AExpo: A Celebration of the International Cultural Festival Series Revived

Bogotá, Colombia, February 15th, 2023 – Atmostfear Entertainment is delighted to announce the reactivation of AExpo, the year-long series of events that aims to bring together artists, musicians, fashion designers, fiction writers, scholars, and cultural enthusiasts from around the world by offering a unique opportunity for discussions, presentations, exhibitions, expositions, and performances that celebrate cultural diversity and intellectual curiosity.

AExpo, the International Cultural Festival, was previously slated for 2020 but was canceled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic; notwithstanding and despite the challenges, Atmostfear Entertainment is now prepared to host it with safety and security measures in place, returning with thrilling updates at a crucial time when it is vital to promote cultural exchange and intellectual engagement in a world that is becoming increasingly polarized.

“We are excited to bring back the AExpo, giving people something to look forward to after a challenging year. It is a beacon of hope amidst the difficulties, and we cannot wait to share it with everyone,” said Alex de Borba, spokesperson for Atmostfear Entertainment. “The festival is a testament to how resilient we can be as human beings and the importance of coming together to celebrate our differences. It is a reminder that despite our unique backgrounds, we are all in this together, and that is something worth celebrating.”

The festival will be dedicated to promoting alternative written content, visual arts, and sonorities by featuring music, fashion, cinema, art exhibitions, workshops, and conferences related to the gothic in different countries, continents, and regions, aiming to make it an inclusive and widely spread festival without borders while providing a unique opportunity for attendees to engage in meaningful discussions, share their research, and showcase their creative works in all forms, without pretension and prejudice.

AExpo’s first events will start in October this year and promise to be an exciting program that celebrates the gothic culture and its related themes, such as diversity, globalization, identity, and intellectual inquisitiveness. In addition, by featuring a series of multicultural events in various locations, it aims to make the festival inclusive and widely spread, breaking the borders and promoting cultural exchange.

Alex de Borba states, “We are dedicated to promoting alternative, historical, and artistic works in all forms, without bias or pretension. We believe that the alternative culture and arts scene is a rich and diverse space that needs to be celebrated and promoted, and Atmostfear Entertainment aims to do just that.”

In recent years, international cultural festivals have become an essential aspect of global culture. These festivals bring together people from different parts of the world to showcase their unique cultures and traditions. The AExpo International Cultural Festival extends Atmostfear Entertainment’s commitment to promoting cultural understanding and appreciation through the arts. The festival will showcase the talents of local and international artists and speakers and provide a platform for cultural exchange and dialogue.

The festival will also provide an opportunity for attendees to engage with different cultures and learn about their history through a variety of educational events, including cinema, plastic arts, photographic exhibitions, dance, theater productions, music concerts, visual arts exhibitions, book launches and readings, fashion passerelles, and others to be announced, all with a connection to the alternative lifestyle and arts related to obscure, gothic, and the likes. In addition, there will be a variety of crafts and artisan vendors showcasing their wares, as one of the strongest points of the festival is to provide a platform for people to showcase their traditions, customs, and talents while fostering a sense of unity and community.

“We are thrilled to announce the reactivation of the AExpo International Cultural Festival as we have revamped it in a new and improved format,” said Alex de Borba. “Though our first inclination was to create a competition, we have since opted for a more inclusive and embracing approach. It allows us to usher in a widespread tribute to the splendor of cultural diversity, welcoming all to join us in our quest to honor and explore the distinctive cultures of our world through the myriad forms of art. The choice to steer clear of a jury was not without careful consideration, as we understand it would not have served our purpose with justice. Instead, we aim to create an open and collaborative environment where all participants can showcase their research and creative works and engage in meaningful discussions.”

AExpo will also include a series of educational conventions that aim to provide attendees with diverse expertise in the music industry, tourism, and art fields. The conventions will feature invited speakers who are renowned experts in their respective fields, providing attendees with valuable insights and information. By incorporating these conventions, AExpo’s commitment to fostering broad-mindedness and edification affording all attendees a chance to glean insights from seasoned professionals and achieve a deeper comprehension of the subjects at hand.

The educational platform provided by the conventions will not only benefit attendees but also contribute to the broader expertise of AExpo. With a diverse range of speakers, AExpo strives to expand the range of expertise present at the festival, cultivating an environment that nurtures learning, ingenuity, and originality.

Aside from the planned multicultural events, AExpo is also excited to introduce new technology to the festival. Alex de Borba said, “We will offer free presential classes to teach artists, artisans, and musicians how to create, sustain, market, and showcase their art online through a series of programs related to WordPress. Our goal is to provide an educational platform that will equip attendees with the necessary skills and tools to promote their work globally. In addition, we recognize the importance of technology in the arts and aim to help artists succeed in the ever-evolving digital world.”

AExpo 2023

“At AExpo, we strongly believe that cultural diversity should be celebrated by all individuals, regardless of age or ability,” said Alex de Borba. “In addition to the multicultural events and technology workshops, we are also proud to include outdoor activities that promote physical and mental well-being for the elderly and disabled, to pedagogic events for children that foster interactive learning, encouraging them to interact with their parents through educational games and activities, we have something for everyone. We aim to create an environment that fosters intergenerational and inclusive community engagement, providing opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities to learn, create, and celebrate the gothic cultural diversity together,” he added.

The AExpo International Cultural Festival is a much-anticipated event that will attract visitors from all over the world. It is an opportunity for the public to experience different cultures and celebrate the diversity of the human experience. Furthermore, the festival is a celebration of community and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

“Indeed, we are thrilled to bring the AExpo International Cultural Festival back to life in a new format, with a focus on education and the alternative lifestyle and arts related to the gothic and the likes that more often are characterized by dark, moody, and mysterious themes, yet it is there at its essence where true beauty arises,” said Alex de Borba. “By spreading the festival across different countries, continents, and locations, we aim to make it an inclusive and widely accessible celebration of gothic cultural diversity.”

Atmostfear Entertainment looks forward to welcoming attendees to the conventions and the AExpo International Cultural Festival as a whole, providing an inclusive and educational platform for cultural exchange and intellectual engagement, and is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all festival attendees, meaning that each event in the festival series will be held in accordance with all relevant COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.

The official website for the AExpo International Cultural Festival will be launched on March 15th. It will serve as the primary source of information for the festival, providing attendees with all relevant information regarding activities, schedules, lineups, tickets, venues, sponsorship, volunteering, locations, and all other pertinent details, such as information about the festival admission fees, accessibility, transportation and accommodations, a website genuinely committed to providing a clear and concise communication with attendees of the festival.

The release of the official website will mark a significant milestone in the planning and preparation of the festival. As a major event, the AExpo International Cultural Festival requires careful attention to detail and thorough organization to ensure a successful outcome. The release of the official website will provide attendees with a user-friendly platform through which they can access all relevant information, thereby enhancing the festival experience.

For more information on the AExpo International Cultural Festival, including submission guidelines for artists, speakers, and other performers, please visit the AExpo website on March 15th, or follow Atmostfear Entertainment on social media.

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