This month’s Gothic & Amazing Magazine and High Fashion

The German publishing house responsible for the Gothic & Amazing Magazine just announced the publishing of their March issue, and their sixth so far, with emphasis on special care to the Goth High Fashion. Their newest issue is available on Magcloud on both digital and paper versions, featuring a beautiful front cover illustrated by a photograph of model Mary Grace Almera Dela Peña, which is currently living in Denmark.

Lividity Magazine premieres issue on gothic arts

If you are eager for a fresh, artsy and ladylike magazine to follow, today you are in luck. Lividity Magazine is and has been published and it amalgamates gothic fashion with the arts, music and culture. The magazine, however, offers more than just breathtaking photographs illustrating its pages as their primary goal is to give you a closer look at the brilliant minds that fuel the fashion and art communities with a beautiful landscape of photographs to help along the way.

Fernando Ribeiro

Fernando Ribeiro’s peregrination to ‘Purgatorial’

Born on August 26th, 1974, in Lisbon, Portugal, Fernando Ribeiro should not be an unknown name to devotees of his craft as the singer and lyricist of Portuguese dramaturgs, Moonspell. Though, beyond his predominant responsibilities in Moonspell, it is to remark that he is also a thriving author and novelist plus official translator. I dare say that professionally, Fernando Ribeiro’s aspirations are utterly encouraging considering he took Philosophical Studies at Faculdade De Letras in Lisbon and previously published a few poetry books, and is preparing to reissue his latest book in a special Brazilian edition. ‘Purgatorial’ most respectfully, will be published this coming September 15th, 2015, through Brazilian publisher, Aquário Editorial.

Jamie Hewlett returns to Tank Girl

It looks that Titan Comics projections for 2015 last set to higher standards, and a clear evidence is the excitement announcement they did judging the serialization of the Kickstarter Smash Hit 21st Century Tank Girl! After a hiatus that took two decades to break, co-creator, and amazingly extraordinary artist Jamie Hewlett has decided, it was time to return to the origins. He is re-adopting the iconic and quite controversial fictional character that made him outstand through the years, Tank Girl.

Adam Darski

Adam Darski memoir in English

Behemoth’s frontman Adam Darski seems to be a prolific individual aiming always high for the spotlight in recent years, despite the controversy that lingers his musical career as one of the most recognizable musicians from Poland, he does not seems to be willing to restrain his efforts now divided toward different forms of creationism.

Decibel Magazine publishes doom devoted special issue

During my diurnal yet diversified activities, I came across with some interesting news regarding the brand new and special issue of United States extreme metal publication, Decibel Magazine. A special collector’s edition featuring in-depth insights, a praising homage to the doom metal odyssey, forethought oversights carefully represented in printed words and confident illustrations that may aback while they taunt the top 100 doom metal albums of all time.

Cannibal Corpse ‘Bible Of Butchery’ due in September

As we expand, we also tend to endure backward in our timeline and recapture the older denseness we once had when publishing articles alluring to those most deeply interested in literati matters. It has been always a priority not to be bound by the commonly known standards imposed by today’s industry and venture furthermore toward other fields by enlightening our readers with many other cultural divergences besides just music.

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