Volbeat explores 360-degrees live

Danish fusion rock’n’roll, heavy and rockabilly metallers Volbeat are truly one of the most original acts of the genres ever to feature on our pages. Ever since I got to listen to Volbeat, my experience as a listener was quite satisfactory, as from the album to album, Volbeat’s essence remains quite exquisite and open to different interpretations.

Volbeat recently announced a headlining tour alongside American thrashers Anthrax and hard rockers Crobot, which is scheduled to begin on April 24th, in Denver. Besides their new announcement, the act also took the opportunity to release their newest video that went public today, entitled ‘Dead But Rising’.

The newest production is a 360-degree live video clip which was produced while they were performing on stage at the Qstock Festival, in Oulu, Finland, last year. With ‘Dead But Rising’ you can experience by freely moving and dragging the video using your mouse, this on Google Chrome or any Android device.

360-degree technology is something rather distinct recently implemented by YouTube which allows you to swiftly travel around the set as well as to control the view by moving your device, in a manner it is a smart approach to virtual reality.

There will be only one opportunity to see Volbeat taking an European stage during this year. Volbeat has confirmed a single performance to take place on August 1st, in The Thousand Year Forest, aka Tusindårsskoven, located in Odense, Denmark.



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