Broken Hope announced a fresh overhaul

Broken Hope announced a fresh overhaul

Chicago brutal death metal pioneers Broken Hope have announced new line-up additions to the band, with Diego Soria (Disgorge) taking on bass duties and Matt Szlachta (former Chimaira member) taking on lead guitars. After parting ways with old time bassist Shaun Glass and guitarist Chuck Wepfer, who chose to focus on their new band The Bloodline, the new additions should bring more depth to the band and hopefully will help them to strengthen their skills for upcoming albums.

[blockquote cite=”Jeremy Wagner”]I’m far beyond delighted with our new members, Diego and Matt. Both of these guys are old friends of mine, and both are amazing musicians of the highest order. Diego’s history with extreme death-metallers Disgorge and Matt’s contributions to Chimaira bring a new level of professionalism and brutality to Broken Hope. Moreover, Diego and Matt possess a true love for death metal and grind. Their passion for extreme metal was something their predecessors lacked and it’s a most welcome adrenaline shot that Broken Hope needed badly. See you all in 2015 stronger and sickier than ever![/blockquote]

Broken Hope was formed in 1988 by Jeremy Wagner and released their first album ‘Swamped In Gore’ on 1991, via Metal Blade Records; the album is still considered by many to be one of the first brutal death metal albums. However, the groups disbanded after three more records.

Reunited in 2012 after a 13 years hiatus, Broken Hope released the critically acclaimed album ‘Omen Of Disease’ in 2013, selling 1100 copies on their first week. The album marked a much-expected return to form for the band and surpassed expectations by bringing a true quality slab of brutal death metal, adding a sixth record to their excellent discography.

Broken Hope are certainly an important death metal band to keep under the radar for the upcoming years.


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