Samael part ways with bass player Christoph Mermond

For a band with the reputation and history of Samael, changes in lineup are unavoidable. This time, Samael part ways with original member bassist Christoph Mermond, and gives a shot to Thomas Betrisey.

After the celebration of the 20th anniversary of ‘Ceremony of Opposites’ by playing the album in its full last year and again in their presentation at Wacken this year, after almost 23 years of partnership Samael took the decision to bid farewell to Christoph Mermond. The decision was made mostly because Christoph Mermond has several commitments with a light show company and other engagements that didn’t allow him to focus on Samael.

The ever-growing success of Mas' light shows company and his numerous jobs as light engineer has led to the hard decision to take different paths . . . Over the past decade, Mas has been responsible for the light show of numerous bands, including Carcass, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames . . . We wish Mas lots of success and satisfaction in the years to come and thank him for all the great time we spent together!

For a proper replacement, Samael turned their eyes to someone that was already familiar with them and that has played with them in the past. The chosen one is Thomas Betrisey, former bassist of fellow Swiss band Sybreed. Regarding the addition of Thomas Betrisey;

We're excited to announce the recruiting of Drop as our new bass player . . . Drop has already played a few shows with Samael as a fill-out musician last year and now we're happy to welcome him as a permanent member of the band.

This announcement comes in wait for a new record by Samael, after their successful 2011 release, ‘Lux Mundi’. The album was released by Nuclear Blast Records and it was a slow cooking album. With the changes in lineup, it can be expected that writing for a new album will take some time. In the meantime, watch Samael play live during this year in preparation for something more.

Samael to headline Messe Des Morts Festival

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