Moonspell Latin American Tour with Show in Bogotá, Colombia on March 26th

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Moonspell is one of Portugal’s most iconic and influential metal bands, formed in 1992 and a pioneering force in the dark metal genre. They recently announced their Latin American Fullmoon Tour 2023, which is scheduled to kick off on March 21st, with a show scheduled to take place in Bogotá, Colombia, on March 26th.

This tour celebrates Moonspell’s thirty anniversary and will take them through El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil throughout their South American journey.

Speaking about their thirty-long years of existence, Moonspell released the mini-album ‘Under the Moonspell’ on April 27th, 1994, through Adipocere Records. They went on tour around Portugal to promote it and try to get signed to a bigger label. After the release of the mini-album ‘Under the Moonspell,’ Moonspell agreed to a six-album deal with Century Media Records.

Moonspell have released an impressive discography over the years, ranging from their debut album ‘Wolfheart’ on April 1st, 1995, to their most recent work ‘Hermitage’ released on February 26th, 2021.

Moonspell have come a long way since their beginnings and have crafted their own unique sound, blending elements of black, gothic rock, doom, thrash, industrial, dark metal, and electronic music. Drawing influence from a variety of genres, the band has pushed boundaries and created a unique and captivating sound.

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Moonspell’s debut album, ‘Wolfheart,’ released on April 1st, 1995, through Century Media Records, was a milestone for the Portuguese metal scene and received the highest marks from metal magazines such as Terrorizer and Kerrang!. ‘Wolfheart’ is an unparalleled example of atmospheric gothic metal. Although Moonspell has changed their sound over the years, Wolfheart is a classic album that still stands the test of time.

The album opens with ‘Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade),’ a haunting and evocative piece of music that is genuinely moving. The lyrics are dark and powerful, dealing with the concept of the power of the wolf within each of us. Musically, the song is driven by intense drums and heavy guitar riffs, punctuated by clean and powerful vocals.

The album features nine tracks, including the classic ‘Love Crimes,’ and ‘Ataegina.’ The former is a mid-tempo rocker that showcases the band’s ability to write catchy choruses. Both tracks showcase the band’s songwriting prowess and ability to capture emotion in their music.

At the same time, the latter is a slow and melodic folkloric ballad, while songs such as ‘Alma Mater’ and ‘Trebraruna’ give a continuance of a dark and heavy atmosphere to the album. The rest of the album follows in the same vein, with each track exploring the themes of darkness and despair. Tracks like ‘…Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)’ and ‘Vampiria’ are standout tracks that are sure to please both old and new fans alike.

The song ‘An Erotic Alchemy’ features a duet inspired by and quoting Marquis de Sade. ‘Wolfheart’ has been re-released several times, including an expanded version on vinyl in 2018 and a two-disc special edition featuring a bonus DVD.

It was announced on July 19th, 2010, that ‘Wolfheart’ was commemorated on an official stamp that was released by the Portuguese Postal Service (CTT, Correios de Portugal) as part of a collection of stamps that honors the most notable rock moments and records from Portugal.

‘Wolfheart’ pushed the boundaries of black metal and established Moonspell as one of the most important bands in the genre. The album was a huge success in Portugal, reaching #1 on the Portuguese charts and going on to become the highest-selling metal album in the country.

‘Wolfheart’ was also well received abroad and was praised by critics for its diverse sound and lyrical themes. It is considered one of the most influential black metal albums of all time and was an important milestone in the evolution of the genre.

Moonspell’s ‘Irreligious’ is a classic of gothic doom metal, released on July 29th, 1996, through Century Media Records as the band’s second album. It is a powerful and evocative album that has been praised both by critics and fans alike and it marked the band’s foray into gothic metal and featured a darker sound than their debut album, ‘Wolfheart.’

‘Irreligious’ was a much more ambitious work, drawing inspiration from gothic rock and darkwave, crafting a dynamic sound that incorporated elements of doom and thrash metal and becoming a critical and commercial success, featuring eleven tracks of incredible variety, ranging from the slow, brooding ‘Opium’ to the faster and aggressive ‘Ruin & Misery.’

‘Opium’ is a standout track and has been described as “a masterpiece of dark and catchy songwriting.” The other songs on the album are also filled with dark, brooding melodies and atmospheres, while ‘Awake!’ standout by featuring a recording of Aleister Crowley reading his poem ‘The Poet.’

The production quality of ‘Irreligious’ is top-notch, with all the instruments being clearly heard and mixed perfectly. The mix is dark and dense but never muddy, and the reverb-laden guitar tones are especially effective.

The overall feel of ‘Irreligious’ is intensity and darkness, and Moonspell delivers an outstanding performance. The band is tight and precise, and their songwriting is excellent. The atmosphere they create is haunting and powerful, and the album is a great example of the gothic doom metal genre.

