Cutting edge technology to take the hand of heavy metal

Cutting edge technology to take the hand of heavy metal
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Many may already be fully aware of the variety of tools made available to quickly design and deploy a heavy metal website, but fewer are the ones conscious that whence the urge to become independent and the aim to conceive your own heavy metal portal arise, the cost may be overwhelmingly high and the time consumed involving a stand-alone platform may demand certain sacrifices that one may not be willingly inclined to undertake, that at both a personal and professional level.

The heavy metal world is collectively gathered throughout community forums, weblogs, online radio stations, and news portals. To each their own, I concur, nevertheless technologically speaking and while undergoing some relevant points in a collision manner, very few standout for their assembling challenges and the sense of a pragmatic individualism, as there is undoubtedly, a common pattern besides music that is deeply pierced within their existence and preconceived ideals. The latest tendency is to adopt orange to blood red graphics (the later present since the dawn of the Internet), grey scaled or dirty white to almost sepia colored backgrounds. Sidebars are often placed on the left, and very rarely with the exception of weblogs, on the right, which from a developer point of view, leverages the distraction of the readers toward everything else besides the relevancy of content at hand. Depending on the effort and skills which were carefully layered underneath as code, or in most cases, drop-and-drag positioning to ease the conception of a new website, they all resemble one another too closely to a tremendous spiderweb of nailed look alike online presences, with very little to be considered uniquely as a offering worth following ship. The impulsion to implement responsiveness (a relatively new approach to other devices besides desktops and laptops) seems to be constantly disregarded due to either lack of experience, or a patient standby overlay on the provider of said free services, or as in most cases, could incessantly remain neglected as very often editors of such content driven websites are not willing enough to undergo the technological end and therefore, engage into communities spawned by other realms, the developers world which with all due respect, are responsible for keeping many of the websites currently at hand fully functional even if not receiving the due praising and respect they are entitled to.

Technology goes hand in hand with the passion transpired on the content toward the music we so much praise and care to listen to and therefore, write and promote by any means necessary. It would be abnormal however, not to presume that what runs websites is in fact, a myriad of code that provides the editors with a platform usable enough to publish content, and keep the website updated.

Editorship should not be restrained by a vicious dependency of providers that in nothing benefit the visibility of hard working publishers, as for them, you are merely a number associated to a website and despite popular belief, nothing personal flows in between; not to mention that in most circumstances the essential needs one may have are unheard by one of the ends. One should remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with venturing independently and restarting to re-engage the audience into a more versatile and self-sustainable structure where you are in total control and all ultimate decisions lay upon your conscious, in fact, by regaining ownership over your website, you become an explorer and become far more versatile and acknowledge your surroundings online.

A wrong assumption is that design overpowers content, and the notion that the effectiveness lays on a “metal” display other than written content, it’s a misleading conception. In all truthness, content prevails above any dreadful design or visual approach, it is the backbone that triggers readers to follow and engage into discussions and the rotary news source they seek. Thereafter, many websites that are heavy metal driven, but just a smaller ten percentage of the whole circle is publishing original, rich written content and gathering the overall vast majority of metal audiences while the remaining sum, simply considers journalism by publishing shameless copy and paste versions of the original sources without citing, which returns to readership boredom.

You may consider my editorial harshness, nevertheless intriguing even if you are a newcomer to the press media, or a longstanding supporter of the scene, it would not matter as mistakes survive the ages if no one is willing to be pushed and take a step a bit further and provide their readers with a platform of their own, and content that may be considered worth reading without falling into the common forms of plagiarism.

Technology should go always hands on hands with the heavy metal scene, it is vital for the evolution and the levering of the press to embrace it, retributing in a more beneficial and gratifying outcome. And if you thought that my statement would lay overshadowed and restrained by a mere fraction of time limitations imposed by my professional endeavors, you may read a far wider and deeper insight on how we here, successfully became the pioneers by merging technology into a musical website that today stands as a recognizable name not due to its unique visual approach and organization, but also for its original content and most importantly, for its truly evolutionary approach toward new technologies.

With this being said, get to know what runs behind our website, how much work is involved and how we play nicely with others by reading my exclusive interview recently published on this month’s issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine, which I might add, was one of the foremost pleasant, honorable and eloquent interviews I have ever had the pleasure to answer, especially for such a tremendously vastly worldwide recognizable community as Joomla!


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