We want you, metal maniac!

We want you, metal maniac!

Successive rumours regarding our expansion have been lately authenticated by me, and it appears to be cultivating some controversy within social networks. Traditionally, I would engage in an unending myriad of disputes arguing why we are nearly reaching the end of a circle and rebranding as something undividedly fresh. Notwithstanding, I grew accustomed to leadership and matured while embracing constructive criticism, besides overlooking judgemental insights, and the defilement that wagers behind the elitism that advocates in a scenery I continuously got correlated. My position as the leader challenges me to keep my stand, and ambiguous consciousness converged on the responsibilities at hand. To make everything explicit, we are, in truth, reinventing and rebranding our strategy as well as internal workflow from the ground up, but at this point we are counting on you to follow us.

After four years using Joomla! as the primary platform to promulgate our content, we regularly dealt with numerous limitations and time-consuming development restraints. Although we still love Joomla! and recommend them the best way we can, we became moreover drenched in multitasking while developing our private extensions so that we could overcome the lack of availability at their JED. In most circumstances, we opted by subscribing to third-party services so that we could spare time.

Even thus, it seemed near to a wise settlement at the moment since we aimed to present our readers with fresh content, amidst the time it revealed to affect us financially at a dramatic level. Not only third-party services were expensive, as we had to bargain extensions to archive our goal, this due to the shortage of free extensions that would assist as a complement to our needs. With this in mind, we fastened into prolonged discussions to our continuous troublesome decay and investment losses, by evaluating our inner structure and planning what we called a “process of elimination.”

During our almost five-year history, we never weighed the possibility of migrating toward another platform. However, we always sensed that Joomla! follows the theory of “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Through rational evaluation, acknowledging the technical level, functionality, extensibility and faster learning trajectory, we explored Drupal, Grav, and ultimately WordPress. The latest provided us with everything we were looking for: plus a surprising amount of add-ons are often available for free, or for reduced fees other than these practicable by Joomla! developers. Positively, we already commenced working on the imminent new version of our site, parenting WordPress as our core and eliminating the need for third-party services, which only benefited us also at a financial level.

The newest version of our site should be released within three months. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee a definitive deadline as the roadmap is quite lengthy.

As we work vigorously on building the brand-new site that is a complete rewrite of the current one, many changes will occur. While preserving the traditional aspects of audio and video players, we have now implemented core-based media players, fully matching the new site outlook without outsourcing from well-known third-party streaming providers.

Our navigation is more simplified, less crowded and straightforward. We have noticed in the last months that our readers find our current navigation too overwhelmingly packed with categories. On the new site, we focused on divisions rather than sections, which favors the visitors to find what they are looking more rapidly.

Regarding content display, we added a secondary sidebar that displays what the latest is, highlighted articles, as well as our recommendations and compiled everything in a different order. Both navigation and content display suffered a major overhaul.

Throughout the process of rebranding, we further settled that it was helpful to hand over our designs to a professional Portuguese company, specifically Virgula Design. Additionally to conceiving our brand-new logotype with a wholly new approach, they are also maintaining our comparison to past approaches. Virgula Design will also bear on with our official merchandise, from design to remanufacturing. By settling an agreement with them, we guarantee top-notch quality and worldwide delivery outwardly the lashes of dealing with local merchandise manufacturers that in much leave to desire.

We will be working after the site relaunch on a couple of free applications for Android devices. However, at the time of launch, we will be offering an Android App so that everyone can manage their accounts and contents directly from devices, this not to mention to keep up with notifications.

Open registration to everybody is also one of our major concerns. Besides the registration, we will be offering a complete set of tools that allow subscribers to become content authors; by publishing their news, reviews, videos, audio, cultural and lifestyle articles, with an easy to use content editor.

We are enthusiastic concerning code partition, tweaking, and new challenges. For the first time, we are abdicating a grand part of our inner coding through GitHub Repositories, in private mode. Furthermore encouraging WordPress developers to unite us and bring new features, code fixes, and collaborative projects in order to heighten our presence. The participation is also open to everyone who wishes to report an issue with the site at a technical level, following the progress and suggesting changes. Most of our code is to write and rewrite based on your feedback.

As soon as we launch our public beta, we will be open to gather new contributors. Meaning we want you to be part of our outgrowing staff as a content contributor. Even though on non-payable status, we will offer specific ad zones so that you can pick your advertising network of choice, and obtain revenue per article published.

The question however, would be: Are you metal enough to join us and learn how to work at a professional level?

If you are willing to, go ahead and reach us before we go public, please read my Facebook posts regarding the contributors we are looking for, and how to apply.

Opposite to the past, we are momentarily open to transparency. On our modern proposition, we determined it would be more advantageous to be as transparent as possible regarding site changes, development notices, statistics, hardware and software assets. Meaning, we will keep everyone informed of late and incoming features, bug reports, site enhancements, further staff recruitments, and open to discussing further changes based on your feedback.

To sum, you can expect a vastly content-driven platform, fully friendly to whoever yearns to contribute, well documented, with full device support and far more organized. Our aim remains to deliver the very best in technology while practicing innovative professional standards, remaining unique within the field we have decided from day one to be included in. Still, going the extra mile to preserve the title as the “World’s most advanced heavy metal site online”!


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