The album was also well received abroad and was praised by critics for its mix of gothic and dark metal influences and is considered one of the most influential gothic metal albums of all time and was an essential milestone in the evolution of the genre. Its influence can be heard in the work of many contemporary gothic metal bands.

Moonspell’s third album, ‘Sin/Pecado,’ was released on January 20th, 1998, through Century Media Records, and it is an intense and powerful album that showcased the band’s evolution musically. ‘Sin/Pecado’ took a darker turn and incorporated elements of industrial metal, mixing symphonic atmospheres with a unique blend of doom and gothic metal.

The album featured thirteen tracks, including the classic ‘2econd Skin,’ as well as fan favorites such as ‘EuroticA,’ ‘Abysmo,’ and ‘Dekadance.’ ‘Sin/Pecado’ was well received by both critics and fans and is considered one of the best experimental albums in Moonspell’s discography.

Moonspell’s fourth album, ‘The Butterfly Effect,’ was released on September 13th, 1999, via Century Media Records, and it is an intense and unique album. It featured a more melodic and atmospheric sound, combining elements of gothic rock metal, industrial metal, and doom metal, with some dark, atmospheric songs and some more aggressive songs.

‘Darkness and Hope’ is an incredible album released on August 27th, 2001, through Century Media Records, and it is one of their most well-received release to date. It included fan favorites such as ‘Firewalking’ and ‘Nocturna,’ and had a more doom-oriented dark metal verged inclination.

There were several versions made available, each with a different bonus music. Both versions included the songs ‘Mr. Crowley’ by Ozzy Osbourne and ‘Os Senhores da Guerra’ by Madredeus, respectively. Another version’s additional track was a cover of Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart.’ All three bonus tracks were included in the limited edition.

Released on September 29th, 2003, ‘The Antidote’ is their sixth album, a powerful and captivating metal masterpiece. It was the band’s partial return to their more aggressive roots, which also saw their departure from Century Media Records and marked the band’s first foray into electronic music.

The album consists of ten tracks, each of which has unique elements that blend together to create an intense and dynamic sound.

The album kicks off with the intense and driving ‘In and Above Men.’ The track has a great mix of powerful riffs, melodic guitar work, and heavy-hitting drums. The vocal performance is also fantastic and conveys the emotion of the lyrics perfectly.

The title track, ‘The Antidote,’ is a slower and more melodic track. The guitar work is more subdued, and the drums are much less intense. This creates a more melancholy atmosphere that contrasts greatly with the more up-tempo tracks, however, it is a mid-paced and heavy track. The drums and guitar work combine to create an intense and powerful sound. The vocals are also very passionate and capture the emotion of the lyrics perfectly.

Memorial’ was Moonspell’s seventh album, released on April 24th, 2006, by SPV/Steamhammer, and saw Moonspell take a deep dive into the depths of sorrow and darkness and creates a compelling, truly unique experience for the listener. It blends elements of classic doom metal with a unique, gothic twist, creating something that is both haunting and mesmerizing. It also features guest vocalist Big Boss from Root on the track ‘At the Image of Pain.’

Overall, ‘Memorial’ is an album that truly lives up to its name. It is a dark and foreboding piece of music that is sure to satisfy both metal fans and those who appreciate an excellent gothic, doomy atmosphere with its mix of traditional doom metal and modern gothic ambiances with a clever production technique that is sure to captivate fans of the older Moonspell era.

On its turn, ‘Night Eternal,’ their eighth studio album, was released on May 16th, 2008, and it is a highly praised record that is a must-listen for fans of dark metal music. From the epic and dark opening track, ‘At Tragic Heights,’ this release is sure to captivate and entrance its audience. With lyrics that explore the concept of life and death, ‘Night Eternal’ takes listeners on a journey of emotions, from the darkness of despair to the light of hope.

Musically, the album is a masterpiece. Every track is masterfully composed, and the band displays their skill and talent in every second of the music. The musicianship is top-notch, and each member of the band shines in their own right.

The guitar work is especially noteworthy, with each riff carrying a heavy and melancholic weight. The drumming is tight and precise, perfectly accentuating the dynamics of the music. Vocally, frontman Fernando Ribeiro displays a wide range of emotions, from the highs of triumph to the lows of despair.

Alpha Noir/Omega White,’ the ninth full-length album, is another ambitious release from the veteran Portuguese metal band that was released on April 27th, 2012, this time by Napalm Records. It marked a return to the band’s older metal roots, with a heavier sound than previous albums.

