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We do our best to provide a comfortable experience and assist to the best of our capabilities. With us, you will never feel discriminated or rejected as we see every individual with equality; this also includes sexual orientation, skin colour, nationality, religion or gender.

With this said, we will kindly ask you to inform us in advance of your difficulties, providing medical evidence that can sustain your claims so that we can prepare ourselves to welcome you, and make you feel totally at ease with us, and our facility.


If you are unable to proceed with the payment online, you can reach us directly through our phone number +57-1-7025299 (nosotros hablamos español) and settle a payment agreement with one of our staff members in charge.


Before entering our building we request you, and whoever is with you to present us with your legal identification, so that we can confirm your identify and match it with our records.

We also perform a body search, non-intrusive, to make sure no fire weapons, blades, or narcotics enter our facility, putting you or us on harm’s way.

Besides this, we also kindly ask you to open any bags you may be carrying in order to search for the same kind of items. Once you and whoever is with you is cleared, we allow the entrance to our facility.

Yes, you can. We have a dry storage room conditioned to leave your equipment safely without worrying about packing it and transport it home.

We will do the inventory of everything you decide to leave stored, and confirm with you the list to make sure nothing was left out.

The following day, prior to beginning your work, we will verify with you that all items are present and nothing is missing.

Unfortunately, and mostly due to security measures, we will not allow visitors on site under any circumstances.

Only individuals adequately listed and identified during the contract will be allowed to enter and remain in our proximities.


Yes, you can. Just in case you decide to bring your lunch, please do let us know in advance so that we can have it warm-up for you at the time of lunch.

We can provide you with cooling storage space to put and store your snacks, and in case of you bringing candies, desserts, and other kinds of food that requires cooling, we will provide you with a mini-fridge so that you can keep those items cooled down for you.

By “beverages” we mean an unlimited supply of fresh coffee, and cooled bottled water. Moreover, we do not allow the intake of alcoholic drinks.

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Aiming to represent independent critical voices in an authentic and supportive manner, our creative graphic and development studio promises soon to push the limits of both artistic and academic publishing.

We already create outstanding, award-winning memorable visual experiences mixed with top-notch content in a very meticulous way following tight provisional timelines. The flexibility we will provide will display how genuine is our interest innovatively and creatively, unlike any other.


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