Overkill and Nuclear Blast Records global settlement

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Overkill has been giving the world some high-class metal suitable to tremor the very basis of your inner self since the 80’s. After working with Nuclear Blast for almost 6 year for the distribution of overkill’s material in Europe, both the band and the label decided to go to the next level, which means, from now onwards, Nuclear Blast will handle distribution of Overkill’s upcoming box-set with the full discography of the band.

Regarding the expansion on the area of coverage, Overkill made the announcement  today and they seem more than thrill by the progressive step.

[blockquote cite=”John Finberg”]Overkill is now a part of the Nuclear Blast family for the entire world … I have worked with the U.S. office on various projects as of late and they have a true understanding of what to do and how to do it. This upcoming box set is the start of the next chapter in the band’s career.[/blockquote]

Nuclear Blast Records couldn’t be more thrilled about the extended signing, since they have worked together for quite some time in the European shores. After the releasing of three works successfully  in Europe (‘Ironbound’ in 2009, ‘The Electric Age’ in 2012, and ‘White Devil Armory’ 2014) , it seems that both Overkill and Nuclear Blast were ready to take it to the next level. Regarding the arrangement Nuclear Blast Records made a statement of their own.

[blockquote cite=”Markus Staiger”]NB is proud to announce a worldwide deal with Overkill. We’ve worked with them outside North America for the past few years, but it was time to extend the deal and have them join the North American family as well. Nuclear Blast America welcomes the legends![/blockquote]

The last work released by Overkill was ‘White Devil Armory’ back in July 2014, an album that succeeded with fans worldwide in 2014. After taking  a year in the making, the recording process went down to Gear Recording. In the eyes of the band, ‘White Devil Armory’ is true to the essence of what the band has represented for many years, and that is being a thrash metal band from the 80’s. However, the fact that they stick to their gender doesn’t mean they have become repetitive.

[blockquote cite=”Bobby Ellsworth”]Obviously, we are what we are — a thrash metal band — [and] we fall into, let’s say, a subgenre of this metal community, but the idea is that you wanna stay interested with it, you want to try, to some degree, to reinvent yourself. And I think the thing I’m most proud of when it comes to a record like Number 17, being ‘White Devil Armory’, is that that’s the push for it. No repetition. Let’s get in there and let’s define that line between repetition and what style is. I write all these notes in my office where I have my little studio — ‘Don’t repeat yourself,’ ‘Don’t use this,’ ‘Don’t use that’ — and that becomes kind of the flavor of the writing: Stay relevant, great execution, modern presentation. Make Number 17 relevant in 2014.[/blockquote]

Besides the news regarding going global with Nuclear Blast Records, Overkill is preparing the release of a special box-set release of all their discography through Nuclear Blast Records which will be released sometime during the fall, Overkill will also embarked to tour with fellow new-jersey progressive metal act Symphony X. This tour that will start on September 14th and will end up in October 17th will give a taste of the creativity born and raised on the east coast.

For Overkill, the road is still ahead and with this worldwide deal it’s only a matter of time to see what the future will bring to one of the most revered bands of the east coast thrash scene.

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