Concept of submission

Concept of submission

We all subsist in a unisphere of multiple musical inclinations, and from the lighter sonorities to the heavier; we coincide. However, it is noticeable that the elitism and the zero tolerance in most situations to accept one another exist, traversing to a controlled concept of submission.

Veterans of heavy, death, black and thrash metal tend to bash on younger audiences and impose their will on the others, like some pragmatic status that occurs after a middle-age crisis. If older enough, the argumentation immediately escalates and urges from a passive-aggressive stroke, in which the older is perpetually right, even without having a stronghold on a line of reasoning strong enough to follow. There is a need to force and relinquish those that do not experience the same point of view, or sonorous fondness, only to obtain an ego-boost so much necessitated to gratify the manhood.

The term “brothers of metal” does not clearly state which metal it is, nor which bearings on style better fit the purpose, but it strongly suggests a brotherhood within all unified forms of musical guidance. It does seem that many went blindfolded and forgot the true essence of heavy metal, which consists of uniting all kinds of music, extreme or not, into one single brotherhood, sharing the same passion for music, independently of the origins of such love.

Nowadays everyone is more worried about the conception they portray toward the audience, an audience that fails to meet a higher standardization of intellectual insights while pathetically dwelling in a catastrophic manner, toward the banal and vulgar display of egomania. It clearly shows that metal fans, those without any musical project, or with unnoticeable management skills, are eager to obtain the same attention that their idols have by generating controversy. By attacking and diminishing the next guy just for the sheer attention drawn into their statements, the social praising, which makes them feel the false and misleading sense of importance, when, in fact, they bare none.

Within the fifteen minutes of fame, or downfall, the sugar rush gives enough space to grow, to raise the tankard and scream in victory, so they think. In reality and on the other extremity, veterans such as me look at such statements and personal attacks as something unworthy of applause. This mostly because what may seem an uprising attitude to defend the older sounds, resigns as an attempt to decrease the love for the scene. Breaking apart what was meant to be forged in a sense of communion and not in a manner of mindless individualism, were one word rules them all.

Why I decided to come up with all this? One may ask about the reasons behind. In truth, I have later abstained myself from participating on Facebook other than sharing news and articles related to music. As the past year, the increasing boredom of socializing online became somehow tedious and irrelevant, and as I slowly stepped away, many were those who became more predominant, with attitudes that I condemn. The zero tolerance toward others that do not share an equal passion toward a determinate genre became a point of ignition to lengthy debates that in nothing contribute to a scene we should embrace, rather than discriminate.

My dissociation in such events remains noticed, as yore I would interact and defend not the cluttered throats, but the ones suffocating on the hands of cyber bullies. There is no need nor particular reason or aim to empower one’s will over the other. Instead, one should respect the other’s space instead of falling into ridiculousness, and even worse, make of those that in nothing wish to invoke the opinions on a social network made, ironically, to control everyone without discrimination.

Stop the blindness, and listen to what you love, and seek not for praising. After all, you are not the one composing the sounds that drastically “changed your life“, and bearing a shirt of a group of musicians as it was a flag, above all, does not give you the right to judge others.


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