The official history of Atmostfear Entertainment as a medium considers the field of diversified Gothic Studies from the eighteenth-century to the present day, with extensive connections toward distinct topics of interest. Admittedly, Gothic Studies opens a forum for dialogue and cultural criticism, and renders a specialist medium for scholars working in a field which is today lectured or researched in academic institutions around the globe.

Atmostfear Entertainment is an independently peer-reviewed medium that brazenly encourages contributions from scholars, journalists, bloggers and researchers working within any period of the Gothic with an international editorial committee where interdisciplinary scholarship is particularly welcome, as are studies of works across the range of media, beyond the written word.

Atmostfear Entertainment is a publisher of high quality, international, peer-reviewed, open access content covering subjects in the gothic horror spectrum, including related arts and humanities.

It was initially established in Terceira Island, Portugal on October 1st, 2010, with the objective of publishing high-quality academic research and making the content available without restrictions to readers in every part of the globe, while adhering to highest ethical principles of scholarly publishing.

Nonetheless, it was solely on March 9th, 2017, that Atmostfear Entertainment gradually specialised in the publishing of academic research within established and emerging social sciences, humanities and business fields. Indeed, the medium has significantly expanded its program while offering an acceptable alternative to leading global university presses, by pioneering an interaction between academics and the lifestyle.

Atmostfear Entertainment consolidates a broad range of topics that undertake dogmatic, multi-disciplinary and inspiring scholarship in the domain of culture, architecture, health, lifestyle, multimedia, literature, and horror-grotesque Gothic Studies and respond, where possible, to existing educational needs.

The medium aims to foster innovative international scholarship that interrogates established ideas in this rapidly growing field, to broaden critical and theoretical discussion among researchers, scholars, students and those who relish it as a lifestyle, and to enhance the nature and availability of existing scholarly resources.

Atmostfear Entertainment proceeds to be entrepreneurial in spirit and flexible on its author-friendly approach. Dedicated to fast production times, high-quality editorial development and rigorous peer-reviews, and effective global marketing.

Presently headquartered in Colombia since January 27th, 2014, with sales and distribution outlets in the United Kingdom, Atmostfear Entertainment is supported by an international team of sales representatives, agents and publishing professionals, and by a highly capable and scalable integrated support team in Colombia.

In pursuance of principles of ethical scholarly publishing, we adhere to the “Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers” given by Committee on Publication Ethics, and “Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing” given jointly by The Committee on Publication Ethics, the Directory of Open Access Journals, and the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association.

All articles published by Atmostfear Entertainment are open access and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

The articles published in these open access mediums, and journals, are available for everyone to read, download, print, use and re-use, free of any restrictions or charges. The published articles are often available in multiple formats for online or offline use.

Every manuscript submitted for publication undergoes stringent editorial review followed by anonymous, double-blind peer-review, followed by a second editorial review. In double-blind peer-review, neither the authors nor the reviewers know the identity of each other. This enables an unbiased review of the manuscript.

The purpose of Atmostfear Entertainment extends much beyond publishing open access articles. Publishing open access articles is the just the beginning of the long journey we have embarked upon.

The belief that Atmostfear Entertainment can revolutionise scholarly communication endures, and consequently, it can change the course of the world.

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