Holding zero distance while shedding our skin

Holding zero distance while shedding our skin
Photograph by Angélica Vargas

Laid in secrecy for one year and now at zero distance, it is time to introduce you to our au courant, heavy metal oriented, cultural site which at the zenith of its deviation, also shed our renewed skin with everyone who patiently waited for our revival after one month of uninterrupted hiatus.


Not long ago, in truth, five years and four months elapsed to be more precise, when this laden vessel earlier sailed throughout virtual waves and haltingly subdued a handful of barriers. Hallowing our sixth reminiscence in the unseasonable years as a news source, which gradually unfolded into this recognizable and respectful media that actively encouraged many to supervene, while heartening to overthrow said previous commitments to stint, while thoughtfully conspiring cutting-edge designs for the uprising of new medias under professional, mid-paced anesthesias.

In deliberate serfdom, this armada of ours more often conveys into thankfulness rather than to seldom exasperation, by gracefully attributing to our endeavours, and timeless night shifts, a perception of greatness, yet leaving a discern of undernourishment as evolution is a recurrent stratagem endorsed by our tenancy, guiding us to be far more proficient and dominant in a field in which many fail to scarcely deliver something innovative, by successfully supplanting the stride.


Year one taught us to overcome arduousness, to struggle amongst many, and to earn a muscular position in this digital world. Well fortified, solid and with a firm stronghold of followers, it sailed forth and went toward a second year whence transmutation of designs took place, and it kept shedding its skin. We admittedly state that our venture in nothing differed from others back then, approaching our audience with a blackened visual, layered in shades of grey and red blood inks, in which the common heavy metal overlooks reigned above all in a quick embrace. We were following the motto “forged in fire”, embracing the music genre that inspired us to create the site in the first place.


By the second year, our armada had matured wisely by abandoning the dark shades of grey and vivid orange camouflage that, unadmittedly, shortly pioneered throughout other competitors. As colors stained the dead waters we once cruised, our vessel rapidly oxidized a more rustic, earthy dirt tunage as part of its nature. For many, it seemed like we had rusted out the elder image and altered to something else, which in fact, was accurate. Many features were added to our site. Experiments took place, approaching a community sense that endured throughout fewer months to later be discontinued. This year also saw us reaching out to new collaborators and the coverage of music festivals mainly in Europe such as Hellfest, Brutal Assault Festival, and Wacken Open Air Festival; consolidating our style and reputation amongst promoters and fans alike. By the end of this cycle a major benchmark took place, and that was the relocation of our headquarters from Portugal to Colombia, which gave our crew a new perspective and horizon to aim for.


Throughout our third year of existence and onwards, numerous physical devices were triumphed as we embarked with the mission of becoming more visible and accessible through different ports. In fact, although technology surfaced mid-pace, our vessel was the first on the field to cut across others by dominating technology. Our online radio blossom with some fair recognition, even thus remotely oriented with a professional attitude while held by a crew that grew from our first year onwards, to later be restrained to merely a few. With the technological advances reached through this year, a spark ignited the new crew to broaden up the fields we covered thus far.


During our fourth year of existence, we strained to become a international backbone to the local scene as media press, often subduing evolution, technically speaking, in order to dedicate our efforts on writings that, later on, either raised controversy or praise. Undoubtedly, arrangements had to be made as we became more remarkably distinguished for our hardiness, as did our failures that were not overlooked. Our radio by then, ceased the organic end and mainly remained online with the assistance of automatic playlists, pronouncing the end of a circle, and forcing us to reconsider our approach regarding streaming online, and our capacity to provide technical formation to crew members. Also, by the end of this year, we witnessed the rise of new festivals in the Colombian scene which we followed with great interest.


Our fifth year, nonetheless, halted an important chapter in our history. Against the primordials that defined us, we ceased to implement new features online and fewer were the changes adopted through the entire year, with the exception of a new visual look that emerged mid-2014, a greenish approach that until that date we sustained as our entity and individualism with the exception of the logotype designed to fit the purpose back then. Another important chapter was that we were able to cover not one, but two plastic artist’s exhibitions proving that we can also cover different aspects of the cultural and multilayered-vision of music, and thus bringing diversity and original content to the world.

During the trail of 2015, we careful planned, in a methodical demeanor, our further schematics and infused quite a significant amount of private funds to wholly reimagine and reinvent our approach. Much was undertaken and taken into consideration as we had to be careful and conspire thoughtfully our new approach, but without losing the essence that always defined us throughout the years.


As many might be aware, rebranding and reconstruction of an entire company and its crew it is by far an overwhelming task to undertake, and it takes time. During one year, and almost daily, we partook on meetings, redesigned our logotype, adopted a new publishing platform, installed and properly deployed our private beta version which tonight, can be publically accessible.

Past enhancements have been either discontinued or reconstructed on our brand-new site, and we are yet to enable all the improvements we have done, considering that if we did, it would be too much of an overwhelming experience to those visiting the site after relaunch.


Our operations as a digital radio station have temporarily ceased, and will remain so until further notice. We are retargeting our efforts toward different and new areas which lead us to think that at the present time, managing an digital radio station is not ideal and revert us to a time-consuming labour which we are not presently willing to devote our attention. On the other hand, one may be assured that the areas in which we are now aiming to venture will encompass the need to have a radio station to overcome the loss.

Our position has been strengthened, consolidated, and from now and onwards, we are aiming higher, by providing a more stable platform to both our crew and fellowship, while constantly deploying new features on a monthly basis which on its turn, will secure the evolution of our advances.

This newest endeavor is a collective effort of an extremely dedicated and talented crew that insensitively contributed to its construction, keeping everything private and in-house from the very beginning. On this turn, we refused to make public screen captures of our new site as well as to publish public announcements stating the evolution of its progress, for reasons that we prefer to leave undisclosed.

To sum up; this is a thoughtful diagnosis of the perils that lay before us, as we finally rest insouciant and aware that many may, or may not, comprehend our cultural approach, yet, we are not seeking to be quarrelsome among a scene we deeply respect, but to merely fulfill everyone’s expectations.

We would appreciate your feedback regarding our efforts, eventual site errors, and suggestions. Therefore, please feel free to comment below and relish the new version.


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