Cattle Decapitation – ‘Terrasite’ CD


Cattle Decapitation’s ‘Terrasite’ is a brutal and unrelenting journey through the depths of extreme metal. The album is a showcase of the band’s impressive technical ability, with complex riffs, blistering solos, and guttural vocals that will leave metal fans in awe.

The production quality of the album is excellent, with a mix that is clear, crisp, and well-balanced. Each instrument and vocal track has been given ample space to shine, creating a powerful and immersive listening experience.

The songwriting on ‘Terrasite’ is exceptional, with each track offering something unique and memorable. From the apocalyptic opener ‘Invasion of the Headless Anthropods’ to the haunting closer ‘Applied Human Defragmentation,’ the album is a non-stop barrage of extreme metal goodness that will keep listeners engaged from start to finish.

One potential drawback of the album is that its unrelenting brutality and extreme nature may not be for everyone. Those who prefer more melodic or accessible metal may find ‘Terrasite’ too intense or overwhelming.

Overall, Cattle Decapitation’s ‘Terrasite’ is a must-listen for fans of extreme metal and a testament to the band’s technical prowess and songwriting abilities. It’s an excellent addition to any metalhead’s collection.

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Cattle Decapitation


United States of America


Death metal




Metal Blade Records


May 12th, 2023




Compact Disk


01. The Return of the Flesh
02. The Heat from Another Sun
03. Fast Forward
04. The Iron and the Maiden
05. Proud to Be Dead
06. Snowballing Blood
07. Wilder Than Fire
08. Feeding Fatal Fairies
09. Lightning Strikes Thrice
10. Domination of the Sub-Queen
11. Speeding the Ways
12. Under the Blade
13. Thorns of a Black Rose




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Cattle Decapitation – ‘Terrasite’
Cattle Decapitation – ‘Terrasite’ CD
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