French court finds Varg Vikernes guilty

French court finds Varg Vikernes guilty

Varg Vikernes criminal past is about to reverse into his future condemnation as Burzum’s sole man sees himself at the clemency of the French authorities. Mercy, which did not come as many black metal fans were expecting, instead the French court decided it was time to find him guilty of stirring up racial hatred and exalting war crimes on the cyberspace.

Varg Vikernes is better recognized for his past involvement with murder, when he decided it was time to put an end to Øystein Aarseth life (who lived by the pseudonym of Euronymous, the former guitar player and co-founder of infamous Mayhem) on August 10th, 1993.

Also being a controversial role – sometimes the butt of comic theatrical plays – Varg Vikernes is also one of the most hated individuals out there that spreads and incites, war against ethnically oriented groups. Few people experience this, but back in 2012 I reached him to manage an interview over the phone, and ended hanging it on him less than five minutes after our conversation went. Egomaniac attitude is something I cannot tolerate, specially when it arrives from an individual that once he passed on his incarceration, the first thing he ran into was a group of people more than willing to cleanse his existence out of this world to the next.

Also holding an odd fetish for the troubles he cannot handle, Varg Vikernes has the inclination to draw others into his own line of “work”, for instance; He was caught last summer together with is wife, Marie Cachet on suspicions of conspiring a “massacre” and being “likely to prepare a large-scale act of terrorism.” However, things got a bit cold and both were released soon thereafter, in October, French authorities decided to formally charge him with posting anti-Semitic and xenophobic blogs on the net, which gladly – and for his misery – it is illegal in France.

The trial began and Varg Vikernes couldn’t keep his mouth shut, so unwisely he had the bright idea of utilizing Facebook to largely excuse himself from all charges while claiming that he was the victim of impersonators, claiming that “at any given moment 350 people pretending to be Varg Vikernes on Facebook”, something which the court was trying to charge him for. Truth be told, the court quickly rejected such statement as there weren’t any evidences to sustain it.

Taking a wild guess, and now that he has been sentenced to a six-month suspended prison term, and will have to pay a fine of €8,000 Euros (roughly $10,000 US Dollars), the story is far from been over.



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