Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Here you may find the answers for the most common questions asked by our users.


Managing your information and preferences for authentication and access to entitled areas.


Find terms and conditions for our online services, such as publishing, and development.


We have been recognised for several years as an ethical company, following strick rules.


Information regarding publishing guidelines, terms and conditions as well as contributions.


Social community guidelines across our networks, and official pages and profiles.


Know how to manage your user information and preferences applied throughout our website for authentication and access to entitled areas.

Our most popular questions

You can access the majority of our services without having to register.

Some services do allow you to personalise your experience in some way and you will need to register to leave comments, join membership, enter competitions and subscribe to e-mail services.

By registering, we are also able to charge a premium for our advertising and make sure that it is more relevant to you. You can find out more about why your data matters to us here.

If you have forgotten your password, you can ask for it to be reset.

Click “Lost your password?” on our sign-in form, enter your e-mail address, and we will send you instructions by e-mail on how to reset it.

If you become a member, you will be able to store your billing address, multiple shipping addresses, join our optional mailing list and check your order status any time you would like.

Also, if you are a member, you can choose to receive exclusive e-mails from us letting you know about new products, announcements and special promotions before anybody else.

At it is most fundamental, Open Access is when publications are freely available online to all at no cost and with limited restrictions with regards reuse.

The unrestricted distribution of research is especially important for authors (as their work gets seen by more people), readers (as they can access and build on the most recent work in the field) and funders (as the work they fund has a broader impact by being able to reach a wider audience).

We accept Master Card, VISA, Discover, American Express, Gift Cards, PayPal, Stripe and ATM/Debit Cards with a VISA or Master Card logo.

Sorry, we do not accept personal checks, mall gift certificates, COD or cash.

Yes, we ship orders all over the world. All order communication will occur via e-mail, so it is very important that your e-mail address is current.

Please make sure to double-check the shipping address, as well.

Your phone number is optional, but it helps in case there is a delivery problem.

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