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Ill Niño releases ‘Till Death, La Familia’ album and single

And the time arrived for those of us that were waiting for the new album of Ill Niño, and what a wonderful way to break the fast tang with a new video from their latest work.

Ill Niño released its lucky seventh album ‘Till Death, La Familia’ yesterday and with it, a brand new video of the first single of the album ‘Live Like There’s No Tomorrow’.

Ill Niño, a band that brought an extra flavor to the Northern hemisphere metal bands of the early 2000’s are very tight to their Latin roots. So tight that every once in a while they reflect their Latin influences on its lyrics, more often than not in Spanglish. For almost 15 years, Ill Niño brings a lot of groove in those riffs and after the commercial success of ‘Revolution Revolucion’, Ill Niño brings a new sound of an already vast arsenal. ‘Till Death, La Familia’ is a chance that the band is taken to give their fans a treat for their loyalty.

[blockquote cite=”Cristian Machado”]The main objective is to do something refreshing, to do something that’s a little different than our other albums and to do something a little bit modern… The new album will have its surprises and all I will say is that it is very catchy and very groove-oriented. The lyrics, I feel, are by far the best lyrics I’ve ever written, and I really do give the guys in the band so much credit for writing such amazing songs for this new album.[/blockquote]

So, check the video and tell us what you think.

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