Catherine D’Lish, craze costume designer for the burlesque

Catherine D'Lish, craze costume designer for the burlesque

The United States, Seattle-based theatrical costume designer, and couturier Catherine D’lish is one of the dazzling burlesque luminaries in the sky of fashion show business. Her Las Vegas shows are simply fabulous, and she already performed at famous places like the Riviera Theatre, Stardust Resort and Casino, Tropicana Casino & Resort, Bally’s Hotel and Casino and, of course, Caesars Palace. However, even apart from that, she surmounted many stages of the world. Extraordinary opulent costumes and large props are the signature hallmarks of her shows, and her close alliance to burlesque goddess Dita Von Teese does not come out of anywhere.

As a mentor and costume designer for this great burlesque diva, Catherine D’Lish has made a name for herself far across the borders of the burlesque uproar, and this is precisely what she pursues in her free time by producing her exceptional burlesque fashion line. With the revival of the dressing gown aside from competitive mail order catalog collections, she creates original and unusual dressing gowns made of transparent fabric. Her creations are of high quality and extraordinarily opulent, sin and seduction have given inspiration for these elegant pieces and every entrance made of them will speak for itself.

Though, it is not only the stage that longs for such seductive eyecatchers. Even your house bedroom would be amazed by this vintage craze, and the wearing comfort will leave you and your body in full pleasure. High-quality peacock feather boas or marathon feathers mark the highlights of the transparent dream clothing and give you the opportunity to coquet via the non-visual. After all, her extravagant dressing wear will render you with a broad range of probabilities, and I will feasibly pay my birthday wishes for one of those unique pieces. The fact that they are not low-priced should be considered, but I already had the chance to take a closer look at them and yes… That is real luxury loungewear.

Those who take a look at the website will realize that the selection is quite small and can not be bought off-the-rack. Almost every piece will be exclusively created for the individual shopper. The textile dream of dainty, fine nylon chiffon can be found on the website of Boudoir by D’Lish.


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