Absu – ‘Tara’ CD


Absu’s ‘Tara’ is a highly regarded release within the black metal genre, praised for its technicality and unique blend of elements from different sub-genres of extreme metal. The album was released in 2001 and marked a departure from the band’s earlier, more straightforward black metal sound, incorporating elements of thrash, death, and even progressive metal into their music.

The musicianship on ‘Tara’ is exceptional, with intricate guitar riffs, complex drumming, and a wide range of vocal styles, including high-pitched shrieks and guttural growls. The album’s lyrics draw heavily from mythology and occultism, with references to Celtic and Sumerian legends and the writings of Aleister Crowley.

Despite its complexity, ‘Tara’ maintains a cohesive sound and atmosphere throughout its nine tracks, with each song building upon the last to create a dynamic listening experience. Standout tracks include the epic opener ‘A Shield with an Iron Face,’ the thrash-infused ‘Manannán,’ and the haunting instrumental ‘The Cognate House of Courtly Witches Lies West of County Meath.’

Overall, Absu’s ‘Tara’ is a masterful example of technical black metal, showcasing the band’s musical prowess and their unique blend of influences. It remains a highly influential album within the genre and a must-listen for fans of extreme metal.

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United States of America


Black metal


Nomad studios


Kol Marshall, and Absu


Osmose Productions


May 23rd, 2001




Compact Disk


Phase One: Ioldánach's Pedagogy

01. Tara
02. Pillars of Mercy
03. A Shield with an Iron Face
04. Manannán
05. The Cognate House of Courtly Witches Lies West of County Meath
06. She Cries the Quiet Lake
07. Yrp Lluyddawc

Phase Two: The Cythraul Klan's Scrutiny

08. From Ancient Times (Starless Skies Burn to Ash)
09. Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181)
10. Vorago (Spell 182)
11. Bron (Of the Waves)
12. Stone of Destiny (…For Magh Slécht and Ard Righ)
13. Tara (Recapitulation)




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Absu – ‘Tara’
Absu – ‘Tara’ CD
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