With a mix of dark and light, ‘Alpha Noir/Omega White’ offers a unique journey that blends aggression and beauty in equal measures. Musically, the album is a powerful and complex mixture of styles. The band displays their skill in each track, ranging from harsh and aggressive black metal to more melodic and atmospheric post-metal. The overall mix is perfectly balanced, allowing each instrument to shine.

Extinct,’ the tenth full-length was released on March 5th, 2015, was their most ambitious project yet, featuring a wide range of styles and instruments, from folk to electronic, with an intense and captivating release that is sure to delight long-time fans and newcomers alike.

‘Extinct’ is a true testament to the band’s ability to combine their gothic and melodic influences into a cohesive and powerful musical statement. It included popular tracks such as ‘Breathe (Until We Are No More),’ a five-minute hauntingly beautiful exploration of sorrow, pain, and longing. The song’s lush production and powerful vocal performance masterfully convey the track’s desolate atmosphere.

Other highlights of the album’s opening half include the title track ‘Extinct’ and ‘The Last of Us,’ both of which showcase the band’s signature blend of heavy riffs and melodic hooks.

Moonspell’s eleventh full-length album ‘1755,’ was released on November 3rd, 2017. It was Moonspell’s concept album based on the 1755 Lisbon earthquake.

‘1755’ is an ambitious effort that blends their gothic and symphonic influences into an epic and captivating musical statement. The concept album, based on the great earthquake of Lisbon in 1755, tells a story of love, loss, and redemption as the band reflects on their Portuguese heritage.

It included tracks such as ‘1755,’ ‘In Tremor Dei,’ and ‘Em Nome Do Medo.’ The album was hugely successful, having been nominated for several awards, including the Portuguese Music Award for Best Metal Album.

The opening track, ‘Em Nome Do Medo,’ sets the tone for the album, with a mournful yet empowering atmosphere that is driven by powerful guitars and a thunderous rhythm section. The track ‘1755’ follows, and is an emotionally charged exploration of the power of remembrance.

The band continues to explore the themes of love and loss throughout the album, with highlights such as ‘Evento’ and ‘In Tremor Dei.’

The second half of the album is just as impressive, with tracks like ‘Abanão’ and ‘Desastre.’ Both tracks feature hauntingly beautiful choral vocal arrangements, which are juxtaposed against the band’s heavier, more aggressive sound. The album closes with the epic ‘Lanterna dos Afogados,’ a fitting conclusion to the story of ‘1755.’

Mexican Full Moon Tour in 2023

On February 26th, 2021, Moonspell released their twelfth full-length album, ‘Hermitage.’ This album was a return to their black metal roots and featured their signature blend of heaviness and melody. The album is a conceptual journey through the dark, mysterious world of the hermit, exploring themes of solitude and introspection.

The album opens with the powerful and driving ‘The Greater Good,’ which showcases the band’s darker and harmonious yet aggressive side. The track is followed by ‘Common Prayers,’ a melodic and catchy rocker that blends the band’s passive/aggressive side with a more melodic and accessible sound. The following track, ‘All or Nothing,’ features a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance and an expansive and epic atmosphere.

The rest of the album continues to explore the themes of introspection and solitude, with highlights such as the heartbreaking ballad ‘Entitlement’ and the dark and heavy ‘Without Rule.’ Finally, the album closes with the epic ‘City Quitter,’ a fitting conclusion that brings the journey to a close.

Overall, Moonspell’s ‘Hermitage’ is an ambitious and powerful album that is sure to delight metal fans of all stripes. The band’s combination of different metal sub-genres is captivating, and their lyrics are full of emotion and depth.

Throughout the years, Moonspell have proven themselves to be one of Portugal’s most important metal bands and have built a dedicated fanbase of loyal fans. The band have toured extensively throughout Europe, the North and South America, and have made several appearances at music festivals such as Wacken Open Air and Graspop Metal Meeting.

Moonspell are a band that continues to push boundaries and explore new sounds, and their impressive discography is a testament to their musical versatility and innovation. Whether you are a fan of black, gothic, dark or progressive metal, or just looking to explore something new, Moonspell is sure to have something to satisfy your musical cravings.

Speaking about the tour, Moonspell is set to embark first on their Mexican Full Moon Tour in 2023. The tour will span a few weeks, beginning and ending in March. The band will visit nine cities across Mexico, then head to South America.

Moonspell is known for their unique blend of gothic, industrial, and symphonic metal, and their live shows are known for their energy, passion, and intensity. So do not miss your chance to experience the magic of Moonspell’s Latin American Full Moon Tour 2023.

Moonspell is known for their unique blend of gothic, industrial, and symphonic metal, and their live shows are known for their energy, passion, and intensity. So do not miss your chance to experience the magic of Moonspell’s Latin American Full Moon Tour 2023 with a show that is scheduled to take place in Bogotá, Colombia, on March 26th.

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