The scene with a rope round its neck

The scene with a rope round its neck

We may at a certain degree, carefully abstain our subconscious and presumably sustain one’s breath for a grip of delusional comfort. Whoever thoughtfully planned this architectural planter of musical genres, which we heartfelt call it nowadays “a metal scene”, may be twisting on its grave as the once beloved movement now succumbs into a shadowy womb.

Pragmatisms apart, much has metamorphosed throughout the first eras, and in modern times this self-proclaimed “metal scene” has spawned and feed upon the carcases of the elderly so that the young blood could come forth and reclaim a position of their own.

I am far from condemning the breeding of newcomers, in fact, I admittedly stated for many times that the divergences are strongly entwined within a greater purpose, it holds a wider audience of fervoured listeners into a moribund scene that refuses to accept the orientation given by those more willing to resuscitate the underground while holding in their hands, the pearl of consumerism.

We as mankind have still much to discover, and mistakes are bared and accepted, but fewer will undertake the oath and rectify what in a weekly manner, “went wrong”. My speech may strike in vain for those unwilling to read with care and recognize what is read between the seams, I am afraid, nevertheless, I am resilient and there is no bigger joy than that of inciting some spitfire in one’s psyche.

A truthful evidence and undeniable insight is that the “metal scene” is leprous, it struggles to stand while the platforms to undergo a major makeover are concealed from reach, giving pro-activite prioritization to commercial stunds and questionable strategies. We are altogether more than aware that this view of ours lies in the head of the industry, not in their hearts. It has not been long ago when Wintersun stood out and denounced the atrocities behind their relationship with Nuclear Blast Records over their official Facebook Page.

Independently of how “big” or “small” the name of a semblance of musicians may be, they are unavoidable subjected to standardization, enslaved to contractual bounds that quickly restrain and chain them in a marriage made in the pits of inferno. The industry captivates the newcomers, incites them to pass out of the abysm and touch the great names around, longtime established and renowned companies that may be the perfect birthplace for their upcoming offsprings, so one may suppose. The fault, nonetheless, is to neglect smaller record companies that strive to submerge while spilling blood and backbone in a sunken floor that stenches the air with determination causing the majors to feel some pitiful discomfort.

Dark Descent Records may be the most eloquent and uprising, a solid record label that is slowly causing some dreadful discomfort around the hordes. It has significantly succeeded to the stronghold in solitude while building quite of a steady status and recognignation from all the corners of the world.

I must confess that Dark Descent Records initiative deserves nothing but praising, as it reminds us of the old-school underground feeling in which we would sit down and for endless hours pack and prepare orders to be shipped, instead of what unfortunately happens today; one progresses to a telephone call and someone else takes it and ships it under the company name. The mechanism behind such actions leaves much to desire, yet we may also acknowledge that at a certain extent, its efficient.

In sorrow, the scene decays toward a deeper and irrucuperable commercial trend, acts as Chimaira disband as earlier reported the end has come to Chimaira, while others such as legendary At The Gates reveals details of new album. It is the mutation that keeps the scene alive, the relentless balance in between the norm and the abnormal, all this when bands as United States, Texas based Birth A.D. successfully gained control over their debut release by venturing in a crown funding campaign, this is not to mention Australian Ne Obliviscaris, the record winning overlords that are setting up the exit of their upcoming new studio record, in fact, Ne Obliviscaris stream new single, ‘Curator’, that notably premiered first on Revolver Magazine.

The knot thickens and the rope seems to be the future hang of a few heads, thereafter, still merges a small resistance fighting to preserve the scene we grew up with, refreshed even if inked with old blood. Equally for the outcome, time shall tell.


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