Old timers Morgoth fights the ‘Black Enemy’

Old timers Morgoth fights the 'Black Enemy'

German death metal old timers Morgoth are set to release their fourth album called ‘Ungod’ via Century Media Records. The band was formed in 1987 and released their first album, ‘Cursed’ in 1991, an album that received a lot of praise back in the days and it’s still considered one of the best German death metal albums. A couple of records followed till 1998, when Morgoth disbanded. Twelve years passed before the group reformed and started playing shows again, from there Harald Busse and company began to write new music. The band took a huge blow last year when they parted ways with original vocalist Marc Grewe but quickly announced Disbelief vocalist Karsten Jäger as his replacement.

It’s been 19 years since the band released what was their final album ‘Feel Sorry For The Fanatics’, and fans worldwide are excited to see what the future will bring to Morgoth. The group teased the metal-world last year with the single ‘God Is Evil’, a single that showed they still know how to write a good death metal song. Now it’s time to get even more pumped up cause the first track from ‘Ungod’,  ‘Black Enemy’ is here; The band comments:

[blockquote cite=”Morgoth”]After 18 years we can finally present a first glimpse at our new full length album ‘Ungod’! We started with the songwriting in January 2013 and finished the recording process by the end of December 2014. It was an awesome experience to go through the sometimes very complex and challenging process of writing and recording an album again.

Our goal was to present some real Morgoth-style death metal, which closes the gap between ‘Cursed’ and ‘Odium’. We hope that we have achieved this goal and our supporters and friends will like the final outcome…[/blockquote]

About the single:

[blockquote cite=”Morgoth”]The idea behind the song ‘Black Enemy’ is that this evil force rests within all of us and all we can do is trying to keep that beast under control. The ‘Black Enemy’ represents the dark and destroying part inside of us and the lyrics deal with someone who is not able to control it anymore, committing a murder in the end. [/blockquote]

Morgoth are currently conquering Europe, go watch them if you can!


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