Alcest Announces a Blackgazing Concert on March 28 in Bogotá, Colombia

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Alcest has announced a March 28 performance in Bogotá, Colombia, as part of their Spiritual Instinct Latin America Tour 2023. They will bring their distinctive combination of dreamy post-black metal and powerful shoegaze to the stage, promising an evening of breathtaking sonic landscapes.

For those who are unfamiliar, Alcest is a French post-black metal band from Bagnols-sur-Cèze established and headed by Neige (Stéphane Paut). It began in 2000 as a black metal solo venture which soon became a trio project. However, after the release of their first demo, ‘Tristesse Hivernale,’ in 2001, band members Aegnor and Argoth left, leaving Neige as the lone member again.

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After eight years with Neige as the lone full-time member, drummer Winterhalter from Les Discrets joined Alcest’s formation in 2009. Since its inception, Alcest has released six studio albums, a variety of EPs, and split releases.

Their fourth album, ‘Shelter,’ released in 2014, signified a major move into a decidedly shoegaze sound, while their subsequent album, ‘Kodama,’ released in 2016, marked a return to their previous blackgaze style. The band is largely regarded with pioneering the blackgaze post-black metal genre, notably with their EP ‘Le Secret’ released in 2005.

Spiritual Instinct,’ their most recent album, was released in 2019. It is a combination of blackgaze and ambient post-black metal that has received appreciation from both critics and aficionados.

‘Spiritual Instinct,’ Alcest’s sixth album, is an emotionally charged and dramatic excursion into the realms of metal and shoegaze. Alcest has created an album that is both grand and personal, with its combination of thunderous metal riffs, shimmering shoegaze guitars, and anthemic post-black metal melodies.

‘Les Jardins de Minuit (The Midnight Gardens)’ is a thrilling blend of post-black metal and shoegaze, while ‘Protection,’ the first single of their new album, is a snappy and strong slice of grunge-influenced metal.

Spiritual Instinct Latin America Tour 2023

‘L’Île Des Morts (Isle of the Dead),’ the album’s centerpiece, is a grand nine-minute epic that winds its way through numerous musical environments, from shimmering post-black to thundering metal. Frontman Neige’s emotional and soaring vocals lend an added depth of emotion and drama to the music throughout the album, making for a wonderfully engaging listening experience.

Alcest’s latest album is both a return to form and a dramatic stride forward. ‘Spiritual Instinct’ is a strong and gorgeous album that will appeal to metal, shoegaze, and post-black metal enthusiasts equally.

Neige announced in August 2022 that the band is in the pre-production phases of their seventh album. Alcest has also published a plethora of items. Some of their releases are now available through our shop, where fans can buy their music. They have also appeared in virtual spaces, such as their 2020 conversation with Mystery Flame and Neige of Alcest.

Alcest and Cradle of Filth embarked on a tour through the United Kingdom and Europe last October 2022. The tour started on October 1 in Birmingham’s O2 Academy and ended on October 31 in Cologne, Germany. Alcest and Cradle of Filth traveled around the United Kingdom and Europe, stopping in places such as London, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Munich.

During the tour, Alcest played a combination of classic post-black metal songs and current material from their 2019 album’ Spiritual Instinct.’ Cradle of Filth performed a mix of original songs and covers from their discography.

Fans of both bands were enthusiastic about the tour, with many appreciating the energy and emotion demonstrated by both groups. Throughout the tour, Alcest and Cradle of Filth performed powerful and fascinating performances, providing fans with an unforgettable experience.

Alcest is one of the bands set to perform at the upcoming Beyond The Gates Festival, taking place in Bergen, Norway from August 2 to August 5, 2023.

The festival has announced its entire 2023 schedule, which features Dimmu Borgir’s lone appearance in 2023, as well as special album shows by Deicide, Enslaved, Primordial, and of course, Alcest.

To be more specific, the current Beyond The Gates Festival lineup is as follows: Dimmu Borgir, Kreator (only in 2023), Midnight, Blood Incantation, Perturbator, The Day Shift – Kulturhuset, Possessed, Marduk, Eternal Champion, Black Curse, Bölzer, The Ruins of Beverast, Aeternus, Negative Plane, Grave Miasma, (Dolch), In Twilight’s Embrace, Stormkeep, Issolei, Pentagram, Taake, Mare, and Sijjin.

With their impending visit at Beyond The Gates Festival, fans of the genre are in for a treat.

The first ‘Spiritual Instinct’ single, ‘Protection,’ features Alcest’s dreamy, shoegaze-tinged black metal, and you can see the music video below. According to them, the hard-hitting six-minute stunner ‘Protection’ is their entry point into ‘Spiritual Instinct.’

The song is about inner struggle, the clash between a person’s spiritual and darker parts, facing your own suffering in order to accept and then overcome it. The recording of ‘Spiritual Instinct’ was a lengthy and difficult process, but Neige is very proud of it and absolutely can not wait for listeners to hear it.

In October 2019, the accompanying music video for ‘Protection’ was released, containing breathtaking graphics and dramatic images. The video follows a little girl as she travels through a bizarre and eerie world, battling her inner demons and looking for safety. The video adds a distinct level to the already compelling tune by providing a dramatic visual portrayal of the song’s lyrical topics.

Alcest is also said to have finished composing their follow-up to their 2019 album ‘Spiritual Instinct.’ According to leader Neige, the album is finished and will be sent to drummer Winterhalter for pre-production soon. The album’s release date, title, and other details are yet to be released. Neige has said that this will be the band’s darkest album yet and is looking forward to bringing the music to life.

The performance on March 28 in Bogotá, Colombia, is part of the band’s upcoming tour in support of their most recent album, ‘Spiritual Instinct.’ Tickets for the performance are now available for purchase through the official Bandsintown website.

Alcest’s dramatic and powerful live act will likely provide Colombian fans with a fantastic experience.

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