Stephen King

Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ sequel to be brought to film

The novel ‘Doctor Sleep,’ which became a bestseller upon release on September 24th, 2013 by the publishing company Charles Scribner’s Sons, is being adapted by Akiva Goldsman, who won an Oscar for adapting ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and also wrote the filmographic scripts for ‘Batman & Robin’ and ultimately, ‘Practical Magic.’


Cult film Nosferatu due for a newly shot remake

Horror fans seldom greet the news of yet another Hollywood remake with much enthusiasm. It usually involves a well-loved classic being cynically resurrected as a cash-in. However, if the team behind the revival are sufficiently interesting, or the film in question adequately iconic, then it is possible to make exceptions. Also, there are few horror movies more iconic than the silent German vampire classic Nosferatu. Released back in 1922, and directed by Frederich Murnau, Nosferatu remains a tombstone landmark in the history of Gothic art, more significant than a mere movie.

Locke & Key

The fourth attempt to adapt Locke & Key will be underway

IDW Entertainment declared yesterday that the award-winning, fan-favorite property Locke & Key is being developed as a television series and that author and creator Joe Hill will be writing the pilot and serving as an executive producer.

Liesel Van Helsing to premiere television show

Since I have been following the comics of Horsham-based Zenescope Entertainment since I got to know founders Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha presentation at a comic convention years ago, I was thrilled to learn last fall that the company’s Liesel Van Helsing character was getting her own television show, which was confirmed through

The Hoarder keeps collecting distinct victims

Let us be honest, there is something inherently creepy about those mini-storage places. They are big, cavernous, concrete tombs where people store the detritus of their lives. They probably could just as well get rid of, but do not have the time or inclination to part with for whatever reason. Most of us have entirely too much stuff, it is true, but whatever happened to having a garage sale once in awhile to shed some of our excess baggage? I am all for sentimentality, but seriously, if things are getting to the point where your possessions are crowding out your living space, it is time to take a good, hard look at whether or not you own your things or they own you.

Jackrabbit is a indie flick full of big feelings

Jackrabbit can mean to run or take flight quickly it can refer to roller coasters it is computer server software, and of course a big footed group of bunnies named by Mark Twain in his round about way. Rebellion is usually quite a personal thing and this tiny little indie movie gives us a chance to see how personal it can get in a different setting than your everyday movie does. Jackrabbit throws the viewer right into the middle of this post collapse Orwellian society, We enter City 6 twenty five years after some great catastrophe that turned out the lights for everyone everywhere.

The original Nosferatu may not have been destroyed

I am sure that if you are a real horror fan, you have heard by now of the 1922 movie Nosferatu. It was one of the first real horror movies, made in Germany just after World War I. It had a large influence on vampire lore, because it made them vulnerable to the sun. Before, vampires were often weakened by sunlight, but exposure would not kill them.

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