Graphic Designer


The ideal candidate we are seeking to employ:

We are looking for a creative, passionate and committed graphic designer highly experienced with Adobe Creative Suite, for brand-driven illustrations for both our physical and digital network.

The ideal candidate will develop interesting illustrative concepts that will appeal to our niche for physical advertising campaigns, products, and digital assets for social networks while presenting us with a varied portfolio in digital and print.

To succeed as a graphic designer in our company, the candidate should focus on generating and composing interesting visual concepts that should go out of the corporative norms, by presenting company-related illustrations that gather the viewers’ intention for its storyline.

The ideal candidate should be creative, adaptable, and analytical with excellent designing skills and a unique voice.

The ideal candidate must be passionate with creative flair, and the applicant must have the ability to work effectively as part of the staff and independently in a fast-paced environment.


A general and brief overview of our company and aims:

Founded in 2010, our company is one of the leading publishers and suppliers of alternative fashion products in Colombia. Since then, it has flourished and became one of the foremost merchants, providing quality products besides opening to digital services and subscriptions.

By recruiting a digital designer, this will assist us in the development of expanding our visual presence and meet the increasing demand for brand promotion in the marketplace, worldwide, while displaying a strong present be it digital and on print, interconnected with the products and services we offer.


Unique opportunities, certifications, and educational programs:

If working on-site, our company offers a generous workspace with internet access, free healthy meals and beverages.

It is the genuine expertise, strength and devotion of our spirits that make of the company representation of who we are. Across our diversified line of interests, we have some of the sharpest and most skilful people in media and beyond: award-winning developers, cutting edge e-commercial staffers, industry-leading multimedia talents and much, much more.

We are a vibrant and diverse community with many company events, groups and forums to get involved, besides social hours for coffee with cookies and reading leisure in a delightful work culture.

Most importantly, we do not enforce any specific dress code.


Value to the organization:

The graphic designer will be responsible for the conceptualisation, design and layout of design projects, including websites.

The graphic designer will be involved with the graphical and aesthetic aspects of branding work and the creation of mock-ups for new projects.

Ultimately, the graphic design will be directly reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, working with the marketing staff and also collaborating with customers to ensure that they each receive the best possible level of service and their needs are effectively addressed.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeping up-to-date with design trends to improve the visuals and styles of the company.
  • Working as part of the staff to deliver innovative and intuitive graphic design solutions.
  • Responsible for applying and safeguarding our brand identity across a range of assets and projects.
  • Creating concepts which are visual, engaging, targeted to the niche and which use our brand effectively.
  • Providing technical support, advice and problem solving to colleagues about design, digital and production topics.
  • Providing recommendations for concepts and persuasive reasoning to support creative decisions.
  • Producing creative ideas for digital campaigns such as e-mail, social and banner advertising.
  • Takes an active role in all stages of design projects.
  • Assists with creation and delivering of concepts and presentations.
  • Assists project staff with design concepts and development.
  • Work closely with the development staff for implementation.
  • Ensures changes are communicated within the staff.
  • Building relationships with specialist external suppliers and technical delivery teams including typesetters, designers and printers.
  • Delivering work in a fast-paced environment working across a range of channels and formats.
  • Being involved in the delivery of a variety of products.
  • Offers input to creative meetings and promotes the sharing of ideas.
  • Ensure best practice and create brand guidelines.
  • Develop meaningful relationships and a deep understanding of the needs of existing customers.
  • Handle customer queries and complaints in a professional, orderly manner.
  • Deliver excellent customer support at all times.
  • Follow all company regulations and policies.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

The ideal candidate will be, and have:

  • Proven relevant experience of working in a similar role with a portfolio of design examples.
  • A solid grasp of graphic design, typography, visual communications and design strategy.
  • Experience of working with brand guidelines and typesetting professional accurate documents.
  • Understanding project briefs and being able to design and deliver communications in line with the agreed approach.
  • Excellent attention to detail, high accuracy in typography and design output.
  • Ability to work to deadlines, often balancing competing workloads, while maintaining high standards.
  • Ability to make and implement design decisions where appropriate.
  • A good understanding of design values.
  • Excellent organisation and planning skills.

Candidate personal attributes expected:

  • Showing initiative and strong independent working ability.
  • Highly motivated, energetic and enthusiastic.
  • Possesses keen eye for detail and passion for design.
  • Willingness to learn and gain studio experience.
  • Calm under pressure situations and deadlines.
  • Excellent approach to teamwork.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good commonsense approach.
  • Good time management skills.

Technically experienced with:

  • Proven experience with Acrobat.
  • Proven experience with After Effects.
  • Proven experience with Illustrator.
  • Proven experience with InDesign.
  • Proven experience with Photoshop.
  • Proven experience with Premiere.
  • Proven experience with After Effects.
  • Strong written and verbal skills in English.

Our respect for diversity and inclusion:

We value and respect all differences in all people at our company. We strive to inclusive working experiences and an environment that reflects the audience we serve, where our people have equal access to career development opportunities, their voices are heard and can contribute to our future.

At our company, many of our staff work flexibly, and we will consider all requests for flexible working arrangements.

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