Starkill details awaited ‘Virus Of The Mind’ album

Starkill details awaited 'Virus Of The Mind' album

Melodic death metal quartet Starkill revealed details from this second studio album via Century Media Records.

Even in the old days, one of the first things that catches one’s attention is the artwork in the cover. It can be so powerful that it may convince you to buy an album even before you listen to it. Following that train of thought, it seems only logical that Starkill and its label Century Media Records presents to us the artwork for their second studio album called ‘Virus Of The Mind’ which will be released on November 14th in North America and on November 20th in Europe. For this album, Starkill had the cooperation of Chuck Macak as producer and engineer.

As one might expect from a second album, in ‘Virus Of The Mind’, Starkill gave themselves some room to try new things, like the introduction of clean vocals by Parker Jameson, darker sounds and solid solo riffs. If the sound matches the look, it might worth give it a try to this album.


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