Nevermore is no more, stated vocalist Warrel Dane

Nevermore is no more, stated vocalist Warrel Dane

There you have ladies and gentleman, after four years since two key members of the band left it. Nevermore vocalist Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard call it quits for the band.

It was early 2011 when fans of Nevermore heard the not so encouraging news that guitarist Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams left the band in a mutual agreement with Warrel Dane. The reasons to this day are still unknown. However, there were several hypotheses going mostly regarding how Warrel Dane was focusing his efforts on Sanctuary, his side project.

[blockquote cite=”Nevermore”]In a mutual decision Jeff Loomis and Van Williams have decided to leave Nevermore. The time has come to pursue our own paths from the group. Due to internal struggles and ongoing issues within the band, we feel it is our time to move on. We would like to thank all of our fans around the world for their years of love, support and enthusiasm. This was not an easy decision but a very necessary one at this point, may we all meet again someday, somewhere in time.[/blockquote]

After the departure of Jeff Loomis and Van Williams, most fans were apprehensive regarding the future of the band, to which Warrel Dane assure to fans that Nevermore was not over, it was just a matter of waiting for the right moment and getting along with his creative momentum with Sanctuary. In the last 4 years, Sanctuary has toured extensively, released a new album and all the shenanigans that an active band goes through, while Nevermore got colder and colder, becoming a tiny hope that the band produced something new. Or that’s what we all thought. Through a very subtle move on a Sanctuary press released we have some news regarding Nevermore.

[blockquote cite=”Sanctuary”]The 2014 comeback album, The Year The Sun Died, from the legendary Seattle band Sanctuary took the metal world by storm. The four original band members – Warrel Dane (vocals, ex-Nevermore), Lenny Rutledge (guitars), Jim Sheppard (bass, ex- Nevermore) and Dave Budbill (drums) – proved to be still on top of the game with an album that pleased every old fan without sounding old fashioned.[/blockquote]

After some digging from a well-concerned fan in Metal Injection there was some confirmation by their record label that there are no plans in the near or mid future for any new material from Nevermore to come up. Not official “break-up” statement, but might as well be.


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