Nonpoint confirmed for ShipRocked 2016

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Nonpoint will take part of the cruise festival known to the world as ShipRocked on its eighth edition. It will be the third time for Florida metallers on the cruise, and the experience that awaits them is remarkable according to fans and bands alike.

Nonpoint was formed in 1997 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As an alternative band from the end of the 1990’s, their starting sound was more linked to nu metal sounds with their debut album ‘Statement’ in 2000. As years go by, experience is gained and musical tastes broaden, Nonpoint’s style integrated elements from different subgenres of metal to create a musical fingerprint that will make them unique. As any band, Nonpoint hit the road many times, mostly in the United States with Sevendust, Mudvayne and Disturbed among others, and created along the way a solid base of fans. In almost eighteen years of existence Nonpoint has delivered 8th studio albums, ‘The Return’ being their latest album released in 2014 and preparing for the 9th during this year with an expected date of release  sometime in February, 2016. It is in the eve of that release and perhaps by suggestion of “regulars” at the ShipRocked, Sevendust, that Nonpoint have their third time on the vessel.

ShipRocked cruise festival has sailed the north of the Caribbean with the sole aim to create a new experience for metal fans. Founded in 2008, ShipRocked was one of the first of its kind of taking metal fans from the port of Miami to a four days of enjoying metal in all its forms. From going to concerts obviously, to different workshops and experiences while enjoying the warm weather in the Caribbean sea, ShipRocked created a perfect atmosphere for good enjoyment. In seven editions, bands have also shown they enjoy the experience as well. Perhaps due to the fact that it would be beyond ridiculous to stay at the room on a four day trip, it’s almost a certainty that band members will be enjoying the delights of the cruise as well, besides playing, many of them will take the chance to have some little holidays of their own.

On those seven editions, ShipRocked has had acts like Five Finger Death Punch, Korn, Drowning Pool, and Living Colors among others. Bands in general were so pleased that some of them have returned to the cruise more than once, such is the case for Sevendust who have played on the cruise a total of five times in the seven years of ShipRocked’s existence. Sevendust took their participation at the cruise as such an incredible experience that they prepare special shows for the cruise.

  1. Pins And Needles
  2. Breaking Skin
  3. Razors
  4. Misery
  5. The Return
  6. Take Apart This World
  7. Forcing Hands
  8. Goodbye Letters
  9. Never Ending Hole
  10. Widowmaker
  11. Never Cared Before
  12. F**k’d
  13. Know Myself

[blockquote cite=”John Connelly”]We’re doing the two electric shows but one of them is going to be very different, a show that we’ve never done before. We’re actually going to be doing the first album in its entirety, which we’ve had fans beg us for years and years. So the pre-party show is going to be a normal, traditional electric show, the second electric show is going to be the full first album. That’s going to be a lot fun for us, we’ve never done it. I’m listening back to some of these songs and we literally haven’t played some of them in 15 or 16 years… The acoustic thing is such a special thing, one thing I will say is that it will be much different this year than last year is that now that we have an acoustic record and three acoustic tours under our belt, it’s going to be much more like “The Evening With Sevendust.” In all honestly last year was nerve wracking because we hadn’t done the full acoustic set yet and we didn’t have the mojo going, we were just kind of playing off each other, it was a magical night and it was great but this one is going to be a lot more dialed in.[/blockquote]

For the upcoming version of ShipRocked 2016 the selection of bands is rather heterogeneous, with Five Finger Death Punch as headliner and the participation of Seether, Halestorm, Hellyeah, Helmet, 10 years, Nonpoint, We Are Harlot, The Glorious Sons, Avatar, Like A Storm, Kill It Kid, Islander, ’68, The Dead Deads, Rubix Kube, and Children 18:3. The experience for those that return to the cruise is so worthy that they come back gladly.

[blockquote cite=”Zoltan Bathory”]ShipRocked isn’t just another show. It’s a music festival, and a vacation rolled into one unique experience. The whole ship is a big backstage party where every fan is invited. We are excited to return and headline the cruise in 2016. See you on deck…[/blockquote]

For newcomers, its the chance to live the experience by themselves and not just to hear about it from other bands.

[blockquote cite=”Lzzy Hale”]After years of us hearing stories from all of our peers about what a great time ShipRocked is… the time has come to experience it for ourselves! It’s our first time, so please don’t be gentle! See all you Freaks on the high seas!!![/blockquote]

Besides the concerts, which are the backbone of the cruise, there are other entertainments on board, from events host by some of the bands invited to theme nights to party in all rock and roll style. The overall experience seems worthy of your time, but if you were looking for a late booking on the ship, I regret to inform you that booking is already closed. However, there is a waiting list in the hopes that someone will cancel their booking for you to take their place. If you are one of the lucky ones that already has the booking, make sure to enjoy the ride, and bring home some good tales from the ShipRocked.

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