Century Media Records enrolled Havok

Century Media Records enrolled Havok

When a band makes a lot of noise, labels start checking them out, and when a band like Havok makes even more noise, it is only expected that they are invited to join to a label like Century Media Records. Today, Century Media Records proudly announced the signing of thrash metallers Havok, an announcement that foretell a even greater reach to Havok, a band that so far has been diligent in delivering blast of music to fans of thrash in the world.

Five years have passed since Havok released its first album ‘Burn’ in 2009 via Candlelight Records, and after that, Havok decided to take the world by assault by releasing two more albums ‘Time Is Up’ (2011) and ‘Unnatural Selection’ (2013); and taking the road and presenting its music to the world extensively. Now, Havok is signed by Century Media Records and it seems that only the sky will be a limit.

[blockquote cite=”Reece Scruggs”]We’re so excited to sign with Century Media! . . . Their reputation as a front running metal label is obvious. Timeless albums that have influenced us as individuals, and as a band, have been released through the label, and we aim to become a part of that tradition.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”David Sanchez”]I can’t wait to see what will be accomplished with Century Media behind our next album, The next record is going to be the best yet, so you’d better start exercising those neck muscles![/blockquote]

On the other hand Century Media Records commented on the sign up of Havok:

[blockquote cite=”Marco Barbieri”]I’m pleased to add Havok to our artist roster, I have watched the band evolve and progress musically and highly admire their work ethic and commitment to metal and their fans.[/blockquote]

While we wait the result of the deal reflected on a new studio album, check out Havok’s touring dates to see what is the fuzz about.



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