Cradle of Filth – ‘Hammer of the Witches’ CD


Cradle of Filth’s album ‘Hammer of the Witches’ is a dark and exhilarating journey into the realms of symphonic black metal. British Cradle of Filth unleashes a torrent of gothic horror, blistering riffs, and Dani Filth’s signature venomous vocals. ‘Hammer of the Witches’ stands as a testament to Cradle of Filth’s ability to create a mesmerizing and sinister sonic experience.

‘Hammer of the Witches’ explores dark and occult themes, drawing inspiration from historical witchcraft, witch trials, and gothic literature. The album’s lyrics delve into tales of witchcraft, persecution, and the power of the supernatural. Cradle of Filth’s evocative and poetic lyrics paint vivid and sinister imagery, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a world of forbidden knowledge and occult practices.

Cradle of Filth’s ‘Hammer of the Witches’ is a dark and exhilarating album that showcases the band’s mastery of symphonic black metal. With its blend of blistering riffs, symphonic grandeur, and dark lyrical themes, the album offers a sinister and atmospheric listening experience. ‘Hammer of the Witches’ stands as a testament to Cradle of Filth’s ability to conjure a world of gothic horror and unleash an infernal power through their music. It invites fans to embrace the darkness and immerse themselves in the malevolent beauty of ‘Hammer of the Witches’.

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Cradle of Filth


United Kingdom


Gothic black metal


Grindstone Studios


Scott Atkins


Nuclear Blast Records


July 10th, 2015




Compact Disk


01. Walpurgis Eve
02. Yours Immortally
03. Enshrined in Crematoria
04. Deflowering the Maidenhead, Displeasuring the Goddess
05. Blackest Magick in Practice
06. The Monstrous Sabbat (Summoning the Coven
07. Hammer of the Witches
08. Right Wing of the Garden Triptych
09. The Vampyre at My Side
10. Onward Christian Soldiers
11. Blooding the Hounds of Hell




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Cradle of Filth – ‘Hammer of the Witches’
Cradle of Filth – ‘Hammer of the Witches’ CD
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