Primordial to release ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

If you are looking for an epic warfare, then Dublin’s Pagan metallers Primordial shall be delivering their long-anticipated studio record, ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’, to you later on November 25th via Metal Blade Records.

‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’ is the natural successor of their highly acclaimed and the media praised ‘Redemption At The Puritan’s Hand’, an album which was released during 2011, which saw Primordial carefully transpiring a stronger sonority that has gone deep into a darker chaosphere and foremost meticulous, lest I dare say; perfectionist composition mode.

The album consists of an eight-track, fifty-eight minute epic, pagan mythological stand-out and has been recorded under the supervision of Jaime Gomez (known for his work on Cathedral, Angelwitch, and Grave Miasma to name a few) at Grouse Lodge Studios in the band’s hometown, Dublin.

  1. ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’
  2. ‘Babel’s Tower’
  3. ‘Come The Flood’
  4. ‘The Seed Of Tyrants’
  5. ‘Ghosts Of The Charnel House’
  6. ‘The Alchemist’s Head’
  7. ‘Born To Night’
  8. ‘Wield Lightning To Split The Sun’

‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’ will be available on both CD and vinyl formats. The aftermath will come later on a limited European deluxe edition wooden boxset which packs together the CD plus a DVD digibook, an exclusive 7”, a leather wristband, a poster and finally; a certificate of authenticity.

Primordial recently announced that they will perform three shows in the United Kingdom, including their first live show in Glasgow after ten years of absence.

[blockquote cite=”Alan Averill”]After the success of this year’s Bloodstock appearance, not to mention our two night stand in the UK for the last album, we can now announce a three date tour of the UK next February in support of our forthcoming ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’ album. First support comes from up and coming Irish band Malthusian and a yet to be revealed main support will be announced in time. The UK has always been a loyal and dedicated stronghold for Primordial so we are proud to be coming back under the speed of album number 8! In addition to returning to Manchester and London, we are excited to this time add our first visit to Glasgow in over a decade! Vae Victis![/blockquote]

Prior to this event, Primordial will host a release party show in Dublin on November 29th, five days after the release of ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’.

To comprove the darker ambiences and relentless compositions laid down in the Primordial’s upcoming new album, the band recently released a lyrical video for the title song of the album, ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’, which can be seen below.


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