Sinister to Embark on Latin American Tour, Includes Show in Bogotá, Colombia

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Sinister, the Dutch death metal band, is set to take the stage in Bogotá, Armenia, and Medellín as part of their Latin American Tour 2023, bringing their unique blend of intense riffs and haunting vocals to audiences in Colombia.

The Latin American Tour 2023 marks the band’s return to Colombia, where they will perform in Bogotá on June 30th, Armenia on July 1st, and Medellín on July 2nd. The tour is part of their ongoing efforts to connect with fans around the world and bring their music to new audiences.

Sinister is a Dutch death metal band that has been active since the late 1980s. They have released numerous albums throughout their career and become one of the most influential bands in the Dutch death metal scene.

The death metal genre emerged in the mid-1980s, primarily in North America, and quickly spread to other parts of the world. The Dutch death metal scene was particularly active during the late 1980s and early 1990s, with bands like Pestilence, Asphyx, and Sinister emerging as key players in the genre.

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Sinister’s music has been characterized by its brutal, fast-paced riffing, intricate song structures, and dark lyrical themes. Over the years, the band’s sound has evolved and diversified, incorporating elements of black metal, thrash metal, and other genres.

Sinister’s discography is extensive, with over a dozen full-length albums and numerous demos, EPs, and live recordings. Their early work, including the 1992 debut ‘Cross the Styx,’ was released in 1992 on Nuclear Blast Records and established the band’s signature sound and helped to solidify their position as one of the leading bands in the Dutch death metal scene.

The album features classic death metal riffing, pummeling blast beats, and guttural vocals. The band’s technical prowess is on full display throughout the album, with intricate guitar solos and complex arrangements.

Highlights include the title track, which features a menacing intro riff and a brutal breakdown, and ‘Epoch of Denial,’ showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly transition between fast and slow sections. The album’s production is raw but effective, giving the music a sense of urgency and aggression.

Following the success of ‘Cross the Styx,’ Sinister released their follow-up album, ‘Diabolical Summoning,’ in 1993, which was built on the foundation established by the band’s debut, with even more technical playing and intricate song structures.

‘Diabolical Summoning’ further cemented Sinister’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the death metal world. These albums featured intricate song structures, fast-paced riffing, and guttural vocals, with lyrics focused on death, evil, and the occult.

Strengths include ‘Sadistic Intent,’ which features an unforgettable opening riff and a catchy chorus, and ‘Leviathan,’ which demonstrates the band’s ability to change time signatures and tempos. This album’s production is cleaner than the previous one, allowing the intricate instrumentation to shine through.

Sinister’s later work continued to evolve and expand on their core sound. The 1995 ‘Hate,’ their third album, is widely regarded as Sinister’s masterpiece and saw the band incorporating more thrash and black metal influences.

‘Art Of The Damned,’ which features a brutal breakdown, and ‘To Mega Therion,’ which reveals the band’s ability to incorporate melodic guitar lines into their music without sacrificing intensity, are key aspects of this album. The production on the album is crisp and clear, giving each instrument its own space in the mix.

The album features some of the band’s most complex and brutal material to date, with intricate guitar harmonies and relentless drumming.

Sinister’s fourth album, ‘Aggressive Measures,’ released in 1998, depicted a more streamlined, approachable sound. The album deviates mildly from the band’s previous work, with more groove-oriented riffs and a greater emphasis on songwriting.

‘Aggressive Measures’ and ‘Blood Follows the Blood,’ assert the band’s capacity for incorporating atmospheric elements into their music. The production of the album is refined and sophisticated, giving the music a crisp and powerful sound.

‘Creative Killings,’ Sinister’s fifth album, was released in 2001. The band’s classic death metal sound is featured on the album, with fast riffs and pummeling blast beats.

‘Judicious Murder,’ which features an unforgettable opening riff and a brutal breakdown, and ‘Altering The Beast,’ which clearly shows the band’s knack for weaving melodic guitar lines into their music without having to sacrifice intensity, are standouts. The album’s production is harsh and assertive, lending urgency and sharpness to the music.

