Soulfly to record their tenth album, ‘Archangel’

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Max Cavalera has had a very prolific year during 2014, not only with the release of ‘Pandemonium’ with Cavalera Conspiracy, but also with the birth of another project Killer Be Killed. But sooner or later, one has to go back to older projects and create something new, in this case, a new album from Soulfly.

2015 starts with some news to the tribe with Soulfly entering the studio to record their tenth album. With the collaboration of producer Matt Hyde, best known for his contribution as a producer for Slayer and Winds Of Plague, Max Cavalera and company expect to have this album complete and delivered by late spring via Nuclear Blast Records.

Regarding the start of the recording sessions, on a recent interview held by SkullsNBones, Max Cavalera said:

[blockquote cite=”Max Cavalera”]I need to prepare a really good Soulfly record for the fans. I really wanna do it killer. And the more time I spend writing the riffs and getting the ideas for the Soulfly record, the better record it will be. Instead of waiting for the last minute and do it real quick… Hopefully [I can] think of some cool guests to be on the tenth record — the big tenth record. We’re gonna try to make some kind of campaign about [it] — ten records; that’s quite amazing. But we’re gonna try to make a really cool [album].[/blockquote]

After 2013’s ‘Savages’, Soulfly enrolled Max Cavalera’s first born Zyon Cavalera who participated in the album as a drummer for the recording. In this still unnamed album, Zyon Cavalera is participating again in the recordings, together with bass player Tony Campos and Mark Rizzo handling guitar duty. Regarding this current lineup of Soulfly:

[blockquote cite=”Max Cavalera”]We’ve got a really solid band. I love Marc [Rizzo, guitar], [and] I love Tony [Campos, bass]. And it looks like Zyon [Cavalera, Max’s son] is gonna drum again for the next CD. So we’re gonna kick his ass, [and] try to get [him to be] more in the ball with us. And we’ll see how that goes.[/blockquote]

Coming back to the Soulfly sound should be challenging for Max Cavalera, considering that Cavalera Conspiracy has a different rhythm, and Killer Be Killed has influences from sludge, progressive and alternative sounds that created a very interesting mix that most of us are not very used to. But now the fans of Soulfly have something to hope for this year, let’s see what happens after the sound surfing that Max Cavalera went through in the past year.

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Alex de Borba
Alex de Borba
January 2, 2015 17:19

Ten records already and appears it was yesterday they released the debut. I am more inclined to listen to Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy other than Killer Be Killed, as it seems Max Cavalera is redirecting his talent toward many things at the same time.



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