One Decade of Fearless Education


Since our inception in the academic field more than a decade ago, we have pioneered as a multi-disciplinary humanities hybrid and expanded at a universal scale through a series of innovative initiatives by providing education, publishing, services and products while pacing to become a physical establishment accessible to the general public.

Crafting Hybrid Experiences


To strengthen digital publishing with services that enable researchers, content providers, and funders to adopt virtualisation quickly.


To allow subcultures and the industry to find ways to make valuable craftsmanship for themselves with professional working spaces and formation.


To shift the scholarly conversation towards openness and transparency and facilitate innovative ways to interact with alternative subcultures.

Meet Our Staff

Get to know us

We strive to provide innovative and independent initiatives worldwide to educate, produce and promote universally accessible products and services by content creators, artisans and artists from all aesthetic grounds to benefit unknown talents.

Alex de Borba

Chief Executive Officer

Martha Moreno

Chief Operations Officer

Sebastián Salazar

Industrial Engineer

André Monteiro

Chief Marketing Officer

Catarina Elvira

Public Relations

Janelly Restrepo

Restaurant Manager

Lorena Angulo

Cafe Manager

Daniel Calderon

Tattoo Studio Manager

Juliana Arias

Graphic Designer

Nicolas Lecocq

Lead Developer

Shailendra Bhardwaj


Carolina McCulloch

Web Creator

Elín Ólafsdóttir

Technical Support

Mafalda Gomes

Legal Advisor

Space for Arts and Crafts

Features & Benefits

With a beautiful 12.98 square meter functional space, clean white walls, low ceilings, and polished wood floors, we offer a cosy room with a fresh look and tranquillity.


Located in the peaceful San Luis old neighbourhood and to the east of Teusaquillo, with excellent access routes and in the middle of a residential area that coexists with airs of tranquillity and nature.


If working on a thematic project that requires further studies and research to bring it to life, we will provide you solid consultation based on our field of academic expertise to apply it with veracity to your project.


It is designed to accommodate lighting, conceptual decoration, furniture, tripods, allowing its transformation according to the artistic needs or preferences of those who want to experiment.


Clean, fresh, quiet, and meticulously cared environment space, with access to a bathroom, mirrors, makeup space, a personal leisure area, and including meals, from breakfasts to dinner, and, of course, we keep you hydrated.

Creating Experiences in Dark Tourism

The chilling of walking between mausoleums, prisons, haunted sites and gravely tombs is something terrifying, as one hears children playing, witches laughing, and corpses screaming, it turns overwhelmingly dark and sinister while exploring some of Colombia’s darkest corners… Do you dare to tour with us?


Our staff comprises self-driven, accountable, highly experienced and talented people. At the same time, we seek to build an inclusive organisation grounded in respect for differences.

Fashion Blogger

Position open for passionate bloggers willing to commit to writing regularly for our website.

Sales Manager

We are seeking a sales manager candidate to drive revenue growth to our products, and services.

Clothing Designer

We are seeking a creative and ambitious candidate for a clothing designer position.


What People Say

“Working with them was a very pleasurable experience. It is encouraging to see how they created a digital presence which goes beyond the usual market imperative.”

Oliver Heinz

Content Creator

“Their sales staff members were prompt and professional, engaging and committed to collaborate in a manner that lived up to the expectations, and beyond.”

Martin Drushel

Digital Marketer

“Working with them has been an outstanding, memorable experience, as they are extremely professional and really work hard to make unusual projects materialise.”

Andrea Wilding

Product Manager


We have been breaking academic boundaries for over a decade as the first multi-disciplinary, educational, and creative hybrid to ever exist.









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