Obituary Set to Destroy the Stage in Lisbon, Portugal, on February 4th

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

American death metal band Obituary, known initially as Xecutioner, was founded in Tampa, Florida, in 1984. In 1988, they changed their name to Obituary. The current lineup of the group includes drummer Donald Tardy, bassist Terry Butler, lead guitarist Trevor Peres, rhythm guitarist Kenny Andrews, and lead vocalist John Tardy. They are acknowledged for helping to establish the death metal subgenre and are one of the most important death metal bands of all time.

Obituary has released ten studio albums, one live album, two extended plays, two compilation albums, two DVDs, and seven music videos.

‘The End Complete,’ their most popular album, peaked at number 92 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1992. They have had a number of tracks that have reached the Top 10 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, such as ‘Turned Inside Out’ and ‘Chopped in Half.’ For two consecutive times, in 2008 and 2019, Obituary received nominations for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, for the songs’ Evil Ways’ and ‘Loathe.’

Obituary’s discography includes their debut album ‘Slowly We Rot’ (1989), ’Cause of Death’ (1990), ‘The End Complete’ (1992), ‘World Demise’ (1994), ‘Back from the Dead’ (1997), ‘Frozen in Time’ (2005), ‘Xecutioner’s Return’ (2007), ‘Darkest Day’ (2009), ‘Inked in Blood’ (2014), and ‘Obituary’ (2017). They have also released two live albums, ‘Inked in Blood: Live at Radio City Music Hall’ (2015) and ‘Dead’ (2018).

On November 10th last year, Obituary released the official music video for their new single ‘The Wrong Time.’ The track is off their highly-anticipated album ‘Dying of Everything,’ set to be released tomorrow. Fans were excited about the release of the music video, which offered a taste of what to expect from the upcoming album.

‘The Wrong Time’ music video is a perfect combination of the band’s signature sound and style, with a powerful and heavy sound and a dark and intense visual.

The band performs in a run-down warehouse in the video, which gives a throwback to the glorious 90s death metal videos due to its visual approach. In less than two months has already garnered over 16,000 views, with many viewers praising the band’s sound and the eerie atmosphere created by the visuals.

European Tour 2023

‘The Wrong Time’ is taken from Obituary’s upcoming studio album, ‘Dying Of Everything,’ which will arrive on January 13 via Relapse Records. The album is the first studio album from the death metal veterans since 2017’s self-titled effort.

Obituary continues to impress fans with its relentless energy and stunning performance. ‘Dying of Everything’ is a must-listen for fans of the death metal genre, and the release of the video for ‘The Wrong Time’ has only increased the anticipation for the whole album. Odd Life Studios directed the video.

As aforementioned said, on January 13, 2021, Obituary will release their upcoming studio album, ‘Dying Of Everything,’ through Relapse Records. The album is the death metal veterans’ first studio release since their self-titled album from 2017.

‘Dying Of Everything’ will be available in several formats, including a limited edition deluxe box set, CD, LP, and digital download. Pre-orders are now available via the band’s official website, as well as now available for purchase in our shop.

This latest release from the death metal pioneers features a powerful blend of heavy riffs, crushing drums, and guttural vocals that fans of the band have come to know and love. Whether you are a long-time fan or a newcomer to Obituary’s music, ‘Dying of Everything’ is sure to impress with its raw energy and relentless intensity.

With songs like ‘End it Now’ and ‘Bend Over and Die,’ this album showcases the band’s signature death metal sound while also pushing the boundaries of the genre.

‘Dying Of Everything’ is a twelve track record that will feature ten songs and two bonus tracks, ‘Weaponize The Hate’ and ‘Be Warned.’ It was recorded at the band’s own Redneck Studios and mixed and mastered by Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studios.

Obituary, Heaven Shall Burn, Trivium, and Malevolence have announced a massive European tour for early 2023. The tour, which has been rescheduled from 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will see the four bands performing in some of the most iconic venues in Europe, including the Sala Tejo, Rossio dos Olivais, in Lisbon, Portugal, on February 4th.

The tour will kick off on January 17th in Tilburg, The Netherlands. It will make stops in cities such as Saarbrücken, Düsseldorf, Prague, Warsaw, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Leipzig, Brussels, Paris, Bilbao, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Lyon, Ludwigsburg, Hamburg, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Milano, and Frankfurt.

The tour will be in support of Obituary’s upcoming album, ‘Dying Of Everything,’ and will also feature special guest Malevolence, an English metal band, who will be performing songs from their upcoming album, ‘Malicious Intent.’

The tour is sure to be a blast for fans of heavy metal and death metal, and tickets are available now through the bands’ official websites.

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