Colombian journalism hold sway by the devil’s allies

Colombian journalism hold sway by the devil’s allies

In the bygone month, we manifested our conviction to attain more of a concrete existence in Colombian journalistic fields and thoughtfully underwent some slight changes while endorsing European strategies and roadmaps, to a country rather vulnerable to cradle our entity in a prolific manner. I dare say that the outcome so far has been overwhelmingly adequate, as we not only primed to yield a sturdy structure to this metal scene, but also maintained our posture toward exterior deviances that quickly pointed their finger at us alleging that international media press have no significant relevance to the local scene. Further criticism arose, even though in a non-constructive manner, we still are occasionally subject to demeaning behaviours advent from the devil’s allies, as we endure as the utmost enemy in a scene we successfully strive to exhibit to a wider audience beyond the language barricades or commonly working methodologies.

In truth, much has been spoken regarding the liberalism scarcity that surrounds the Colombian media press outlets, thereafter and roughly close to outright three years since our relocation from Portugal, we still do not bend the knee, neither do we intend to, instead when we encounter difficulties and contradictions, we do not try to attempt to break them but bend them with gentleness and the passing of time.

The Colombian scene undoubtedly keeps a close sight regarding our ambiguous movement, but always seems to diagnose us as the major competitors toward the local and elderly media press, which in truth, could not be more set apart from our primary aspirations. Certainly, we were never predisposed to be a competitor in Colombia, as our audience is monumental, and greatly European, which initially set us aside from the local media press as our purpose is not to coincide with them, but alternately, to advance both technically and progressively, therefore, succeeding to transmute the fact that throughout the years it has successfully been our core since its spawning, without intentions to distress with an audience that we can still reach, even though publishing in English.

The conviction that we are irrelevant in a continent in which the Spanish language holds sway, seems rather paradoxical, as we have proven numerous times that there is no language hurdle for us, as our outstretched coverage assails further territories, and ultimately after incessant struggles, Colombia at the present foresees us as a media press convincingly worthy of their confidence, giving us an impulse for safe keeping and unceasing tenancy.

Nevertheless, I must recognize as a truth, that the acceptance of international media press in Colombia raises some controversy as we become more relevant, also our methodology enforces significant noteworthy remarks toward the local media press. We are pioneering in a tranquil state, inadvertently sanctioning the local media press by authenticating our allegations that enough can be done in order to unfold and better encourage the scenery to pursue with authority and professionalism, which will inescapably revert in a far competent endeavour toward concert organizers, musicians, and artists anywise akin to the heavy metal cultural terrain.

Constant noise wave from one end to another, as the sky opens above us and conveys a brighter mantra down to a scene unwilling to adapt to modern techniques by abandoning the venerable formulas, although we are earlier familiar with the elderly schematics and limitations, we find no absolution nor gratification delineated toward their scene and symmetries. Colombian media press should keep up with the rest of the world, by altering and bettering other than guarding the same pattern, by entwining a wardship of collaborations and proposing contemporary, cultural initiatives. Consequently, the lack of incentiveness and dynamism will top the chain of leadership, precipitating an eminent downfall.

Unsettled is if whether the Colombian media press will be open-minded enough to cultivate sophistication, or will disintegrate while deteriorating with the continuous leakage of crew elements that ultimately, hurriedly construct spanking new media press presences while scuffling with former endeavours. Admittedly, I have witnessed of late, the apportionment from media press that perks no substantial refinement, laying a betterment of disguised crews battling to regain due importance, yet endorsing the very same techniques that viciously entangled on their blood throughout the passing of time. There is an evident retro aggressiveness that remains conflicted, that restrains the opportunity to spawn, an emphasis to neglect the newfangled instead of to succeed previous failures.

Whereas others stagnate, we ultimately superstruct without precedents by pertaining to the highest level of development at times with an atypical accession to our Marketplace. A brand-new sustenance which receives an addition by growth, yet careful thought and upholding over the past year has been part of this morphon of ours, a complementary livelihood that with time will embody countless others as the myriad of ventures expands. The Marketplace concept remains simple, yet effective, which consists in apprenticing between us and the musicians, an association that can be permitted to engage, incite and provoke the scene by befalling mutual companionship.

Regarding such matters, even though the Marketplace initiative has been already published on the official Facebook Page, we have determined it would be preeminent to fasten a current documentation section entitled Press, where we can assemble and on a nonpareil method, publish further detailed information in connection with our ventures and partnerships.

About partnerships, we recently strengthened our position in Brazilian soil by cooperating with Metal Ground, a specialized media press that has been active since 2013. Still relatively younger than ours, Metal Ground content surpasses the traditional, mundane flux of publishing we often declare ourselves with, by publishing original content with unique substance and a deeply personal touch.

September nevertheless, purposes us to heart-render in the same direction as the course of our vessel shift one’s ground without second thoughts, and in its due time untrodden propositions will arise as we have no intentions to remain forgettable while completing our five years in existence on October 1st. True, a significant event as we are one month away from completing five years that haltingly have elapsed since the progeny of our existence.

Until then, know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.


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