Launching the United Kingdom’s Commercial Operations

Launching the United Kingdom’s Commercial Operations

Bogotá, Colombia, November 15th, 2018 — Atmostfear Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has today completed the launch of its commercial introduction throughout the United Kingdom by creating a new office in West Yorkshire, with the aim of significantly extending its coverage and the reach as a program for encouraging and facilitating future commercial involvement with other countries.

The launch follows an almost year-long planning phase and continuing negotiations, a move which included introducing Atmostfear Entertainment to a broader United Kingdom audience through digital advertising, spread over the recent months through social networks such as Facebook and Instagram in order to gather and incorporate the feedback received.

Atmostfear Entertainment is thereof establishing that gothic commerce is wholly compatible with a distinct, geographical dispersal of subcultural participants with the sole focus on its infrastructure, by exploring the relatively consistent stylistic values and tastes of the gothic scene, and the ways in which they made its participants distinctive.

Atmostfear Entertainment gives a flavour of the strong sense of shared identity held between goths from across and beyond the United Kingdom, their relatively consistent adherence to an identifiable range of shared tastes, and their level of practical involvement in the goth scene through academic and social friendships.

Planned are also local events attendance, academic studies and even publishing in the United Kingdom, something that may provide Atmostfear Entertainment with the necessary momentum to touch upon all the main elements of the British goth scene of mid- to late 1990s, besides more contemporary views.

It also indicates the importance of professional internal events, media and commercial operations to facilitating the goth scene from within — emphasising the relative autonomy of the grouping, which might distinguish the goth scene, as a subculture, from more fleeting, ephemeral amalgams of youthful people, music and style:

I am genuinely delighted to be building a new collaboration on Atmostfear Entertainment’s exceptional heritage in West Yorkshire by settling ground to further commercial ventures, as well as broader academic coverage in the North-west of England.

With our company’s reputation for delivering world-class gothic-oriented curated articles and now alternative apparel based on gothic crafts, and subcultures, welcoming Richard Holmes as our United Kingdom Sales Manager came as something natural. On the other hand, this allows us to bridge Colombia and the United Kingdom conjointly, and therefore, expand our activities with a rare, valuable and mutual collaboration based on bilateral respect and confidence for a later planned homogenisation on a global scale.


Alex de Borba


Richard Holmes is the owner of an online CBD and vaping e-commerce venture company called RicherVapours, now appointed Atmostfear Entertainment’s United Kingdom Sales Manager:

I have been a lover of sales and music since starting my working career at a local record shop in my hometown of Bradford, England. From there, be it heading up a sales team as their manager or taking a concept through to product launch sales is what makes my blood rush.

I look forward to my newest role as the United Kingdom Sales Manager at Atmostfear Entertainment.


Richard Holmes

Sales Manager

As a result, and despite the general prevalence of such a spirit of cooperation, in the case of those with commercial imperatives, it is necessary to fiercely compete with others seeking a share in the same market.


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