Abysmal Dawn – ‘Obsolescence’ CD


Abysmal Dawn’s ‘Obsolescence’ is a devastatingly powerful album that delivers a ferocious blend of death metal and technical prowess. This 10-track album showcases the band’s musical evolution, with intricate riffs, blistering solos, and thunderous drumming that will leave you breathless.

The album opens with the track, ‘Human Obsolescence,’ which sets the tone for what is to come, with its crushing riffs and intense vocal delivery. From there, Abysmal Dawn takes you on a journey through songs like ‘Devouring the Essence of God,’ ‘MBy My Demons,’ and ‘The Inevitable Return to Darkness,’ which showcase the band’s ability to seamlessly blend technicality and brutality.

With each track, Abysmal Dawn demonstrates their masterful command of their instruments, creating a sonic assault that’s as precise as it is devastating. From the complex guitar arrangements to the propulsive drumming and guttural vocals, every element of this album is perfectly crafted to deliver maximum impact.

‘Obsolescence’ is a must-listen for fans of extreme metal, and it’s an album that will leave you wanting more. With its relentless energy and uncompromising approach to death metal, this album is a true tour de force that showcases Abysmal Dawn’s mastery of their craft.

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Abysmal Dawn


United States of America


Death metal


Mike Bear


Relapse Records


October 24th, 2014




Compact Disk


01. Human Obsolescence
02. Perfecting Slavery
03. Inanimate
04. Devouring the Essence of God
05. One Percent Incomplete
06. Loathed in Life – Praised in Death
07. By My Demons
08. Laborem Morte Liberat Te
09. The Inevitable Return to Darkness
10. Night's Blood




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Abysmal Dawn - ‘Obsolescence’
Abysmal Dawn – ‘Obsolescence’ CD
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