Atrocity – ‘Okkult III’ Vinyl


Atrocity’s ‘Okkult III’ vinyl release is a dark and powerful sonic offering that immerses listeners in a world of occult mysteries and extreme metal. As the third installment of their ‘Okkult’ series, this German band delivers a relentless and atmospheric experience that blends elements of death metal, symphonic arrangements, and occult themes. The ‘Okkult III’ vinyl release stands as a testament to Atrocity’s musical prowess, their dedication to the occult aesthetic, and their ability to create an intense and captivating listening experience.

‘Okkult III’ showcases Atrocity’s ability to merge blistering aggression with symphonic grandeur. The vinyl release features a fusion of ferocious guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and haunting symphonic arrangements that create a dense and atmospheric sound. The band’s precise musicianship and use of orchestral elements add an epic and mystical dimension to the music. Tracks like ‘The Great Awakening’ and ‘Shadowtaker’ exemplify Atrocity’s ability to balance brutal aggression with majestic symphonies, delivering an intense and captivating sonic assault.

‘Okkult III’ vinyl release immerses listeners in a tangible and immersive experience. The vinyl format adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the music, allowing the listener to engage with the album in a physical and tangible way. The vinyl release’s artwork and packaging embrace the occult aesthetic, further enhancing the atmospheric and mystical experience of ‘Okkult III.’ From the dark and captivating artwork to the rich sound of the vinyl itself, the release provides a complete and immersive journey into the world of Atrocity.

Atrocity’s ‘Okkult III’ vinyl release is a dark and powerful offering that showcases the band’s musical prowess and their dedication to the occult aesthetic. With its blend of ferocious aggression, symphonic grandeur, and occult themes, the vinyl release delivers an intense and captivating listening experience. ‘Okkult III’ stands as a testament to Atrocity’s ability to create a dark and atmospheric sonic journey that explores the depths of occult symbolism and extreme metal. It invites listeners to unleash their inner curiosity and embrace the mysteries of the supernatural.

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Dimensions 12.32 × 12.32 × 0.31 in







Symphonic gothic metal


Gate Studios


Kristian Vetterlein, and Atrocity


Massacre Records


January 20th, 2023




12-inch LP






Side A:

01. Desecration of God
02. Fire Ignites
03. Born to Kill
04. Bleeding for Blasphemy
05. Priest of Plague

Side B:

01. Malicious Succubus (feat. Elina Siirala & Zoe Federoff)
02. Lycanthropia
03. Faces from Beyond
04. The Black Mass
05. Final Prayer




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Always handle vinyl records by the edges or the label, and avoid touching the playing surface with your fingers. Oils and dirt from your fingers can damage the grooves and affect sound quality.


Store vinyl records upright in their jackets or in protective sleeves, away from direct sunlight, heat, or humidity. Extreme temperatures and moisture can warp the records or damage the labels.


Use a soft, anti-static brush or a microfiber cloth to remove dust and debris from the playing surface before each use. You can also use a vinyl cleaning solution to remove deeper dirt and grime.


Keep vinyl records away from magnets, as they can affect the sound quality and damage the grooves.


Use a quality turntable with a good stylus and cartridge, and make sure it is properly calibrated for optimal playback.


Avoid playing the same record too frequently, as this can wear down the grooves and affect sound quality over time.


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Atrocity – ‘Okkult III’
Atrocity – ‘Okkult III’ Vinyl
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