Damnation Angels reveals ‘The Valiant Fire’ album

Damnation Angels reveals 'The Valiant Fire' album

Artwork of album, digital or physical, LP or EP, has an active power of attraction. Back in the days, in a record shop you spent some time surfing the artworks of different albums where covers took us to another place and made us give it a try in the music store. Even if the digital age has made the artwork “surfing” away, it does serve as a good teaser for those people that don’t really know a band, or to give a good idea of what to expect. In the case of young bands, such as Damnation Angels whose symphonic metal sound have kept a respectful amount of fans interested for over eight years.

British symphonic progressive metal outfit Damnation Angels have revealed the artwork for their sophomore LP ‘The Valiant Fire’ which would be released on February 20th through Massacre Records. The release of this album has been delayed from its original due date in 2014, but with this preview of the artwork for the cover, made by JungShan, promises that ‘The Valiant Fire’ will see the light this year.

[blockquote]HERE IT IS!! The front cover for ‘The Valiant Fire’!! All the artwork is hand drawn in the Chinese ink style by freelance artist JungShan from Taiwan. Everything about ‘The Valiant Fire’ is epic, original and we believe we found our own sound on the album so when it came to the artwork we wanted something completely original and just as epic as well.[/blockquote]

A new name in the metal artwork world, JungShan is using a good strategy to gain the eye attention of metal lovers. By bringing fresh blood to the scene; Damnation Angels will guarantee the attention of curious eyes into their long awaited album. Regarding the hiring of this artist from Taiwan, Will Graney said:

[blockquote cite=”Will Graney”]I came up with the idea of doing it all in Chinese ink and stumbled upon JungShan. We instantly fell in love with her style and knew it would perfectly suit the album. We also wanted someone who had never worked on a bands artwork before so it would be fresh and different. Basically, we went out of our way to find someone completely new! …Every song on the album features its own piece of art that helps tell the story of that song and the trending concept/theme throughout the album. Anyway, as you can tell we are massively proud and excited to bring this to you and we hope you like it as much as we do.[/blockquote]

The artwork for ‘The Valiant Fire’ is quite intriguing and, if judging the book by its cover may be an appropriate metaphor for an album cover artwork, perhaps what this album can offer would be worth the time to hear it. We all will find that out by the end of February.

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  • JungShan might be a real artist. However, it seems that he is yet to encounter his style. The artwork looks exceedingly similar to the practices of Jaime Jones, Stanley Lau, Ivan Tao or even Marat-Ars.

    As for the quality of the act, they are solid, but nothing too exceptional.