Savage or Grace,’ Sinister’s sixth album, was released in 2003. The band’s classic death metal sound is ongoing on the album, with incredibly complex guitar harmonies and ceaseless drumming.

Standouts encompass ‘Dominion’ and ‘Savage or Grace,’ which display the band’s capacity for shifting time signatures and tempos. The production of the album is refined and modern, giving the music a crisp and impactful sound.

Sinister Latin American Tour 2023

‘Afterburner,’ Sinister’s seventh album, was released in 2006. The band’s classic death metal sound is featured on the album, with fast riffs and a pummeling blast of their trademark sound while pushing their creative boundaries.

The band’s return to their original label, Massacre Records, was marked by the release of their album ‘The Carnage Ending’ in 2012. The album was well received by critics and fans alike, and it highlighted the band’s technical musicianship and songwriting skills and talents. Several well-known death metal figures, including Asphyx, Destruction, and Grave members, make appearances on the album.

Sinister’s 2014 album ‘The Post-Apocalyptic Servant’ received widespread acclaim for its intense, brutal sound and relentless aggression. The album included an assortment of standout tracks, including ‘The Burden of Mayhem’ and ‘The Art of Skin Decoration,’ and expressed the band’s continued dedication to delivering uncompromising and unrelenting death metal.

Sinister released ‘Dark Memorials,’ a tribute album to some of the band’s biggest influences and inspirations the following year. The album includes renditions of classic death metal tracks by bands such as Morbid Angel, Death, and a few unexpected covers, such as ‘Beneath the Remains’ by Sepultura and ‘Necrophiliac’ by Slayer.

Massacre Records released Sinister’s twelfth full-length album, ‘Syncretism,’ in 2017. Sinister’s signature sound of brutal, technical death metal with hints of black metal and atmospheric elements is spotlighted on the album’s ten tracks. The band teamed up with producer Jörg Uken again at Germany’s Soundlodge Studio, resulting in a streamlined and powerful production.

The album’s themes center on religion’s negative side and the devastation caused by religious conflict. The lyrics explore the atrocities of religious extremism as well as violent clashes between various faiths throughout history.

With its punishing riffs and ceaseless blast beats, the opening track, ‘Neurophobic,’ sets the tone, while tracks like ‘Blood-Soaked Domain’ showcase the band’s technical prowess. ‘Syncretism’ was well received by both reviewers and listeners, with many commending the album for its consistency and sturdy songwriting. Sinister’s highest-charting release to date, the album debuted at number 25 on the German charts.

‘Deformation of the Holy Realm,’ Sinister’s most recent album, was released in 2020 and hailed as one of the band’s hardest-hitting releases. The album takes a slightly more experimental approach, with black and thrash metal elements mashed with the band’s signature death metal sound. The album has earned recognition for its technical mastery, songwriting, and the band’s continued ability to push the genre’s boundaries.

Sinister has been an ongoing and consistent force in the Dutch death metal scene and the wider global metal community for almost thirty years. Their amalgamation of brutal, technical death metal, black metal, and atmospheric elements has garnered them a loyal following and peer reverence.

While their lineup has shifted on multiple occasions, the core members have stayed committed to creating uncompromising and powerful music that presses the genre’s boundaries. Sinister’s legacy as one of the most notable and significant death metal bands of all time is secure, with a discography encompassing over a dozen albums.

Sinister’s impact on other death metal bands has been one of the key factors in their long-term success. Sinister’s sound and style have influenced countless musicians in the Netherlands and worldwide, and their sway on the genre cannot be oversimplified. Several other death metal bands have replicated the band’s intricate song structures, dark lyrical themes, and technical virtuosity. Their influence can be heard in the work of artists as diverse as Nile, Vital Remains, and Behemoth.

Sinister’s upcoming tour in Colombia offers fans of the genre a thrilling chance to experience the band’s strenuous and immersive sound live. With critical praise for their most recent album, the band is sure to deliver an impactful and unforgettable performance.

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