Album by Cryptopsy – ‘Blasphemy Made Flesh’ Vinyl

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There is a monster within the dark confines of the technical death metal that emanates with everything that is perfectly not right in this world. That monster is Cryptopsy. “Blasphemy Made Flesh” shows us an embryonic Cryptopsy that is inexperienced at killing, yet still an able killer, and one that frequently rears its head into its maturity that we later called “None So Vile”.

As always old-school Cryptopsy is the epitome of tech death. Flo Mounier, the Jesus of the drum kit, even all those years ago is thunderstorm. The guitar work is possibly even more interesting than that of later recordings they did. There is a great deal of melody that is not present on their later releases. It’s very fresh and is a darkly elegant compliment to the chaotic atmosphere. Like “None So Vile”, “Blasphemy Made Flesh” is heavy in bass lines, however they are lacking in comparison to that of the former. Now as every review of this album before has stated, Lord Worm is unrivaled in his vocal.

Some even prefer his performance on “Blasphemy Made Flesh” over “None So Vile”. They’re deeper, more carnivorous, and just sheer sonic antagonism. The scream at the end of “Open Face Surgery”, as stated by many, is one of the crowning achievements of extreme metal. Lord Worm, through those 28 seconds of terror, showed us that god is not here and that the devil was coming.

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Death Metal


11th March, 2022




Side A

01. Defenestration
02. Abigor
03. Open Face Surgery
04. Serial Messiah
05. Born Headless

Side B

01. Swine Of The Cross
02. Gravaged (A Cryptopsy)
03. Memories Of Blood
04. Mutant Christ
05. Pathological Frolic


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Album by Cryptopsy – ‘Blasphemy Made Flesh’ Vinyl
Album by Cryptopsy – ‘Blasphemy Made Flesh’ Vinyl
Price: $23.99 USD