Activism of noteworthy heaviness for the faint-hearted

Activism of noteworthy heaviness for the faint-hearted

The bygone month was of resolution, as we intended to strengthen and consolidate our workflow by tightening and synchronizing our daily schedule, activism was in order and it took us quite a few experiments to achieve a perfect symmetry and obtain the results we were anticipating. As many may or may not have perceived, from July 1st to 13th, we embarked in a series of attempts to determine which were the best times to share our content to a wider audience as well as to educate the readers with a more cultural, yet straightforward brutality in regards to our publishings. Definitely, many of the articles we published during July were not aimed to the faint-hearted, as we indulged in a constructive criticism that in much, and again, gained controversy.


July also became absent of my editorial, which I decided to regain possession of only on this month of August. Frankly speaking, in late June I sat down thinking what to write, while holding my notebook and taking some reminders roughly written down as hypothetical guidelines later to be reconstructed as an interesting topic, nevertheless, due to my much needed involvement with the technological side of things, I reviewed my notes and decided to be patient rather than publish something that would seem forced, non-inspirational and analogically driven. I rather mid-pace my spirit and reschedule my articles rather than ruin the quintessence that often transpires throughout my writings beyond retrieval.


August ablazes and my writing wildfire somehow reignites, as my glassy escritoire got slightly reorganized and less overwhelmed with devices, thus giving me more space to comfortably deploy my deities without the lashy of further hindrances. It is of utmost importance to maintain a certain zen environment in the surroundings at your disposition to be proactively engaging and focused on the tasks at hand, as well as a complete vocabulary builder, I must append.

Beforehand, July had some positive aftereffects as we administered our endeavors in both promotion and communication skills, yet under perpetual refinement. Although the betterment also made us reassess our approach as a news source, this while we choose to give further relevance to cultural occurrences rather than publishing a tawdry approach lacking sophistication or unrefined taste.

Intermixing cultural and historical facts with heavy metal oriented articles had a wider acceptance than we expected, as we increased our general criticism in an unequivocal manner with researchable certainties.

The aesthetics proposed during July were to endure our presence, now at a more stimulating elevation and to transpire continuation in the future, by publishing on a daily basis at least one article with enthralling contours, honoring “quality over quantity”.


July highlights were clearly the publishing of “Bite me!” Says Lobo to Rock Al Parque Festival fan boys, which explores in a very intrigued methodology the incoherences regarding Rock Al Parque Festival’s official poster in a demeanor approach, mixing Colombian both historical and cultural facts with Greek mythology and literature ranging from comic books to fiction works. The article was later followed by acts selection in Rock al Parque, is it misguided?

Acts selection in Rock al Parque, is it misguided, on the other hand, is a light read that supports many of the claims that Rock Al Parque Festival is lacking the diversity to underpin its reputation. Which complements the aforementioned article, by sustaining its foundations and stepping a bit further.

Both articles were however, questioned concerning the motives behind their publishing. We were asked if it had anything to do with us asking press credential to cover the event and therefore, be declined, leading us to conduct a vicious vendetta. To clarify, we did not solicit any press credentials to Rock Al Parque Festival neither we had in any plausible reasoning to do so. The way we see it, if we formally asked press credentials, we would be most likely accepted as we are near the completion of five years of existence, despite the fact that we are the most widespread news source from South America, however it would coerce us to cover the event in its entirely, while we are just aficionados of very few acts performing during Saturday 15th of August at Escenario Plaza, such as the likes of Poland’s Behemoth, Jerusalem’s Melechesh and Colombian Mortuorium and eventually, also locals Serpentarius (not to be confused with the Netherland’s act of the same name).


To reckon is that we are a few months away from a total revamp of our news portal, a lesser heavy metal oppressing variant, this time willing to expand more into cultural abstractions, yet deeply connect with the genre in one way or another. Although, there is much undergoing with the new version, we are opening this month a new section in our current portal, entitled Discover.

Discover will be a segment wholly oriented to new upcoming and unsigned acts currently emerging on the scene, a way of uncovering new flanged sonorities and acquire detailed information on them. Discover however, will be a section of a monthly rotation set for publishing every 15th of each month, and not weekly as we initially intended to do, this mostly to our tight schedule.


A grand majority of our readers asked about our blog, why relinquish it and leave it neglected, mostly due to the absorption in reading topics that by some means go out of the span, and entwined personal, deep insights over interesting occurrences. For quite some time, we vaguely gave any importance to our blog and often focused in providing information using press releases as guideline on other sections of interest. Nevertheless, the tip-top novelty is that we took into consideration all pleads to keep our blog more energetic and invigorating. With this said, every weekend on Saturday morning, we will be publishing noteworthy information, somehow contemporary articles on our blog, incepting today with our newest article; The cultural divulges injected in the world’s heavy music.


During this month of August, we will be elaborating some online surveys for the very first time, to inquire public opinion on some topics that we see relevant to obtain feedback so that we can gather a wider perspective in what we should explore in the near future, while soliciting a reduced number of individuals to join our beta testing program. The said surveys will be published around earlier September or mid-October, and at this time we are unable to set a stable deadline as we are still sketching our questionnaire.


In conclusion, our progression will be straightened within your reliance to share a constructive contribution, out setting the gates toward a more open to dialogue platform, which will ultimately be redefined around one’s quintessence, favoring both us, and ultimately, you.

Have a great and prosperous month!


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