Cradle of Filth – ‘Damnation and a Day’ Vinyl


‘Damnation and a Day’ is a concept album divided into four sections, each representing a different aspect of the biblical story of creation and humanity’s fall from grace. The 16 tracks on the album range from fast-paced, aggressive black metal onslaughts to hauntingly melodic gothic ballads. Standout tracks like ‘An Enemy Led the Tempest’ and ‘Better to Reign in Hell’ showcase the band’s ability to balance brutality with symphonic and melodic elements.

The inclusion of a full orchestra and choir adds an epic, cinematic quality to the album, elevating Cradle of Filth’s already theatrical sound to new levels of grandiosity. The production is crisp and clear, allowing each instrument and vocal line to shine without sacrificing the raw intensity that fans have come to expect from the band.

With ‘Damnation and a Day,’ Cradle of Filth solidified their reputation as one of the most innovative and daring bands in the extreme metal scene. The album’s blend of black, death, and gothic metal with a full orchestra and choir creates a unique and captivating listening experience that remains a high point in the band’s discography. Fans of extreme metal looking for a challenging, immersive, and ultimately rewarding album need look no further than ‘Damnation and a Day.’

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Cradle of Filth


United Kingdom


Gothic black Metal


Parkgate Studios, and New Rising Studios


Doug Cook, and Cradle of Filth


Sony Music Entertainment


July 7th, 2023




12-inch LP






Side A:

01. A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon
02. The Promise of Fever
03. Hurt and Virtue
04. An Enemy Led the Tempest

Side B:

01. Damned In Any Language (A Plague On Words)
02. Better To Reign In Hell
03. Serpent Tongue
02. Carrion

Side C:

01. The Mordant Liquor Of Tears
02. Presents From The Poison-Hearted
03. Doberman Pharoah
04. Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness)

Side D:

01. A Scarlet Witch Lit The Season
02. Mannequin
03. Thank God For The Suffering
04. The Smoke Of Her Burning




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Cradle of Filth - ‘Damnation and a Day’
Cradle of Filth – ‘Damnation and a Day’ Vinyl
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