Draconian Announces Latin American Tour with Concert in Bogotá, Colombia

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Draconian, the Swedish melancholic and epic gothic doom metal outfit, is delighted to announce that they will be performing live in Bogotá, Colombia, on August 31, 2023, as part of their first-ever Latin American tour, which will also encompass Brazil, Chile, and México.

Draconian is a gothic doom metal heavyweight established in Säffle, Sweden, in 1994 after changing their name from Kerberos to Draconian when lead vocalist and lyrics composer Anders Jacobsson joined the band seven months later.

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‘Arcane Rain Fell,’ ‘Turning Season Within,’ ‘The Burning Halo,’ and the most recent quintessential album of pure emotional desolation, ‘Under a Godless Veil,’ are amongst Draconian’s most popular albums.

‘Under a Godless Veil,’ their seventh studio album and most recent offering, was released on October 30, 2020, via Napalm Records, nearly five years after their sixth long-player, ‘Sovran.’

‘Sovran,’ Draconian’s sixth studio album, was released by Napalm Records on October 30, 2015. It is the band’s debut album with now-former vocalist Heike Langhans, and it exhibits the band’s distinct combination of doom metal, death-doom, and gothic metal. The album features nine tracks, including ‘Pale Tortured Blue,’ ‘Dishearten,’ ‘Lustrous Heart,’ and ‘With Love and Defiance’ as a bonus track on its digipak edition.

‘Under a Godless Veil’ is a superb concept album that tackles themes of sadness and loss, as well as the human experience of death. The album has ten tracks totaling nearly an hour in duration. Heavy, doom-influenced guitar riffs, melodic vocals, and ambient synthesizers with emotional elements define the album’s music.

Draconian Latin America 2023

The opening song, ‘Sorrow of Sophia,’ contains guest vocals by Heike Langhans and is one of the album’s memorable tunes. The song is a strong and heartfelt homage to individuals who have lost loved ones, and it demonstrates the band’s ability to create heavy and melancholy music. Other standout tracks include ‘Moon above Sabaoth,’ ‘Claw Marks on the Throne,’ and ‘Sleepwalkers,’ which highlight the band’s ability to produce appealing, doom-inflected riffs and melodies.

Overall, ‘Under a Godless Veil’ is a solid addition to the Draconian discography that will appeal to doom metal and atmospheric metal aficionados. The band’s distinctive combination of solid riffs and emotive melodies makes for an engrossing listening experience, and the album’s narrative lends depth and significance to the music. If you like powerful music with a deep emotional core and are a fan of the genre, ‘Under a Godless Veil’ is certainly worth listening out.

Delicate guitar notes weave throughout ‘Sorrow Of Sophia,’ while vocalist Heike Langhans’ ethereal vocals complement the song’s melancholy tone. The song will take you into the realm of Draconian, at the very least, when the more intricate guitar and percussion portions begin.

Draconian revealed shortly after the release of ‘Under a Godless Veil’ that vocalist Heike Langhans would leave the band to focus on her family and her projects and that previous vocalist Lisa Johansson would rejoin the band.

Heavy growls emphasize the abrupt transition in the song and will remind you of the band’s identity. The wonderfully designed lyric video perfectly complements the story and musical ambiance of ‘The Sethian,’ their magnificent latest single highlights another expressive aspect of their full-length, which should not be overlooked in any well-groomed gothic doom metal collection.

The seventh epos of Draconian’s latest offer encapsulates the story behind the album and introduce the listener to Gnosticism’s universe. It was released as their latest single for the ‘Under a Godless Veil’ album, a video directed by Natalia Drepina, published on May 11, 2021, and can be viewed at the end of this article.

They set a record in 2022 when Draconian performed a unique seven-piece set at Hellfest 2022, including both Lisa Johansson and Heike Langhans on stage. This concert marked the band’s tenth anniversary and provided a perfect chance to hand the torch back to Lisa Johansson. Draconian’s Hellfest performance was streamed live and afterwards made available for watching.

Draconian is thrilled to announce that they will embark on their first Latin American Tour this year, which will begin on August 28 in Brazil and make stops in Chile and México. In the meanwhile, on August 31, they will perform in Bogotá, Colombia, and shows have already been scheduled for August and September of 2023. However, the chance of adding additional dates is a possibility.

With a sound that combines dark melodies and heavy riffs, Draconian’s live shows have been praised by critics, and the Latin American Tour is sure to be a great success.

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