Behexen – ‘My Soul for His Glory’ CD


‘My Soul For His Glory’ is a turning point for Behexen. On this album, the band has demonstrated a new sound. Actually, every Behexen album has something own, different from any other full-length. It is true even concerning the first and the second albums, which overall are pretty similar.

‘My Soul For His Glory’ is less aggressive than the previous albums but even darker. Moreover, its material is diverse in terms of the moods, the pace, and other criteria, including the vocals. Torog has developed a new manner. Now his screaming is not that high-pitched and caustic. Instead, it is less expressive but grimmer. Torog uses growling, and often, his vocals become a so-called mix of screaming and growling. Furthermore, there are some clean vocals.

‘My Soul For His Glory’ is a remarkable work. Behexen has successfully introduced his new sound, which embodies the band’s darkness from the other perspective. It is interesting to listen to such music. And it is commendable that with all its diversity, the material remains to be black metal in one of the grimmest forms of the last.

A new era has begun for the band.

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January 24th, 2020




Black Metal




Compact Disk




01. Let the Horror and Chaos come
02. Born in the Serpent of the Abyss
03. Demonic Fleshtemple
04. O.O.O.
05. Cathedral of the Ultimate Void
06. My Soul for His Glory
07. And All Believers Shall be Damned
08. My Stigmas Bleeding Black




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Behexen - ‘My Soul for His Glory’ CD
Behexen – ‘My Soul for His Glory’ CD
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