Nación por cárcel

Nación por cárcel

Colombian metal scene is a spitfire of divergent genres that quickly become too much of an overwhelming election for the general public response. There is a numerous amount of sporadic metal acts insurging nowadays and we cannot solemnly focus our undevoted attention on them all; then again, the resources to organize this independent and vulnerable scene are somehow restrained to a handful of individuals that truly know what they are doing even if struggling against the strain.

As of late, we calmly sat down and had a few, short discussions regarding our minor but still increasing interaction with the local Colombian scene as a company that still is seen as a foreigner outcast, relentlessly gaining ground and overcoming many pitiful obstacles for a common cause; to build up and sustain a scene dignified of being mentioned worldwide.

More often than we should, we find ourselves lurking behind closed doors due to our unparalleled way of working, our strategical delineation through a scene that in common with us, remains immature in most of its essence. Even thus obstacles such as the refusal to be open-minded enough to approve the difference crossing our paths is barred as a professional challenge, we tirelessly refuse to lay down our weapons and redeem our actions in full.

Outspokenly, we occasionally moderate our public statements by publishing just the essential, the detailed information that provides to our readers with accurate facts and relevant news concerning events, pricing, locations or previews over releases coming from Colombian musicians. We never had the immediate need to be an acceptable company, nor praise without being impartial towards everything just for the sheer reputational gain, overall our efforts always stood for independency, without relying on nor consuming from one single source, abandoning behind those who may call it as an “inner-circle of exchanging influences”.

Truth be told, our position has metamorphosed after four years of existence by increasing our rotation while publishing articles in a non-conventional manner, avoiding thus the typical paraphrasing that all other presences under the same field often feel inclined to follow. We have become by far detailed and consistent, lengthier and more explanatory yet still gathering up a wide range of extras such as the addition of audio and video players that better fit most known devices, although lately implementing the embedding of maps to specific events so that it could be easier to identify venue locations as well as the directions and routes to partake.

The rewarding task we determinedly undertook into our own independency during the unfold of 2014 will certainly continue during the years to follow. We have no intention whatsoever to restrain our inner-activities, on the contrary, we masterplan and sinfully conspire to overthrow the scene by cherishing a tremendous undercare for minor details, and therefore as artisans in the art of crafting the unexpected and unpredictable, continue to secretly evolve either or without, the general fellowship acceptance.

Those willing to undermine us toward a down spiral chain of self-misfortunate events, just as it has happened in a not so distant past, unimpassioned one for the said “competitors”, may attempt in vain to come across our path, and once more, miserable fail into their own vicious circle of mindless indulgence.

We are here to serve is a statement often mislead, and not entirely true, as we abide under no preconceived order of things, which allows us to grow wisely and with a stronghold of diversity, on this turn more culturally oriented.

We may however, strongly oppose to be the servants of an inner-circle corrupted by minds that in an old-fashioned manner, in nothing benefit their scene nor their devote audiences. It is true that in over two years, we grew appassionate for the Colombian scene, those that spill their blood on the floor and raise their fists in the air with a shinning glimpse of hope for a better, more professional, and supportive platform in adversity to the imposing corruption that resounds in walls of silence, often unspoken due to the fear of banishment from special events, or just the motion of a guillotine over their jugulars makes them cast out most opportunities.

Outspoken, there is indeed a shadowy group of vultures, the usually scavenging birds of prey that clots the reminiscence of a scene willing to strive overseas, while on the other hand, there are many that remain ungrateful toward an entity that persists to assist the local scene. Otherwise, the imprisonment would be unavoidable, and we will always reject to be dedicated to one single nation or one single ideal.

All in all, 2014 was a year of many experiments, different approaches and unbreaks from the commonly known as we went visually green-ish and vastly promoted, adopted abnormal strategies and overcome many obstacles. Above all, we learned and perfected by making mistakes, some truly awful while others were a total loss regarding financial investments, but all combined allowed us to strengthen our final outcome.

2015 is thirty days ahead of us, and we are entering with much under planning.

Have a joyful December, independently of your religion, cult or sect.


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