Avulsed – ‘Deathgeneration’ Double CD


Avulsed’s album ‘Deathgeneration’ is a relentless and brutal assault on the senses. The album is a compilation of the band’s greatest hits, re-recorded with their current line-up, and it showcases the band’s evolution over the years.

The album kicks off with the intense and unrelenting ‘Amidst the Macabre,’ setting the tone for the rest of the album. The tracks are all heavy and aggressive, with blistering guitar riffs, thundering drums, and guttural vocals that will satisfy any death metal fan.

What makes ‘Deathgeneration’ stand out from other Avulsed releases is the improved production quality, which brings a new level of clarity to the sound. Each instrument is perfectly balanced, making it easier to appreciate the intricacies of the music.

Overall, ‘Deathgeneration’ is a must-listen for any fan of death metal. It is a testament to Avulsed’s longevity and commitment to their craft, and it will leave you exhausted but satisfied after its unrelenting brutality.

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Death metal


Dan Swanö


Xtreem Music


November 1st, 2016




Double Compact Disk


CD 01:

01. Amidst the macabre
02. Stabwound orgasm
03. Breaking hymens
04. Sweet lobotomy
05. Burnt but not carbonized
06. Daddy stew
07. Addicted to carrion
08. Dead flesh awakened
09. Powdered flesh
10. Gorespattered suicide
11. Nullo (The pleasure of self-mutilation)
12. Exorcismo vaginal
13. Carnivoracity
14. Sick sick sex
15. Devourer of the dead
16. Horrified by repulsion
17. Blessed by gore
18. Red viscera serology

CD 02:

01. Addicted to carrion
02. Carnivoracity
03. Powdered flesh
04. Sweet lobotomy
05. Amidst the macabre
06. Stabwound orgasm
07. Blessed by gore
08. Exorcismo vaginal
09. Devourer of the dead
10. Sick sick sex
11. Daddy stew
12. Gorespattered suicide
13. Burnt but not carbonized
14. Breaking hymens
15. Nullo (The pleasure of self-mutilation)
16. Dead flesh awakened
17. Horrified by repulsion
18. Red viscera serology




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Avulsed - ‘Deathgeneration’
Avulsed – ‘Deathgeneration’ Double CD
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