly went through a stage in her life were she rebelled against social norms and experimented with her appearance, rocking a gothic look with pale skin, jet-black hair, and heavy black eye makeup for years.

In recent years she has outgrew her gothic phase and adapted her style, and while she still sports a rock look, her icy purple hair and natural make-up work for her.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is naturally beautiful that no matter what phase she went through, her beauty still shines through. Throughout her career, the actress has rocked some unique and different styles, including the gothic vibe with long black hair and pale skin that gave her a look like Morticia Adams. Today, she has gone for a more natural look with a classic style and is as beautiful as ever.

Winona Ryder

It does not matter what hairstyle Winona Ryder wears, but short hair is perfect for her delicate features. Winona used to rock short hair, but not how we’re used to it.

Wearing baggy clothes with hardly any make-up, Winona wore her hair spiked up like a punk rocker.

Winona may seem like an elegant sweetheart, almost as sweet as the Sweet Alchemy slot game, but she’s shown she can also be edgy and sassy.

Rose McGowan

People may know Rose McGowan as Paige from Charmed or how outspoken she is regarding the toxic culture women face in Hollywood.

She used to date rocker Marilyn Manson and donned black hair, pale skin, and a lot of leather, matching the shock-rocker’s style.

Nowadays, she wears short hair and bold lipstick, still maintaining an edgy look, which works for her.

Agyness Deyn

Since Agyness Deyn started modeling years ago, she has become well-known for her fearless style.

The model is best known for her simple blonde pixie cut, but because of her career, she has had to change things up with darker hair.

Her style has always been chic and had a rock vibe to her, so no matter what she has worn, she has always been able to pull it off.

Taylor Momsen

Momsen is mostly known for playing the character Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl, and if you are feeling nostalgic, you can watch it on HBO Max.

Despite playing a squeaky-clean character on the show, her life off-camera was a little more rock and roll. The blonde hair she grew matched with dark lipstick and eyes so dark it was almost hard to distinguish them.

She’s still rocking a goth-inspired look but more glam goth nowadays.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift began her career as a country-pop artist having a subtle and simple style, however as she started to evolve, so did her style.

Taylor became much edgier, cut her long locks off, and sported a shorter cut with a bold red lip.

One thing that has not changed since she stepped into our lives is her hair color. She has only dyed her hair once to black to rock a gothic look.

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is best known for her lovely red locks, but most fans will know she is a natural blonde. Additionally, people may not be aware that she once had short black hair and a gothic appearance.

The vintage-styled actress wore leather boots and skirts and had a whole rock vibe. Hendricks is stunning, and what she wears would never change this.

Melissa McCarthy

It’s true; our favorite comedy actress used to be a bit of a goth. She didn’t go full goth with the black clothes and make-up; instead, she wore muted shades and short hair.

Although perhaps one day, she will play a role inspired by her previous style, where she looked completely different from the bubbly, fresh-faced comedian we know today.

In conclusion, it is It is completely normal for people to want to change things up a bit from time to time, and changing your style is a beautiful way to do this without completely changing who you are. Some celebrity goth looks may not be for you, but you can never know; you could get some inspiration.

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