Slipknot new bassist’s identity speculated

Slipknot new bassist's identity speculated

Bands like Slipknot takes pride in the fact that they protected their identity fiercely, to keep the mystery going. Even so, the band members’ faces have been exposed several years ago, those masks remain as a sign of each of their alter egos. So, with new members, comes the trail of speculations about who are those new members, but in times like this with most musicians tattooed in visible parts, it makes the speculations grow closer to the truth.

After the launch of Slipknot latest video ‘The Devil And I’ where the new bassist and drummer are introduced to the fans, it was only logical that someone would noticed the hand of the new bassist happens to have a very distinctive tattoo (as most tattoos are), which coincides with the one Alessandro Venturella, who has been the guitar tech for Mastodon, Coheed And Cambria, Fightstar, and also happens to play guitar for Krokodile.

The video itself is revealing about the direction Slipknot wants to take from now on. Destroying their former “selves” in the most violent way possible, part of a “new people, new masks, new face” attitude which was first display in terms of sound in the video ‘The Negative One’ and now its fully exposed on the second single ‘The Devil And I’ of their fifth album: ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ which will be released on the 21st of October. This album, the first one without Paul Gray and Joe Jordison.

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  • Frankly speaking, I was expecting a lot more from their new album. I am guessing that since both Paul Gray and Joe Jordison contributions are no longer part of the alchemy of the band, for obvious reasons, Slipknot lost its strength and now sounds like a tired, downturned act trying to show they are still alive.