Company Established Since 2010


Providing Open Formation

We promote fresh and organic foods while at work, by providing healthy meals, beverages and snacks.
We challenge everyone to be educated by offering physical books during coffee and cookies leisure.
We offer professional formation courses aiming to motivate, succeed, and bring mutual growth.
Job Openings
Our staff is composed of self-driven, accountable, highly experienced and talented people, while we seek to build an inclusive organisation grounded in respect for differences.

Clothing Designer

We are seeking a creative and ambitious candidate for a clothing designer position.

WordPress Developer

We are seeking a self-motivated and enthusiastic WordPress developer to join our staff.

Fashion Blogger

Position open for passionate bloggers willing to commit to writing regularly for our website.

Sales Manager

We are seeking a sales manager candidate to drive revenue growth to our products, and services.

Jewellery Designer

We are offering a freelance job to a creative and skilled candidate for a jewellery designer position.

Graphic Designer

We are looking for committed graphic designer highly experienced with Adobe Creative Suite.

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